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  • AGA - Associazione Giochi Antichi - AEJST
    sports or cultural federations associations and educational institutions working in the management promotion and preservation of traditional sports and games AEJST aims at encouraging and supporting the development and practice of traditional sports and games as well as the recognition of the values attached to them Its main objectives are creating an European network setting up other associations organizing international meetings and conferences carrying out study and research creating educational

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  • AGA - Associazione Giochi Antichi - GIONA
    City Council GioNa is a network of Provinces Provincial Capitals and Municipalities investing on game as an invaluable cultural resource for the territory and for future generations The Association coordinates these administrations by promoting games recreational events opportunities for study and research and educational projects in playrooms and play centers GioNa has also issued a Cities at Play Manifesto a shared document drafted by the association s governing members upon

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  • AGA - Associazione Giochi Antichi - ITSGA
    and promoting game practice in order to improve the world s public health intercultural dialogue and living conditions ITSGA commits itself to supporting the creation of continental organizations focusing on traditional sports and games creating an information network organizing international meetings and conferences supporting a general resource creation policy publishing reports brochures and books and promoting access to audiovisual media and training tools supporting the creation of research oriented databases

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  • AGA - Associazione Giochi Antichi - Italian Network of Pop Culture
    Committee for the Promotion of Popular Traditions In 2007 the Committee was officially recognized by the Ministry of Heritage and Culture The organization s mission is to pass down knowledge from one generation to another with particular attention to communities characterized by cultural homogeneity The Italian Network of Pop Oral Culture carries out study and research through its Scientific Committee and promotes the preservation and recollection of traditions and various expressions of popular culture The Network is sponsored by UPI Union of Italian Provinces and ANCI National Association of Italian Municipalities and counts on numerous partners including government agencies and private organizations It is also sponsored by banking institutions such as Intesa Sanpaolo CRT Foundation and Cariplo Towns and cities have been joining the network by taking part in the project Metti in rete il patrimonio culturale del tuo territorio Finally it has signed several agreements with organizations and institutions calling for their territory s socio cultural development Since 2008 it has been working on development projects which led to the founding in June 2012 of Ariadne Euro Mediterranean Network for Culture and Heritage The Italian Network of Pop Oral Culture will now coordinate Mediterranean countries cultural activities The Association

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  • AGA - Associazione Giochi Antichi - What we do
    last few years the association has undertaken a series of actions including Searching for communities playing traditional games expression of popular culture and intangible heritage to be safeguarded as recognized by UNESCO in the 2003 International Platform for Traditional Games Organizing exhibitions and events promoting traditional game and encouraging the re use of public spaces at Tocatì International Festival of Street Games which every year attracts more public and involves both Italian and European game communities Finding and promoting traditional games In particular at the local level we have been actively promoting the game S cianco local version of Lippa now increasingly popular in Verona Developing Relationships with municipalities universities schools and other organizations to ensure the role of traditional game in educational programs and various kinds of activities With the University of Verona in particular we have been teaching a course on Traditional Games held at the Faculty of Sport Sciences Of particular importance is the internship project with the Department of Foreign Languages There is also an ongoing relationship with the Department of Humanities and the University web radio Training courses for institutions universities schools and associations Initiatives to take back streets and squares for playing games In

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  • AGA - Associazione Giochi Antichi - Activities
    training programs for children but also for professionals and game enthusiasts Study Cent er research and insight into game culture ethnographic heritage and oral culture Lippa game communities playing and teaching the game Lippa S cianco in the Veronese dialect Conferences and meetings reflection on the various aspects of game led by distinguished Italian and international academics and intellectuals Exhibitions design and preparation of exhibitions and art installations that have

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  • AGA - Associazione Giochi Antichi - Educational Activities
    collaboration with Local Administrations Regional Office of Education Events Calendar Educational Activities Educational Activities Associazione Giochi Antichi has been promoting traditional game and the social values attached to it through educational projects with local organizations and institutions In addition to educational activities for primary and secondary schools the Association also carries out training activities for adults and academic activities at the University Besides pursuing educational purposes through traditional game the

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  • AGA - Associazione Giochi Antichi - Research Centre
    Editorial Projects Street Reclamation Events In collaboration with Local Administrations Regional Office of Education Events Calendar Research Centre CASA COLOMBARE Research center on traditional game Research Centre Our research center Casa Colombare is the first archive of traditional game in Italy It aims at researching and studying traditional game communities and it has fostered relationships with researchers in the field The center is a an archive of publications videos and

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