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  • AGA - Associazione Giochi Antichi - Lippa Game Communities
    the Association has been working with numerous Lippa game communities Italian and international still playing the game to this day Lippa communities are set in Farigliano CN Milan Lucca Mede PV Feltre BL Portogruaro VE Roncade TV Cesa Atella EC etc The Association has also been working with Lippa game communities in Slovenia Piran Croatia Pula Spain Catalonia and Galicia T he Veronese Community of S Cianco is made up of men and women who preserve this activity by practising and teaching it Founded in 2002 the community works together with Associazione Giochi Antichi Through presentations at schools oratories and associations it has managed to involve many people and turn a simple game into an event for the city and the Region Thanks to support from the local government it has grown to become the biggest game community in Italy and one of the most important in Europe The events organized throughout the Province are S Cianco Tournament Città di Verona Veronese S Cianco Championship International Lippa Tournament From October 6 2002 date of the first S Cianco tournament to this day more than 125 squares have hosted the game Hundreds of players have played more than 1 500 matches

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  • AGA - Associazione Giochi Antichi - Conferences and meetings
    Pedagogy Researcher at the University of Udine Professor and editor of the magazine Aut Aut Narrazioni 2009 Duccio Demetrio Professor of Education and Training and Autobiography at the Milano Bicocca University Narrazioni 2008 Narrazioni 2009 Narrazioni 2011 Elisabetta Marchiori Psychiatrist and member of the Italian Psychoanalytic society Narrazioni 2010 Emanuele Ferrari Musicology and Music History Researcher at the Milano Bicocca University Narrazioni 2011 Ennio Peres Game expert and writer Conference Learning through play 2010 Enzo Scandurra Professor at Università La Sapienza Rome Conference The other city reflections and strategies for urban spaces 2008 Ewan Morrison Television writer author Narrazioni 2008 Ezzedine Bouzid President of the Tunisian Association of Traditional Sports and Games Conference Traditional Game Heritage of Humanity 2011 Fernando Maestro Director of the Traditional Game Museum Campo Aragona Conference Game and integration 2006 conference Competences at play 2008 Francesco Careri University researcher founding member of Stalker Osservatorio Nomade Savrengo ker la casa di tutti Conference The other city reflections and strategies for urban spaces 2008 Franco Pajno Ferrara Neuropsychiatrist psychotherapist trainer and creator of the psychotropic educational project Il laboratorio dell immaginario Conference Marcondirondirondello chi gioca nel mio castello 2006 Narrazioni 2010 Conference Games of the World 2011 Furio Honsell Udine Mayor Conferenza GioNa Association 2009 Gianfranco Staccioli Professor of Game Method at the University of Florence Conference Learning through play 2010 Gianluigi Bravo Professor at the Department of Anthropology Archaeology and History of cities at the University of Turin Conference Intangible Heritage 2008 Goffredo Fofi Literary teathre and cinema critic Conference Confidential Story of a Friend 2009 Gregorio Ramos Melo President of the Mexican Federation of Native and Traditional Games Conference Traditional Game Intangible Heritage 2011 Gualtiero Schiaffino Director of the magazine Andersen Conference Real space and digital reality how game and its representation change 2007 Guido Salvetti Pianist e musicologist President of the Italian Musicological Society Narrazioni 2010 Gustavo Pietropolli Charmet Psychiatrist and Professor of Dynamic Psychology at the University of Milan Conference Tribute to Françoise Dolto 2011 Guy Jaouen President of the European Association of Traditional Sports and Games Conference Trip through Europe traditional games 2007 conference Teaching with traditional game 2009 conference Traditional Game Culture and Education 2010 Iain Banks Writer Narrazioni 2008 Jean Pierre Rossie Researcher at the Jouet Museum Moirans en Montagne Conference Around Italy in 150 games study research and experience 2011 Joao Francisco Ribas Professor at the Santa Maria Federal University Brasil Conferenza Traditional Game Heritage of Humanity 2011 Lorenzo Cremonesi Journalist Corriere della Sera special correspondent Narrazioni 2010 Loretta Napoleoni Economist BBC and CNN consultant correspondent for several important papers expert on terrorism Narrazioni 2009 Marc Augé Anthropologist founder of the Anthropology of Supermodernity and Director of the Ecole des hautes ètudes en science sociales Narrazioni 2010 Marco Albino Ferrari Journalist and writer founder of the journal Meridiani Montagne Narrazioni 2010 Marco Fittà Game historian essayist Conference Ars et ludus 2005 Maria Carla Rizzolo Head of Turin s Game Culture Center Conference Game L to R from learning to recreation

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  • AGA - Associazione Giochi Antichi - Exhibitions
    with Local Administrations Regional Office of Education Events Calendar Exhibitions Siamo qui per la bellezza del gioco Vittorio Canisi 2008 Exhibitions Ever since its establishment Associazione Giochi Antichi has been operating with important cultural and research institutions on the promotion of game culture These collaborations resulted in a series of exhibitions promoting new areas of game related research By providing new interpretation and links with Italian and foreign figurative tradition the exhibitions have offered a new insight into game iconographic iconologic etno anthropological sociological and historical Among the most popular exhibitions Resuming the game street game art from all over the world Players without a frame in collaboration with Museo del Prado Highland games Highlands ancient prints and lithographs The bear and his brothers game engravings on stone coming from the Alps Greek rituals and ceremonies Greek pictures and images on game The Association has also been working on contemporary art by opening new exhibitions with young artists Arte al centro il gioco curated by Fondazione Pistoletto Najmom curated by A Fantin L Negro e M Rafaniello Siamo qui per la bellezza del gioco and Un paese che gioca Un paese che gioca curated by the photographer Vittorio Canisi The

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  • AGA - Associazione Giochi Antichi - International Game Culture Forum
    Forum International Game Culture Forum The Forum of the game culture is a space that the AGA dedicates to everyone who wants to deepen the topics of the traditional games It is a square where people can stop and reflect about what they saw around them and where they can meet the main characters of the I talian and European games communities Together with them you can also find the

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  • AGA - Associazione Giochi Antichi - Urban Installations
    Urban Installations Urban Installations Temporary urban installations allow to give a new shape to cityscapes dreams that might one day become reality Postumio Bridge From its fourth edition in 2006 Tocatì International Festival of Street Games has rebuilt the old Postumio Roman bridge a 102 metre installation of steel wires and canvas crossing the Adige river With this project the designers would like to suggest the realization of a footpath

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  • AGA - Associazione Giochi Antichi - Editorial Projects
    recent years the Association has published books on various game traditions both Italian and international This project aims at promoting cultural preservation transgenerational nature of game The purpose of these publications is to share the cultural dimension of game Publications Siamo qui per il bello del gioco Vittorio Canisi published by AGA Verona 2008 Un paese che gioca Vittorio Canisi Scripta Publishing Verona 2011 School Publications Learning to play Banca

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  • AGA - Associazione Giochi Antichi - Street Reclamation
    most diverse spaces and fill it in with meaningful content This neutral space becomes a place without a need for a structured facility Upon accurate analysis of the sites and their potential we come up with designs offering minimal intervention and needing little or no structure The street of game Verona has dedicated a street to game On October 2 2009 Via del Campo Sportivo has been permanently closed to traffic becoming the first open space dedicated to game and other social activities This citizen initiative has been supported by Associazione Giochi Antichi and the Municipality of Verona section 6 The Association has designed a space dedicated not only to S cianco which has been practiced by a group of enthusiasts since 2002 but also to other games The space devoted to the game is marked by a red stripe and a circular stone in the road reminiscent of the S cianco game Pianification In the Verona city planning Participatory approach aimed at defining objectives and strategies Regional Law 11 2004 the Association acted as consultant for projects focusing on game and its players In the city center it has proposed an historical path moving through spaces dedicated to game

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  • AGA - Associazione Giochi Antichi - In collaboration with
    Street Reclamation Events In collaboration with Local Administrations Regional Office of Education Events Calendar In collaboration with In collaboration with Associazione Giochi Antichi operates primarily in a network of those who have an interest in the preservation of the traditional game dealing with their own areas area of expertise For this reason we have undertaken joint actions with local governments institutions and public and private organizations in order to bring

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