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  • AGA - Associazione Giochi Antichi - Local Administrations
    sport associations Relationships with local governments have made an essential contribution to its success This collaboration and the association s engagement creates relationships that enhance traditional cultures and demonstrate local institution s commitment for their preservation and diffusion In several cases Associazione Giochi Antichi has been working with local organizations in order to promote the institutional importance of traditional game as means of cultural expression on a par with theater dance poetry and so on In some cases this cultural exchange resulted in collaborations between different levels of institutions providing support for important projects Among others Local International Administration Municipality of Piran Slovenia City of Anglesola Catalonia Spain Town of Castelló de la Plana Valencia Spain Municipality of Nigrita Greece Italian Local Government Rome Municipality Turin Municipality Milan Municipality Mantova Municipality Carpi Mo Municipality Mede PV Municipality Belvi NU Municipality Farigliano CN Municipality Lama Mocogno MO Municipality Collegno TO Municipality Urbania PU Municipality Piazzola sul Brenta PD Municipality Albaredo d Adige VR Municipality Arcole VR Municipality Cerea VR Municipality Cerro Veronese VR Municipality Dolcé VR Municipality Erbezzo VR Municipality Garda VR Municipality Grezzana VR Municipality Negrar VR Municipality Oppeano VR Municipality Pescantina VR Municipality Peschiera VR Municipality Ronco all Adige

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  • AGA - Associazione Giochi Antichi - Regional Office of Education
    Regional Office of Education Regional Office of Education The collaboration between the Association and Verona Office of Education no XII organizes various activities to promote traditional games in school with special attention to its cultural and territorial value The activities destined both to primary and secondary school are Kids Square Since 2004 i e from the second edition of Tocatì International festival of street games hundreds of primary school students have been taking part in a project in which the students of upper secondary schools teach them traditional games The games are contextualised in different historical periods in order make connections with classroom activities S cianco at school S cianco School Championship Thanks to the collaboration with the Verona Office of Physical Education an education project in lower secondary schools was born The S Cianco game has been taught at school and in streets and squares The activity takes the form of a real championship whose finals take place during the last day of the Veronese S Cianco Championship History at play The project in collaboration with the Office of Physical Education and the Association Archeonaute aims to provide teachers the technical knowledge and operational tools in order to be

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  • AGA - Associazione Giochi Antichi - Events Calendar
    to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the 02 08 12 AEJST Congress Rodez Aveyron FranciaEvery year the event proposes a reflection on the state of traditional game in 23 09 11 OP International Pop Oral Culture Festival TurinOP is the most important event organizeb by the Italian Network of Pop Culture Associazione Giochi Antichi August 2015 Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun 27 28 29 30 31 1 2

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  • AGA - Associazione Giochi Antichi - Game communities
    and support organizations promoting traditional games A great number of game communities still survive in small towns and villages outside the large urban areas playing by unwritten rules and building their gaming tools with traditional methods and local materials The Association promotes the preservation of game traditions an oral heritage that would otherwise disappear There is no reference however to games of the past but to men and women still

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  • AGA - Associazione Giochi Antichi - Our Philosophy
    widespread belief that only children are allowed to play Associazione Giochi Antichi aims at protecting traditional game communities and their role in preserving oral history environment and creativity Our work is based on the following key concepts Players are the heart of the game The territory is an essential part of game itself Preserving games means continuing traditions Playing a game has a fundamental role in preserving a territory s

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  • AGA - Associazione Giochi Antichi - Manifesto
    conditions This connection has social historic and environmental foundation Craftsmanship Traditional games keep not written knowledge handicraft heritage of a own territory and they are replicable in every time and space the game ground is a place of social daily shared exchange Game played The game action of communities has to be recurring in own belonging territory not necessarily bound by specific events It doesn t have to be a sport or a manneristic action but a game traditional practice that renews in contemporary contexts In this sense they are not to be considered Game Communities those which do historic and folkloristic commemorations or simple didactic or animation activities although considered a valid instrument of surfacing of traditional game Risk of extinction Traditional game has to be preserved because it risks to be forgotten Belonging to game community Traditional game works on the concept of territory and not of ethnic group It is possible to include game communities of migrant which are bearers of different cultures Non commercial link Game communities shouldn t have profits The relationships with private individuals and firms don t have to be prevalent on several communities initiatives It is not possible to use game players

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  • AGA - Associazione Giochi Antichi - Italy
    by regions A Abruzzo B Basilicata C Calabria Campania E Emilia Romagna F Friuli Venezia Giulia L Lazio Liguria Lombardia M Marche Molise P Piemonte Puglia S Sardegna Sicilia T Toscana Trentino Alto Adige U Umbria V Valle d Aosta Veneto Search by game variety Boules Wheeled carts Cards Racing Lippa Fighting Morra Plates Ruzzole Spheres Human towers Spinning tops Bowling pins Food Game communities Game settings Italy credits Associazione

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  • AGA - Associazione Giochi Antichi - Abruzzo
    Home Our Philosophy Manifesto Game settings Italy Game variety Abruzzo Game communities Game settings Italy Abruzzo stù Community Stù Carte Abruzzo Teramo Montorio al Vomano Dettagli credits Associazione Giochi Antichi Via Castello San Felice 9 37128 Verona T 045 8309162

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