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  • Barone Montalto: Storia
    intense and ambitious passion for this land has been the common denominator in the realization of our project This is how the Montalto wines came to be from great tradition and young character which are continuously admired by an ever wider and more attentive audience of consumers Barone Montalto has grown over the years Our vineyards have grown along with the Sicilian territory In addition the satisfaction of those who

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  • Barone Montalto: Le persone
    is a noble and ancient art To achieve this goal Montalto has created a strong team that is driven by passion for the land and a deep respect for tradition all the while open to innovations and ambitious to achieve greatness with utmost enthusiasm and professionalism MODERN MANAGEMENT INFO Barone Montalto SpA 2009 2016 P IVA 01988020812 Legal Infomations Cookie Policy Privacy policy full disclosure ITA ENG DEU PRODUCTS montalto

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  • Barone Montalto: Dove Siamo
    located in Santa Ninfa in Trapani Nearby are vineyards that are also owned by the Montalto Viticulturalists Montalto Viticulturalists also operates in the Agrigento and Noto areas selecting the best varieties of grapes and producing according to Montalto quality protocol The financial headquarters are located in Forlì FC and logistics in Priocca CN contacts form Where we are INFO Barone Montalto SpA 2009 2016 P IVA 01988020812 Legal Infomations Cookie

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  • Barone Montalto: Viticoltori Montalto
    vine It s not by chance that it is the most important wine region of Italy The Montalto Vineyards is a farm that manages about four hundred hectares of vineyards some of which we own The remainder of the vineyards are subject to the Montalto quality protocol in order to maintain maximum control over the quality of the grapes and guarantee a qualitative growth over the years MONTALTO VINEYARDS INFO

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  • Barone Montalto: Winemaking
    soul of Sicily but with a modern interpretation This was made possible by the encounter of the earth and traditional Sicilian wine with a young and hard working team of innovators with cutting edge equipment and has created an ambitious project the wines of Montalto Traditional and innovative in spirit and soul that is how a Sicilian success story began Winemaking INFO Barone Montalto SpA 2009 2016 P IVA 01988020812

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  • Barone Montalto: Blog
    30 Posted on 30 12 2013 TAGS Okt 21 Posted on 21 10 2013 TAGS harvest wine sicily culture tradition Okt 18 Posted on 18 10 2013 TAGS harvest wine sicily culture tradition Aug 26 Posted on 26 08 2013 TAGS Aug 10 Posted on 10 08 2013 TAGS Jul 10 Posted on 10 07 2013 TAGS Jul 01 Posted on 01 07 2013 TAGS Jun 24 Posted on 24

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  • Barone Montalto: Blog
    package And wine is ready to make a toast Nov 25 Posted on 25 11 2014 TAGS bmgreen bio green pet innovation packaging bib bag in box pinot grigio nero d avola merlot syrah acquerello cataratto chardonnay Why should you choose the Barone Montalto Bag in Box Here you have four good reasons BMGreen It keeps the quality of the product Same wine as the bottle but can be stored for longer thanks to the Box tap that avoid the oxygen contact It has good value Better quality price balance considering that a 3lt BIB equals to 4 bottles of wine with a minor loss of packaging material and low cost dry goods It s green It s respectful of the environment using easy to recycle elements reducing then the CO2 emissions Share BMGreen It s a smart way to drink wine Keeping an eye to the future it s a new way to drink wine Made in Sicily good value both in terms of quantity 4 bottles in a BIB and quality considering the minor waste and the convenient cost Barone Montalto pays attention to everyone s taste The Bag in Box wine range includes Cataratto Viogner and Nero d Avola Merlot fresh and easier to drink but also Nero d Avola appassimento style for more special occasion Sicilian tradition is looking to the future Nov 06 Posted on 06 11 2014 TAGS bmgreen bio green nero d avola appassimento cataratto viognier nero d avola merlot bag in box bib good value environment smart BARONE MONTALTO IS GREEN AND ORGANIC BMGreen Barone Montalto s range of Organic wines Cataratto Terre Siciliane IGT and Nero d Avola Terre Siciliane IGT are produced only from vineyards which have been certified as organic and which respect the regulations of law CEE 2092 91 Indeed 30 of wine produced is organic A decision born out of the desire to respect our land Sicily and the natural world around us The vineyards are managed without any use of synthetic chemical fertilisers or other chemical treatments The secret Maintaining the balance between the vineyard and the flora and fauna which live in and around it Okt 27 Posted on 27 10 2014 TAGS bmgreen bio green cataratto nero d avola organic Barone Montalto on Wine Spectator Sicily will show all its beauty in the coming issue of Wine Spectator This will be dedicated to the island in all its aspects from climate to people and of course to its wines Barone Montalto could not miss the call indeed Collezione di Famiglia will be listed among the Recommended Red Wines For Barone Montalto it is a matter of pride to help in speading the Sicilian mood and the traditions and flavors of our beautiful island all over the world Okt 01 Posted on 01 10 2014 TAGS sicily wine spectator magazine usa collezione di famiglia recommended Silver is the colour for Barone Montalto at AWC Vienna Our Sicilian wines got five silver medals at the well

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  • Barone Montalto: Contatti
    please fill in our contact form and we will get back to you in a reasonable delay Moreover if you register you may accede to reserved contents such as Barone Montalto Company Profile our press releases the Montalto Designer Kit and much more BARONE MONTALTO S p A Winery Via Umberto I 115 12040 Priocca CN Financial Headquarters Via Seganti n 73 f 47121 Forlì FC REA n 138395 TP

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