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  • Barone Montalto: Cefalù
    Salvatore saved them from the earthquake and from cholera Particularly striking is the so called Tinna at sea a game that consists of a pole over the water attached to the dock of the Old Port with a flag bearing the image of San Salvatore hanging on its end The pole is lathered with soap and fat becoming the focus of competition among the young people in Cefalù The winner

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  • Barone Montalto: Mercati Storici
    are three historic markets in Palermo and they are much more than just open spaces where you can make a purchase The main market is at the top of the old Arab quarter of the schiavoni Today as in the past this is one of the most populous areas of the historic center The Vucciria market whose name comes from the French Boucherie butcher seems to have already existed as early as the tenth century Subsequently the slaughterhouse was moved and Vucciria expanded into the nearby streets Finally Ballarò whose name comes from Bahlara a village in the hills surrounding Palermo from where the merchants who attended the market came The market is the oldest and perhaps due to this reason you can find the greatest diversity of people of different races Typical of markets is the so called abbanniata or the way in which the merchants would scream in order to best sell their wares Every market is the epitome of the micro world of which we spoke that raises your intrigue and possesses that certain something by which you will be enchanted Historic Markets INFO Barone Montalto SpA 2009 2016 P IVA 01988020812 Legal Infomations Cookie Policy Privacy

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  • Barone Montalto: Saline di Trapani e Paceco
    become a nature reserve managed by WWF Italy that is working to upgrade and promote the regrowth and the restructuring of some facilities that are in disarray In the nearly one thousand acre reserve the extraction of salt is still practised according to ancient methods and you can see the famous windmills used for pumping water between basins The strategic position on the border between Africa and Europe means that

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  • Barone Montalto: Isole Eolie - Stromboli
    lava flow has always fascinated the tourists and the few residents who consider the volcano with great devotion as they would a God Climbing you can feel the booms from the volcano becoming more and more threatening while the surrounding cliffs become increasingly steep Arriving in a surreal atmosphere of worship you reach the volcano with its threatening overflowing magma and incandescent spray The spectacle is visible from the sea

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  • Barone Montalto: Riserva dello Zingaro
    The first nature reserve in Sicily it extends for about 7 km of coastline and the total area is over 1700 hectares Riserva Dello Zingaro became a nature reserve with the regional decree of 1981 it is one of the few places in Sicily where a road does not exist The turquoise sea is the backdrop to pristine bays and headlands and there are around 650 plant species typical of the Mediterranean and some of them are very rare The fauna is very rich with at least 37 species of fowl and land mammals such as rabbits and foxes abound The coastal marine fauna are impressive represented by a rare biostructure reminiscent of the barrier reef The area is crossed by three paths one coastal one middle and one high on which you can find shelters and even a small nature museum The Zingaro reserve is a place where you incredibly seem to travel back in time 200 years Nature is the only backdrop with no filter where the balance is between the blue of the sea and the green of nature Riserva dello Zingaro INFO Barone Montalto SpA 2009 2016 P IVA 01988020812 Legal Infomations Cookie Policy Privacy policy

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  • Barone Montalto: Isole Egadi - Favignana
    of the Egadi Island around 10 km from the Trapani shores Favignana mainly lives on the tourists that come and visit this marvelous pearl of the Mediterranean Sea The typical mattanza in April represents the fishing tradition of the tuna fishes The Egadi Islands have been declared natural reserve in 1991 and the green and transparent sea testifies that this is one of the rare uncontaminated and wild islands left

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  • Barone Montalto: Erice
    aus Westsizilien die religiösen Riten ausübten Danach gab es viele Auseinandersetzungen um die Stadt wahrscheinlich wegen ihrer strategischen Lage Sie liegt auf dem Berg San Giuliano von wo man einen wunderbaren Rundumblick geniessen kann Heute ist Erice ein kleines Dorf und seine Einwohnerzahlen sinken aber dennoch werden die lokalen Traditionen bewahrt und der ganzen Welt bekannt gemacht Handwerk Keramik und Gastronomie sind nur einige nennenswerte Dinge In Erice manifestiert sich

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  • Barone Montalto: Gibellina
    und ist die Stadt heutzutage als eines der wichtigsten kulturellen Zentren Siziliens bekannt Es finden sich Kunstwerke unter freiem Himmel wie z B die giardini segreti la porta del Belice oder il monumento ai caduti ebenso aber auch Beispiele moderner Architektur wie la Chiesa Madre oder il Museo d Arte Contemporanea sowie il Cretto ein stattliches Denkmal des Todes und der Erinnerung unter dem sich die Ruinen der alten Stadt

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