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  • Bed & breakfast tirano - Appartamenti
    the 27 th August 1580 Not far from here on the slopes of the Rheatian Alps sits the little church of St Perpetua from which you have a wide view both up and down the valley Continuing towards the centre of the town one can note the facade of the Lambertenghi House decorated with its coat of arms just before reaching the main square characterised by the Church parish buildings the council building ex Palazzo Torelli as well as the other new construction that actually hosts the town pharmacy and the Council auditorium Going towards Bianzone you arrive at the Saint Antonio quarter which is of special interest to then reach further ahead the church of St Martino where you find a small ossuary in the churchyard The Besta Palazzo St Siro church and the Sanctuary of the Madonna of the Plain characterises the outskirts of Bianzone Here we find the vineyard La Gatta a particularly popular destination for wine tasters Of particular interest is the suburb of Stazzona possibly the most ancient of the town the name and a tombstone found in the district prove its Roman origins Even here you will find the parish church with its very interesting frescoes together with other noble houses and the famous bridge Ponte di Sasso At a short distance using the local highway you can reach the site of the Protected Area of the Eco Observatory Aprica Alpine Fauna the Nature Reserve of Pian di Gembro and the Saint Antonio valleys all in the Valtellina Orobian Alps Park Of practical interest is the location of a Wine Co operative Cellar and Fruit Co operative near the Bed and Breakfast Here it is possible to taste and buy local products which are the highlight of the breakfast that will be served during

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