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  • CESQA CURA: Rassegna Stampa
    Chimici AMCLI FISMELAB e SIBioC dettaglio 28 09 2015 Master in Gestione Ambientale Strategica 2015 2016 Domande di ammissione entro il 17 novembre 2015 dettaglio 10 04 2015 Iscrizioni aperte Corso per l Accreditamento ISO 15189 dei laboratori medici Con la collaborazione di ACCREDIA AICQ Triveneta e del Dipartimento di Medicina dell Università di Padova e con il patrocinio di SIPMeL Ordine dei Biologi Ordine dei Medici Consiglio Nazionale dei

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  • CESQA : Environment
    the problems impacts and environmental performances relevant to an organisation s activity IER is generally required both by the UNI EN ISO 14001 standard and by the EMAS European regulation Environmental Review allows an organization to Identify legal provisions applicable to its activities Identify all the environmental aspects which have a significant environmental impact Define suitable criteria in order to assess its environmental impacts Examine all the existing environmental management

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  • CESQA : Quality
    quality policy and to meet its targets In this context Quality refers to the skill of satisfying the needs of the Organization s internal and external customers being a key factor for a company s success and a competitive advantage among its competitors Requirements for an effective building and implementation of a Quality Management System are described by the ISO 9000 standards series that became very important by facilitating mutual

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  • CESQA : Security
    Workers health and safety are two main issues that organizations have to face in order to answer to the increasing attention they are gathering from public opinion In this socio economic context organizations in order to to stay competitive must look for continuous improvement of their performance A pro active vision is therefore essential and is reflected in a structured and systematic approach to identification assessment and control of risks for health and safety These concepts are the foundations on which a modern Management System Occupational Health and Safety SGS D is based The main reference is the OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series Main purposes in this standard are Removing the risks to which employees and other persons can be subject Building an image as a responsible company Improving the global performance of the company Building maintaining and improving continuously a H S management system in order to control the risks for employees Obtaining the certification of the H S management system from an external body Another relevant aspect of the OHSAS 18001 is its identical structure with ISO 14001 this eases the integration of the two systems which are already similar to a great extent Another

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  • CESQA : Social Accountability
    the ethical degree and the social responsibility of an organization These standards are applicable to organizations in any industry sector with the aim of assessing compliance with minimum requirements in terms of human and social rights SA 8000 standard compliance can even be verified by an independent third party certification body in a similar way as for Quality Management Systems ISO 9001 Environment ISO 14001 and Safety OHSAS 18001 The

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  • CESQA : Integration
    Organizational Management Systems standards either related to Quality Safety or Environment rises from increasing companies needs to operate in a whole efficiency and effectiveness way An organization operating on the market as a supplier cannot be reliable unless it shows skills for providing proper feedbacks to expectations and demands from its main interested stakeholders its customers as far as Quality management is concerned its employees and collaborators as far as the aspects related to safety and health are concerned owners in terms of return of continual investments in time staff with regard to the issues related to norms of responsible behaviour starting with the environmental behaviour Actually the protection of the stakeholders demands is the object of several voluntary norms Since the end of the 80 s these standards have joined the necessary legal provisions concerning the aspects of Quality Environment and Safety In addition to these elements the increase of interest taking place in the industry and services in the systems management requires a strong integration between the systems themselves towards leaner organization and leaner overall management while in full compliance with the specific requirements of reference Currently because of the lack of specific regulations references for the application

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  • CESQA :
    Via Marzolo 9 35131 Padova Announcement for the admission to the Master in Environmental Management of Systems and Products 2005 2006 T he registrations to the Master in Environmental Management of Systems and Products 2005 2006 are now open Acknowledged as National EMAS school agroindustrial and chemical sector and National Ecolabel school The admittance s applications must be sent within 1 00 p m of the 3rd of november 2005

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  • CESQA :
    implementation of a common strategy able to develop on a local scale the market of the reneweble energy technologies applicable to buildings Objectives The objective of this specialization course is to give designers and planners with the basic elements to best manage and apply the main reneweble energy technologies applicable to buildings This means get directly in touch with the main technical project and financial economic aspects of sustainable design gaining the skills to manage them all in one To whom this course is addressed The course is open to anyone who got a degree and is designed for those people who want to get a specialization in the topics of reneweble technologies applicable to buildings in particular Professional men working in the building sector Professional men working in the energy installation sector for buildings Territorial and city planners Pubblic administration consultants and delegates Energy manager Course language is Italian Topics The course cover the following topics solar thermal solar pv energy from biomass mini eolic geothermal running technical issue ed applicability economi evaluation future developments case studies Bio compatibility ed efficiency of the cover European national and local legislative panel Methodologies for the assessement of the single building or the local areas energetic performances local intiatives and tools for the development of the renweble technologies applicable to buildings private an public financing Course The course foresee classes in order to help the discussion between participants and teachers E learning the participants thanks to a dedicated web platform will be able to attend part of the lessons directly from home or from their workplace pc workstation and internet connection required Visits to plants and installations in order to better get in touch with the technologies studied in the course Duration The course is structured in modules for a total amount

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