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  • CESQA : Quality
    quality policy and to meet its targets In this context Quality refers to the skill of satisfying the needs of the Organization s internal and external customers being a key factor for a company s success and a competitive advantage among its competitors Requirements for an effective building and implementation of a Quality Management System are described by the ISO 9000 standards series that became very important by facilitating mutual

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  • CESQA : Safety
    Workers health and safety are two main issues that organizations have to face in order to answer to the increasing attention they are gathering from public opinion In this socio economic context organizations in order to to stay competitive must look for continuous improvement of their performance A pro active vision is therefore essential and is reflected in a structured and systematic approach to identification assessment and control of risks for health and safety These concepts are the foundations on which a modern Management System Occupational Health and Safety SGS D is based The main reference is the OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series Main purposes in this standard are Removing the risks to which employees and other persons can be subject Building an image as a responsible company Improving the global performance of the company Building maintaining and improving continuously a H S management system in order to control the risks for employees Obtaining the certification of the H S management system from an external body Another relevant aspect of the OHSAS 18001 is its identical structure with ISO 14001 this eases the integration of the two systems which are already similar to a great extent Another

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  • CESQA : Integration
    Organizational Management Systems standards either related to Quality Safety or Environment rises from increasing companies needs to operate in a whole efficiency and effectiveness way An organization operating on the market as a supplier cannot be reliable unless it shows skills for providing proper feedbacks to expectations and demands from its main interested stakeholders its customers as far as Quality management is concerned its employees and collaborators as far as the aspects related to safety and health are concerned owners in terms of return of continual investments in time staff with regard to the issues related to norms of responsible behaviour starting with the environmental behaviour Actually the protection of the stakeholders demands is the object of several voluntary norms Since the end of the 80 s these standards have joined the necessary legal provisions concerning the aspects of Quality Environment and Safety In addition to these elements the increase of interest taking place in the industry and services in the systems management requires a strong integration between the systems themselves towards leaner organization and leaner overall management while in full compliance with the specific requirements of reference Currently because of the lack of specific regulations references for the application

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  • CESQA : Environmental Communication
    institutions businesses the media in order to disseminate correct knowledge of environmental issues and promote an ongoing relationship made by dialogue and cooperation between citizens consumers institutions companies customers and suppliers and facilitate the process of consensus building In its most general sense communicate means to trigger a process of mutual exchange of knowledge between two or more parties in which the broadcaster has the opportunity to receive and who receives in turn has the possibility of transmitting his own knowledge Reciprocity and of comparability become particularly significant in communication of complex environmental issues that need more information and higher involvement to be managed Public opinion and governments increasing attention on environmental issues related to productive activities has prompted companies to consider the environment as an element of added value in terms of image and competitive advantage and therefore to adopt an attitude of proactive Environmental Management Systems ISO 14001 or EMAS and environmental communication instruments not only are embodying such attitude but also the desire to make its commitment and attention to the environment well known both inside employees management shareholders and outside the company Companies communicate the environment through informational documents in which the main relations between the company and the environment are described Environmental Balance an accounting tool providing a picture of interrelations between a company and the natural environment through representation of the quantitative and qualitative data on the environmental impacts of the productive activities and the economic and financial effort made by the company to protect the environment Environmental Report containing Environmental Management Indices which evaluate the commitment to control the environmental aspects Absolute Indices which measure the importance of the impact factors generated by the company Environmental Performance Indices which evaluate the environmental efficiency resulting from the fluctuations in the production level Environmental Effect

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  • CESQA : Initial Environmental Review
    of the problems impacts and environmental performances relevant to an organisation s activity IER is generally required both by the UNI EN ISO 14001 standard and by the EMAS European regulation Environmental Review allows an organization to Identify legal provisions applicable to its activities Identify all the environmental aspects which have a significant environmental impact Define suitable criteria in order to assess its environmental impacts Examine all the existing environmental

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  • CESQA : EPI – Environmental Performance Indices
    an organization so that its meaning is understandable clear and overall comparable The Environmental Performance Indicators reclassifying and synthesizing the data collected on the environmental aspects by a company s information system provide an immediate and representative picture of the company situation towards the environment comparable with temporal and spatial context in which the company is included with objectives and targets set by the company The reference technical norm for

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  • CESQA : EMAS - Eco Management and Audit Scheme
    EMAS European Regulation Eco Management and Audit Scheme is one of the most significant points of European Union environmental policy whose main objective is the improvement of the environmental performance of organizations Is currently in force Regulation 1221 2009 also known as EMAS III that allows EMAS registration in any type of organization A distinctive feature of EMAS is public information carried by the Environmental Statement a document summarizing the

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  • CESQA : Environmental Management System –UNI EN ISO 14001
    part of the overall management system which includes the organizational structure planning activities responsibilities practices procedures processes resources for the development application monitoring re examination and maintenance of the environmental policy Each organization can develop its own EMS in compliance with The scheme proposed by UNI EN ISO 14001 or The scheme proposed by the EMAS European regulation These schemes are internationally recognized They were developed to be applied to

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