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  • Italian Athletics Federation (FIDAL)
    on 21 December 1924 some clubs principally from Liguria and Piemonte broke away from FISA to form the Unione Italiana Sport Atletici UISA or Italian Association of Track and Field Sports The Federation was merged again on 27 May 1925 taking on the name of Federazione Italiana di Atletica Leggera FIDAL or Italian Athletics Federation at the Conference of Florence on 12 December 1926 On 19 March 1927 FPI appointed Mr Leandro Arpinati MP President of FIDAL and of Federcalcio Soccer Federation Women s races were organised by the Federazione Italiana Atletica Femminile FIAF or Italian Womens Athletics Federation established in Milan in 1923 on the basis of the Sports Charter of 1 January 1929 FIAF was incorporated into FIDAL Federation listed in Law no 426 of 16 2 1942 Denomination Originally in 1906 it was known as Federazione Podistica Italiana FPI or Italian Running Federation from 1909 to 1926 as Federazione Italiana Sports Atletici FISA or Italian Federation of Track and Field Sports since 1926 it has borne the name of Federazione Italiana di Atletica Leggera FIDAL or Italian Athletics Federation Federal Office 1898 1906 Turin 1906 1911 Rome 1912 1922 Milan 1923 1925 Venice 1925 1929 Bologna from 1929 Rome First National Championships 1906 men 1927 women First time the Olympics Games Paris 1900 Presidents ITALIAN RUNNING UNION 1898 Gustavo Verona 1898 1905 Mario Luigi Mina ITALIAN RUNNING FEDERATION 1906 1907 On Romeo Gallenga Stuart ITALIAN FEDERATION OF TRACK AND FIELD SPORTS 1907 1911 Hon Attilio Brunialti outgoing 1911 1912 Sen Romeo Gallenga Stuart 1912 1922 Edgardo Longoni 1922 1923 Giuseppe Fusinato outgoing 1923 1925 Pietro Belloni 1925 Antonio Revedin 1925 1926 Alberto Buriani ITALIAN ATHLETICS FEDERATION 1926 1927 Alberto Buriani 1927 1929 Hon Leandro Arpinati 1929 1930 Hon Augusto Turati 1930 1943 Marquis Hon Luigi Ridolfi 1943

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  • Italian Badminton Federation (FIBa)
    1500 sl Malagò il trionfo di un ragazzo speciale Archivio Federazioni Sportive Nazionali CONI National Sports Federations Associated Sports Disciplines Sports Promotion Bodies Meritorious Associations Military and State Corps S A Institutional Activities Home National Sports Federations Italian Badminton Federation FIBa Italian Badminton Federation History of FIBa Presidents 1976 1989 Aurelio Chiappero 1989 2004 Rodolfo La Rosa 2004 Alberto Miglietta Secretaries 1992 1993 Vito Naio 1996 1998 Massimo Di Fabio

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  • Italian Baseball and Softball Federation (FIBS)
    and Softball Federation History of FIBS Costitution This discipline was first introduced in Rome in 1931 with a game played at the Accademia della Farnesina However the Federation made its first moves after the war On 7 February 1947 Guido Graziani founded the Lega Italiana Softball LIS or Italian Softball League and a year later on 12 March 1948 Max Ott founded the Lega Italiana Baseball LIB or Italian Baseball League in Milan On 3 December 1948 the Associazione Italiana Baseball AIB or Italian Baseball Association which two days later also in Rome joined forces with LIS founded the Federazione Italiana Baseball e Softball FIBS or Italian Baseball and Softball Federation FIBS subsequent merger with the Lega Italiana Baseball LIB led to the foundation in Bologna on 29 January 1950 of the Federazione Italiana Palla Base FIPB Recognized as affiliated with CONI in November 1953 the Federation became effective as of 23 November 1957 Denomination From 1950 Federazione Italiana Palla Base FIPB then in 1970 it became Federazione Italiana Baseball and Softball FIBS or Italian Baseball and Softball Federation Federal Office Rome First National Championships 1950 baseball 1969 softball First time the Olympic Games 1984 Los Angeles demo 1992 Barcelona

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  • Italian Bowling Federation (FIB)
    CONI settled the disagreement and reunited the two movements On January 1 1929 the body was incorporated into the Opera Nazionale Dopolavoro National Recreational Institution with the appellation of Federazione Italiana Gioco Bocce FIGB or Italian Bowling Federation In 1945 the two federations were re established one with headquarters in Turin and the other with headquarters in Milan In 1946 FIB of Turin generated the UBI which the following year split and generated a new UBI with headquarters in Genoa On 25 February 1947 the UBI of Turin and the FIB of Milan merged to form FIB Turin On 9 October 1948 the merger of the FIB of Turin with the UBI of Genoa generated the Unione Federazioni Italiane Bocce UFIB or Association of Italian Bowling Federations with headquarters in Genoa The association was initially recognized by CONI on 25 November 1948 but later excluded on 17 February 1957 following yet another split a group of dissidents had reconstituted the UBI of Turin in 1956 In 1958 ENAL the National Workers Assistance Board generated the FIGB Italian Bowling Federation from which following a split the Federazione Italiana Sport Bocce FISB or Italian Federation of Bowling Sports was established in 1964 In 1979 the three organisations UBI Torino FIGB ENAL and FISB merged to form the new UBI CONI which had already recognised UBI as an adhering member on December 1 1963 recognised the new body on 21 June 1979 Since 1991 UBI has been known as Federazione Italiana Bocce FIB or Italian Bowling Federation Denomination From 1897 to 1919 the Unione Bocciofila Piemontese UBP or Bowling Association of Piemonte from 1919 to 1929 Unione Bocciofila Italiana UBI or Italian Bowling Association from 1929 to the Second World War Federazione Italiana Gioco Bocce FIGB or Italian Bowling Federation from 1945 to

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  • Italian Canoe Kayak Federation (FICK)
    organisational nucleus of Italian canoeing was established in 1935 in Milan with the foundation in Milan of the Gruppo Milanese della Canoa GMP or Milan Canoeing Group and the following year an Italian canoeist took part in the Berlin Olympic Games On 17 February 1936 a circular from Reale Federazione Italiana di Canottaggio Royal Rowing Federation established a Canoeing Section On 6 March 1939 the GMP changed its name into Gruppo Italiano Canoa GIC or Italian Canoeing Group with headquarters in Milan Galleria Vittorio Emanuele 92 On 8 February 1942 group under the chairmanship of Gino Tosti di Valminuta was transferred to Rome where it continued to be incorporated within Federcanottaggio Rowing Federation Secretary Giordano B Fabjan On 24 November 1973 the Commissione Italiana Canoa CIC or Italian Canoeing Commission which had adhered on 30 November 1982 finally changed to Federazione Italiana Canoa Kayak FICK or Italian Canoe Kayak Federation FICK was then recognised by CONI as effective on 30 April 1987 On 11 December 1992 FICK promoted the constitution in Rome of the European Canoeing Association Denomination To 1982 Federazione Italiana Canoa Kayak FICK or Italian Canoe Kayak Federation Federal Office Rome since the foundation First National Championships 1953

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  • Italian Rowing Federation (FIC)
    Federation FIC Italian Rowing Federation History of FIC Costitution The first Italian club the Canottieri Limite sull Arno Arno Rowing Club was founded in 1861 even if the true forerunner of modern rowing in Italy remains the Canottieri Cerea which was founded in Turin two years later The Savoy capital and the Po river were the aggregating centres of Italian rowing it was in Turin in fact that the Italian Rowing Club was founded on 31 March 1888 and which produced the first Regatta Code Again in Turin the Federazione Internazionale FISA was founded on 25 June 1892 The federation was listed in Law no 426 of 16 2 1946 as RFIC Denomination The term Royal was added to original appellation of the Italian Rowing Club in 1891 under the chairmanship of king Umberto I while in 1923 it changed to Reale Federazione Italiana di Canottaggio RFIC or Royal Rowing Federation of Italy After the war the name was again changed to the current Italian Rowing Federation FIC Federal Office 1888 Turin 1929 Rome 1946 Turin 1957 Rome 1905 1926 Turin 1926 Rome First National Championships 1889 Lake Maggiore First time the Olympics games 1908 London Presidents 1888 1890 Edoardo Scarampi di Villanova 1900 1904 Roberto Biscaretti di Ruffia 1904 1913 Luigi Capuccio 1913 1927 Hon Carlo Montù 1927 1935 Amm Earl Luigi Di Sambuy 1935 1943 Massimo Giovannetti 1943 1944 Claudio Savarese 1944 Claudio Savarese 1945 Giulio Haag 1945 Hon Carlo Montù 1946 1949 Hon Carlo Montù 1949 1958 Massimo Giovannetti 1958 1961 Alfredo Boccalatte 1961 1973 Diodato Lanni 1973 1984 Paolo D Aloja 1984 2005 Gian Antonio Romanini 2005 2008 Renato Nicetto 2008 2012 Enrico Gandola 2012 Giuseppe Abbagnale Secretaries 1888 1890 Luigi Capuccio 1900 1904 Giuseppe Bon 1904 1915 Tommaso Rolando 1915 1919 Giuseppe Marro 1919 1933

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  • Italian Timekeepers Federation (FICr)
    century by the Anglo Italian gentleman Gilbert Marley The first official organisation was founded in November 1921 when a group of enthusiasts formed the Sindacato Italiano Cronometristi Ufficiali SICU or Italian Official Timekeepers Union The Union initially obtained recognition by CONI in 1924 changing its status to association Associazione Italiana Cronometristi AICr or Italian Timekeepers Association On 11 December 1935 under the leadership of Giovanni Romagna and with CONI s authorisation it changed to Federazione Italiana Cronometristi FICr or Italian Timekeepers Federation In October 1941 CONI established that the Federation turn into a Service of the Olympic committee itself The Federation regained its autonomy on 4 September 1944 with its reconstitution encouraged by CONI which appointed a leader FICr promoted the constitution of the Fédération Internationale des Chronométreurs which was made official in Rome on 9 December 1957 Denomination Associazione Italiana Cronometristi 1924 and later Federazione Italiana Cronometristi FICR or Italian Timekeepers Federation from 1935 Federal Office Rome Presidents 1921 1922 Carlo Legnazzi 1923 1924 Achille Macoratti 1925 1926 Amedeo Turba 1926 1929 Giuseppe Corbari 1930 1931 Giovanni Bonmartini 1931 1932 Luigi Ridolfi 1933 1943 Giovanni Romagna 1944 1945 Cesare Sindici 1945 Giuseppe Giuliani 1946 1952 Cesare Sindici 1953 1976

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  • Italian Federation of Dancesport (FIDS)
    of the only national federation representing dancesport under the aegis of CONI the Federazione Italiana Danza Sportiva Italian Federation of Dancesport On 28 February 1997 CONI s executive board communicated the recognition of the new Federation with deliberation n 919 as Associated Discipline On 27 December 1998 after a series of internal disputes the first Federal Council was elected but the way in which the elections were handled was contested by the Associations that were excluded from the vote and the Court of Rome overruled the entire operation This decision led to the fact that the first real FIDS director was an external administrator nominated by CONI in the person of Novella Calligaris with Carla Giuliani acting as Federal Secretary A year and a half later the external administrator left a federation structures in the same manner as the other CONI sports federations On 21 January 2001 the first legitimate elections were held to nominate the new Federal Board which elected its President Ferruccio Galvagno In just over a month the Regional Assemblies were convened the territorial bodies were elected and sports activities were resumed On 19 December 2004 celebrations were held for the new four year Olympic term with the confirmation of President Ferruccio Galvagno during this four year period FIDS went from 22 500 members to over 100 000 and 4 000 clubs and 2 000 technicians an exponential growth These efforts were rewarded by CONI which voted unanimously for the entrance of the Italian Federation of Dancesport within the category of the National Sports Federations on 26 June 2007 The long awaited recognition was celebrated by FIDS athletes at the Italian Dancesport Championships of 2007 where they competed for 10 days with over 31 000 athletes For the first time FIDS offered the Italian titles of all

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