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  • Italian Federation of Hunting and Sporting Weapons (FIDASC)
    Mondiale azzurro nei 1500 sl Malagò il trionfo di un ragazzo speciale Archivio Federazioni Sportive Nazionali CONI National Sports Federations Associated Sports Disciplines Sports Promotion Bodies Meritorious Associations Military and State Corps S A Institutional Activities Home National Sports Federations Italian Federation of Hunting and Sporting Weapons FIDASC Italian Federation of Hunting and Sporting Weapons History of FIDASC Presidents 2001 2003 Paolo Moro 2003 2005 Bruno Modugno 2005 Felice Buglione

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  • Italian Football Federation (FIGC)
    championship won by Pro Vercelli The existing contrasts were soon overcome and the following year on 26 June 1922 it was reunited In the summer of 1926 through the direct promotion by the CONI the Viareggio Charter was issued which operated a first distinction between amateur and pro In August 1948 the National Council of Leagues was established and in 1959 the organisation of the National Professional League was defined Serie A and B or 1st and 2nd Division Currently there is also a Serie C and the National Amateur League Federation listed in Law no 426 of 16 2 1942 Denomination The current one since 1909 Federal Office 1898 Turin 1905 Milan 1911 Turin since 1929 Rome First National Championships 1898 won by Genoa First time the Olympic Games Stoccolm 1912 Presidents Italian Football Federation FIF 1898 Earl Enrico D Ovidio 1898 1905 Ezio Vicari 1905 Giovanni Silvestri 1906 1907 Emiliano Barbiano di Belgioioso d Este 1909 Luigi Bosisio Italian Football Federation FIGC 1910 Felice Radice 1911 Marquis Alfonso Ferrero di Ventimiglia 1911 Emilio Valvassori 1912 Vittorio Rignon 1913 Luigi Derossi 1913 Hon Francesco Mauro 1914 Hon Carlo Montù 1915 1918 Francesco Mauro 1919 Hon Carlo Montù 1920 Hon Francesco Mauro 1920 Luigi Bozino 1921 1922 Giovanni Lombardi 1923 1924 Luigi Bozino 1925 Giuseppe Corbari 1926 Luigi Bozino 1926 Hon Lando Ferretti 1926 1932 Hon Leandro Arpinati 1933 1941 Giorgio Vaccaro 1942 Hon Marchese Luigi Ridolfi 1943 Giovanni Mauro 1943 1944 Mauro Baldo 1944 Fulvio Bernardini 1944 1945 Ottorino Barassi 1945 Giovanni Mauro 1946 1958 Ottorino Barassi 1958 1959 Bruno Zauli 1959 1961 Umberto Agnelli 1961 1966 Giuseppe Pasquale 1967 1976 Artemio Franchi 1976 Franco Carraro 1976 1978 Franco Carraro 1978 Artemio Franchi 1978 1980 Artemio Franchi 1980 1986 Federico Sordillo 1986 1987 Franco Carraro 1987 1996 Hon Antonio

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  • Italian Handball Federation (FIGH)
    Activities Home National Sports Federations Italian Handball Federation FIGH Italian Handball Federation History of FIGH Costitution A Handball Federation not yet affiliated with CONI represented by Aurelio Chiappero took part only with a consultative vote in CONI s first elective Conference of 27 July 1946 In actual fact handball had already been on the Italian scene albeit sporadically since 1940 A revival came with the establishment of the Committee for the Promotion of Handball in Rome only in 1966 Eugenio Enrile was Chairman of the Committee and Chiappero the Secretary The deed of constitution of the Italian Handball Federation was drawn up on 20 December 1969 Mario Costantini presided over the new body and Chiappero acted as Secretary When it became an officially recognised sport on 22 December 1971 the FIGH joined CONI as an affiliated member on 19 December 1974 becoming official at the 57th National Board on 22 February 1979 Denomination Federazione Italiana Giuoco Handball FIGH or Italian Handball Federation since the beginning Federal Office Rome since the foundation First National Championships 1969 men and women Presidents 1967 1968 Eugenio Enrile 1969 1972 Mario Costantini 1972 1976 Eugenio Marinello 1976 1991 Hon Concetto Lo Bello 1991 1994 Ralf

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  • Italian Squash Federation (FIGS)
    the Bologna Squash Centre when the first Italian squash training school was launched Prior to then there were only two courts in Milan that were used mainly by foreign employees of Cucirini Cantoni Coats which had founded the Milan Squash Giambellino The Associazione Italiana Badminton Squash AIBS or Italian Badminton Squash Federation was established on 22 February 1977 marking the combination of two sports Squash and Badminton In December of the same year the first Italian Championships were held with the participation of the sports clubs of Milan Bologna and Bergamo In the years that followed Squash became increasingly popular a great number of clubs were opened and intensive National and International competitive events were organised Squash became independent from Badminton on 23 March 1985 with the constitution of the FIGS Federazione Italiana Giuoco Squash or Italian Squash Federation which was recognised by CONI as an associated discipline under the sponsorship of FIT On 8 May 2001 FIGS was recognised as an Associated Discipline directly associated with CONI The National Council approved the recognition for sports purposes on 26 June 2007 by FIGS as a National Sports Federation Since its foundation FIGS has been affiliated to the European Squash Federation

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  • Italian Golf Federation (FIG)
    Golf Federation History of FIG Costitution Golf was introduced in Italy in 1903 imported by the British with the foundation of the Golf Club of Rome followed in 1907 by the golf clubs of Menaggio and Cadenabbia In 1905 the first international championships for amateurs and women were held on the Ugolino course in Florence However the Federazione Italiana Golf FIG or Italian Golf Federation was founded in Milan only in 1927 During the Second World War the federation s activities died out to the extent that it was necessary to create a new organisation in May 1946 the Associazione Golfistica Italiana AGI or Italian Golf Association In February 1959 the body resumed its original name The federation is listed in Law no 426 of 16 2 1942 Denomination From 1927 Federazione Italiana Golf FIG or Italian Golf Federation from 1946 Associazione Golfistica Italiana AGI or Italian Golf Association and from February 1959 again FIG Federal Office 1927 1928 Milan from 1929 in Rome First National Championships 1929 men and women 1925 Open d Italia Presidents 1928 1935 Ardizzino Faà di Bruno 1935 1943 Marcello Cirillo resigned 1944 1945 Duke Francesco Ruspoli di Morignano 1946 1968 Duke Francesco Ruspoli di

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  • Italian Hockey Federation (FIH)
    within Federpattinaggio following the Spoleto Assembly in February 1957 with the constitution of a special National Commission for Field Hockey which was active up to 1960 The Commission was presided over by Giovanni Battista Brinchi Giusti In the Fifties the arrival of foreign technicians following an initiative by Mario Zovato favoured a growth at a technical level which brought the national team to take part in the Olympic Games in 1952 and 1960 The body changed name from 1967 to 1970 always within the Hockey and Skating Federation to the Field Hockey Commission and from 29 Jabuary 1970 to 1973 into Italian Field Hockey Commission Recognised by CONI as an adhering member on 29 September 1973 as Federazione Italiana Hockey su Prato Italian Field Hockey Federation becoming effective as of 18 January 1978 Denomination Following recognition by CONI from 1973 Federazione Italiana Hockey su Prato FIHSP or Italian Field Hockey Federation and from 18 November 1984 Federazione Italiana Hockey FIH or Italian Hockey Federation Federal Office Rome from the beginning First National Championships 1937 men 1942 women First time at the Olympic Games 1952 Helsinki Presidents NATIONAL FIELD HOCKEY COMMISSION 1957 1960 Giovanni Battista Brinchi Giusti FIELD HOCKEY COMMISSION 1967

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  • Italian Hockey and Skating Federation (FIHP)
    and Skating Federation History of FIHP Costitution The Federazione Italiana Pattinaggio a Rotelle FIPR or Italian Roller Skating Federation was established in Milan in 1922 on CONI s request and an initiative of Alberto Bonacossa for better coordination of events that he had developed just before the war the first international hockey game was held in 1913 In 1936 field hockey became part of the FIPR and assumed the name of Federazione Italiana Hockey e Pattinaggio a Rotelle FIHPR or Italian Hockey and Skating Federation a naming convention that was also maintained following the acquisition of independence of field hockey with the establishment of a special Commission in 1967 For a brief period before the war according to the provisions of the time the English term hockey was translated into an improbable ochei and the acronym became FIOPR The federation is listed in Law no 426 of 16 2 1942 as FIOPR Denomination From 1922 to 1936 the Federazione Italiana Hockey e Pattinaggio a Rotelle FIHPR or Italian Hockey and Roller Skating Federation for a brief period FIOPR and then Federazione Italiana Hockey e Pattinaggio FIHP or Italian Hockey and Skating Federation First National Championships 1911 race 1912 artistic 1922 hockey First time at the Olympic Games 1992 as a demonstration Presidents ITALIAN HOCKEY AND ROLLER SKATING FEDERATION 1922 1924 Alberto Bonacossa 1924 1926 Giovanni Vanni 1926 1927 Enrico Josti 1927 Torquato Amorosi 1927 1928 Console Negrini 1928 Nino Rasponi 1928 Enrico Josti 1931 1933 Luigi Tornielli 1933 1936 Fabio Fochi ITALIAN HOCKEY AND SKATING FEDERATION 1936 1939 Fabio Fochi 1939 1943 Giovanni Battista Brinchi Giusti 1943 Aldo Amici 1944 Enzo Natalini 1945 Enrico Josti 1946 1965 Luigi Rio 1965 1984 Gianni Mariggi 1984 1990 Giuseppe Matranga 1990 1991 Mario Pescante 1991 1993 Bruno Tiezzi 1993 Sabatino Aracu Secretaries 1922

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  • Italian Judo Wrestling Karate and Martial Arts Federation (FIJLKAM)
    name to Federazione Italiana Lotta Pesi Judo FILPJ or Italian Wrestling Weightlifting Judo Federation The change of name was ratified by CONI on 6 September 1974 On 2 July 1994 the Extraordinary AGM established the incorporation of the Karate discipline into the Federation previously included in the Italian Taekwondo Karate Federation a decision that was ratified by the CONI National Board on 7 February 1995 The Federation is listed in Law no 426 of 16 2 1942 as FIAP With the approval of the new Statute Ostia 1 July 2000 ratified for sports purposes by the CONI National Board on 31 October 2000 The following activities also changed the Weightlifting section founded an independent Federation Federazione Italiana Pesistica e Cultura Fisica FIPCF or Italian Weightlifting and Bodybuilding Federation whereas the Martial Arts section with Judo Wrestling and Karate took on greater importance characterising FIJLKAM as a federation of fighting sports Denomination Federazione Atletica Italiana FAI or Italian Athletics Federation from 1902 to 1933 when the name was changed to Federazione Italiana Atletica Pesante FIAP or Italian Heavy Athletics Federation Federazione Italiana Lotta Pesi Judo FILPJ or Italian Wrestling Weightlifting Judo Federation from 1974 with the incorporation of Judo from 1995 with the incorporation of Karate it became FILPJK from 31 October 2000 Federazione Italiana Judo Lotta Karate Arti Marziali FIJLKAM OR Italian Judo Wrestling Karate and Martial Arts Federation Federal Offices 1902 1909 Milan 1911 Rome 1913 Milan from April 1915 to May 1925 Genoa from May 1925 Milan from April 1929 Rome First National Championships 1897 weightlifting 1901 Graeco Roman wrestling 1930 freestyle wrestling 1954 judo First time at the Olympic Games Wrestling 1912 weightlifting 1920 judo 1964 Presidents ITALIAN ATHLETICS FEDERATION 1902 1911 Luigi Monticelli Obizzi 1911 Mario Cermenati 1913 1915 Silvio Brigatti 1915 1924 Luigi Silvio Ugo

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