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  • Italian Powerboat Federation (FIM)
    into the international limelight In 1929 came the Pavia Venice Raid the world s longest powerboat race in 1930 Gabriele D Annunzio the poet from Pescara presented the races of the Gardone the Coppa dell Oltranza In 1932 the real institutional task of the federation began with the establishment of the National Championships The following years recorded the first major international success of our drivers The first world titles were won in 38 by Theo Rossi di Montelera for racing and by Augusto Moranti for the inboard discipline were memorable Another historic moment for powerboat racing in Italy was the world speed record in outboard boats by Massimo Leto di Priolo in 1953 He reached 134 km h on Lake Idroscalo Milan which was a remarkable speed at the time Ezio Selva or Mario Verga are unforgettable names of drivers who have made history in this sport Among the biggest in Italian powerboat racing must surely be Italian Renato Molinari an exceptional driver world champion in not just Formula 1 but many other international categories The most recent Italian powerboat champion is Guido Cappellini who in the most important international race series Formula 1 has won more championships than anyone else in history Offshore powerboat racing which would become the blue ribbon series started in America in the fifties and arrived in Italy on 14 July 1962 with the Viareggio Bastia Viareggio race It was the beginning of an adventure that over the years has seen big names in action like Francis Casentino who in addition to being a champion was a leading figure on the political scene as an MP and Political Advisor to the President of the Italian Republic The Offshore golden years coincided with the beginning of the involvement of a well known character Stefano Casiraghi Prince Consort of Caroline of Monaco who gave powerboat incredible visibility Denomination On the initiative of the Milan section of the Lega Navale Italian Yachting Association the Federazione motonautica or Powerboat Federation was founded on 10 December 1923 The Milan newspaper La Sera reported this news under the headline The Establishment of the Powerboat Federation on 13 December of that year After the closing of motorboat races held last September on Lake Maggiore the nautical sports organisations and the Associations of Naval promotion both commended and gave a clear address to the Milan section of the Lega Navale as well as the men who had contributed to the success of the initiative with diligence and enthusiasm With the backing of the Milan section an institution arose with a dual function to support and discipline national powerboat events and represent Italy at the International Union of Automobile Yachting based in Brussels Federal Office The Italian Powerboat Federation began to operate officially in Milan from its establishment on 11 March 1924 at the head offices of that city s Lega Navale section Palazzo della Provincia Via Monforte 31 In 1931 the Royal Italian Powerboat Federation was moved to Rome in compliance with CONI

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  • Italian Swimming Federation (FIN)
    by the activity of different Rari Nantes clubs the first of which was founded in Rome located on the Tiber by Achilles Santoni from Trento on 15 August 1891 The first Italian championship took place on lake Bracciano on 14 August 1898 The winner of the mile was the 18 year old Milanese Arturo Saltarini In 1899 the Pioneering Swimming College was established in Como which later on 23 May 1900 gave rise to the Italian Rari Nantes Federation FIRN which managed swimming activities in Italy for a long time Finally on 28 October 1928 when the CONI Italian National Olympic Committee was founded the name was changed to Italian Swimming Federation FIN The Federation is listed in Law no 426 of 16 02 1942 Denomination Firstly Federazione Italiana Rari Nantes or Italian Rari Nantes Federation and from 1928 Federazione Italiana Nuoto or the Italian Swimming Federation Federal Offices Rome in 1900 Milan in 1902 Genoa in 1912 Pavia in 1914 again Genoa in 1919 Milan again in 1923 Rome in 1928 Milan after the war and Rome in June 1957 First national Championships 1919 Men 1921 women First appearance at the Olympic Games 1900 Paris Presidents ITALIAN RARI NANTES FEDERATION 1900 1902 Achille Santoni 1903 1912 Giuseppe Cantù 1913 1914 Emanuele Croce 1914 1918 suspesion federal activity 1919 1920 Enrico Corzetto 1921 1922 Giovanni Battista Traverso 1923 1927 Luigi Odetti ITALIAN SWIMMING FEDERATION 1928 1931 Giuseppe Corbari 1931 1933 Hon Leandro Arpinati 1933 1937 Gaetano Lemetre 1937 1940 Olindo Bitetti 1940 1942 Ladislao Rocca 1942 1943 Michele Favia del Core 1944 Giordano Bravin 1945 Ambrogio Casalone 1946 1953 Giovanni Tappella 1953 1955 Antonio Greppi 1956 1962 Vincenzo Percuoco 1962 Hon Luigi Durand de la Penne 1962 1964 Mario Saini 1965 1982 Aldo Parodi 1982 Mario Pescante 1982 1984 Gian

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  • Italian Basketball Federation (FIP)
    in the gardens of the Royal Villa in Monza In 1920 on the initiative of Manlio Pastorini Federginnastica admitted the new sport among its sporting disciplines and the first national championship took place won by Foraza and Constanza Brescia On 2 November 1921 in the Columbo Brewery of Milan the constitutive statutes of Federazione Italiana Basket Ball the Italian Federation of Basketball FIB were approved and the Federation was entrusted to a Management Committee The following 21 December the first Federal Assembly was held with 10 clubs and Arrigo Muggiani was elected as president In 1930 the Federation supported by Federginnastica was recognised by CONI and moved to Rome where it worked under a commissioner system always within the framework of Federginnastica It then became fully independent in 1931 In 1932 on the initiative of the FIP the International Federation AIBA was established in Rome Recognised by the FIP the League of Series A Male Clubs was founded in 1970 and the female one in 1976 On 9 July 1994 the 29th General assembly was held in Ostia and it modified the statute introducing the professional system for Series A players The Federation is listed in Law no 426 of 16 02 1942 Denomination In 1921 Federazione Italiana Basket Ball the Italian Basket Ball Federation FIB then in 1925 Italiana Palla al Cesto the Italian Ball in the basket Federation in 1930 Federazione Italiana Palla al Canestro the Italian Basketball Federation which remains the current spelling construction Federal Offices From 1921 to 1929 in Milan since 1930 in Rome First National Championships 1920 Men 1930 women First appearance at the Olympic Games 1936 Presidents ITALIAN BASKET BALL FEDERATION 1921 1925 Arrigo Muggiani ITALIAN BALL IN THE BASKET FEDERATION 1926 1930 Ferdinando Negrini ITALIAN BASKETBALL FEDERATION 1930 Hon Augusto Turati 1930

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  • Italian Volleyball Federation (FIPAV)
    in the military sphere the first championship in 1923 was won by the Guardia di Finanza of Rome From 1 January 1929 the Italian Volleyball Federation FIPV was established within the framework of the Dopolavoro National Opera the first title awarded in 1930 was won by Azogeno di Vado Ligure In the postwar period the OND National Recreation Club was dissolved and the new Italian Volleyball Federation was formed in Bologna on 31 March 1946 A year later on 17 August 1947 the organisation joined the CONI Italian National Olympic Committee as a supporting member and in 1947 it was among the founding members of the International Federation FIVB In 1948 in Rome the new Federation organised the first European championship on the courts of the Foro Italico The FIPAV became a member of the CONI in 1957 Recognised by the Federation operating the National Volleyball League founded in Bologna on 11 March 1973 from which on 20 September 1987 in Abano Terme the Female Volleyball League was born Denomination Federazione Italiana Pallavolo FIPV and then FIPAV or Italian Volleyball Federation Federal Offices Originally in Rome First National Championship 1946 men and women First appearance at the Olympic Games 1976

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  • Italian Federation of Modern Pentathlon (FIPM)
    of Modern Pentathlon FIPM Italian Federation of Modern Pentathlon History of FIPM Costitution The beginning of the sport in Italy dates back to 1934 and was restricted mostly to the military two years later at the Berlin Games Silvano Abba won the bronze medal The Italian Federation for Modern Pentathlon was founded at CONI in Rome in 1940 The Federation provided for by the Founding Law of CONI in 1942 was dissolved in 1944 and was re established in 1947 in view of the Olympic Games of 1948 as the Italian Commission for the Modern Pentathlon Commissione Italiana per il Pentathlon Moderno CIPM In 1949 the presidency of the CIPM was taken over by the President of CONI Giulio Onesti On 5 December 1973 CONI established a Coordinating Committee entrusted to Mr Gianuario Carta who called the establishing AGM The associations of Modern Pentathlon meeting in Rome on 27 June 1975 created the Italian Federation of Modern Pentathlon Federazione Italiana Pentathlon Moderno FIPM which was later definitively recognised by CONI on 9 July of the same year The Federation is listed in Law no 426 of 16 02 1942 Denomination Federazione Italiana per il Pentathlon Moderno or Italian Federation for Modern Pentathlon from 1940 to 1944 and then Commissione Italiana per il Pentathlon Moderno CIPM or Italian Commission for the Modern Pentathlon in 1947 and Federazione Italiana Pentathlon Moderno FIPM or Italian Federation of Modern Pentathlon again from 1975 Federal Office Rome First National Championships 1940 First time the Olympic Games 1912 Presidents ITALIAN COMMISSION FOR MODERN PENTATHLON 1940 1943 Gaspare Pasta 1947 1949 Carlo Simonetti 1949 1973 Giulio Onesti 1973 1975 Hon Gianuario Carta ITALIAN FEDERATION OF MODERN PENTATHLON 1975 1981 Hon Gianuario Carta 1981 1995 Alberto De Felice 1995 1997 Alfonso Picone 1997 1998 Maurizio Andreozzi 1998 2013

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  • Italian Federation of Sport Fishing and Underwater Activities (FIPSAS)
    in Italy already in the thirties The Federation however was formed on 27 June 1942 remaining active until 8 September 1943 It began operating again in 1945 under joint management with hunting and shooting organisations under the government appointed commission of CONI In the postwar period at a conference held in Bologna in 1947 the foundations for the overhaul of FIPS were laid This took place in April 1948 at a National Assembly held in Florence In 1949 the Federation welcomed practitioners of underwater activity and swimming with flippers into the competitive sector Since 1984 the Federation has acknowledged the inclusion of four disciplines inland fishing sea fishing underwater fishing finswimming Denomination Originally Federazione Italiana della Pesca Sportiva or Italian Federation of Game Fishing from 1948 it became Federazione Italiana Pesca Sportiva FIPS or Italian Federation of Sports Fishing which later in 1968 had the division of Attività Subacquee or Underwater Activities added to it without changing the acronym The amendment to FIPSAS was ratified by the CONI National Board of 4 May 1995 Federal Offices Rome by the constitution First National Championships 1950 fishing 1951 scuba diving 1958 fin swimming Presidents 1942 1943 Conte Frangiotto Pullè 1944 1945 Cherubino

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  • Italian Weightlifting Federation (FIPE)
    changed to the Federazione Italiana Atletica Pesante FIAP or Italian Heavy Athletics Federation 1954 The Federation merges the activities of Judo but the FIAP s Board Meeting only established equal administrative rights between the three competitive sectors in 1974 taking care to change the name to Federazione Italiana Lotta Pesi Judo FILPJ 1990 the Olympic Training Centre in Ostia was inaugurated home to the Federation s most important sports 1995 The Federation merges the activities of Karate taking the new name of FILPJK 2000 Federazione Italiana Lotta Pesi Judo Karate FILPJK splits into Federazione Italiana Pesistica e Cultura Fisica FIPCF or Italian Weightlifting and Physical Culture Federation and Federazione Italiana Judo Lotta Karate Arti Marziali FIJLKAM or Italian Judo Wrestling Karate and Martial Arts Federation 2011 Federazione Italiana Pesistica e Cultura Fisica FIPCF or Italian Weightlifting and Physical Culture Federation changed its name to FIPE Federazione Italiana Pesistica or Italian Weightlifting Federation Federal Offices From 1902 1909 Milan 1911 Rome 1913 Milan from April 1915 to May 1925 in Genoa from May 1925 Milan from April 1929 Rome First National Championships 1897 First time the Olympic Games 1920 Anversa Presidents ITALIAN ATHLETICS FEDERATION 1902 1911 Luigi Monticelli Obizzi 1911 Mario Cermenati 1913 1915 Silvio Brigatti 1915 1924 Luigi Silvio Ugo 1925 1926 Luigi Turri 1926 1929 Pietro Locatelli 1927 1929 Luigi Torretta 1929 Hon Augusto Turati ITALIAN HEAVY ATHLETICS FEDERATION 1930 1941 Hon Riccardo Barisonzo 1941 1943 Giovanni Valente 1944 1945 Giorgio Giubilo 1944 Giuseppe Gorletti 1946 1952 Giorgio Giubilo 1952 1964 Giovanni Valente 1964 1965 Carlo Zanelli 1965 1967 Carlo Zanelli ITALIAN WRESTLING WEIGHTLIFTING JUDO FEDERATION 1967 1981 Carlo Zanelli 1981 2000 Matteo Pellicone ITALIAN WEIGHTLIFTING and PHYSICAL CULTURE FEDERATION 2000 2005 Andrea Umili 2005 Antonio Urso Secretaries 1902 1911 Cesare Viganò 1911 1913 Felice Tonetti 1913 1915 Pietro

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  • Italian Rugby Federation (FIR)
    activity began only in 1927 when Stephen Bellandi promoted the establishment of a National Committee for the Propagation of Rugby On 1 March 1928 CONI dissolved the Committee and appointed Piero Mariani as the special commissioner thereby decreeing on 28 September 1928 the establishment of the Italian Rugby Federation FIR On 12 February 1929 the first national championship was set up with the participation of six teams won by Ambrosiana Milan but on 19 October in the same year CONI dissolved the FIR providing their own management of the business On 19 March 1930 CONI entrusted the organisation of rugby to the Football Association until 10 October 1932 when they independently re established the Italian Oval Ball Federation FIPO On 1 June 1933 the Federation took up its old name The League of Company Series A1 and A2 founded in 1984 was recognised by the FIR in 1991 The Federation is listed in Law no 426 of 16 02 1942 Denomination From the original Federazione Italiana Rugby Italian Rugby Federation 1928 the name was changed to Federazione Italiana Palla Ovale or Italian Oval Ball Federation in 1932 and then to Federazione Italiana Rugbi Italian Federation of Rugby in 1933 before returning definitively to the old name in the post war period Federal Office Rome since its foundation First National Championship 1928 29 Presidents ITALIAN RUGBY FEDERATION 1928 Piero Mariani 1928 1929 Hon Giorgio Vaccaro 1930 1932 Ottorino Barassi ITALIAN OVAL BALL FEDERATION 1932 1933 Giovanni Peragallo 1933 1941 Ettore Rossi 1941 1943 Furio Cicogna 1944 Rocco Sansone 1944 Ausonio Alacevich 1945 Piero Paselli ITALIAN RUGBY FEDERATION 1946 1948 Furio Cicogna 1949 Federal Council 1949 1950 Enrico Olivetti 1950 1954 Aldo Galletto 1954 1958 Mauro Lais 1958 1971 Carlo Montano 1971 1973 Sergio Luzzi Conti 1973 Mario Mazzuca 1973 1974 Sergio

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