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  • Italian Fencing Federation (FIS)
    the world The golden age was the time of the Military Training School of Rome 1884 under the direction of Masaniello Parise The greatest exponent was Agesilao Greco Following an unsuccessful attempt in Pavia in 1903 the Italian Fencing Federation was founded 3 June 1909 in Rome The initiative was due to the work of Captain Augusto Ciacci and had been encouraged by the commitment of Mr Luigi Lucchini then president of the National Institute for the Increase of Physical Education A special committee chaired by Count Enzo Ravaneschi was responsible for drafting the statute of the new Federation which contained among other things the distinction between masters and amateurs which was approved in June 1910 On 5 October 1923 the name was changed to the Italian Fencing Confederation CIS Two years later in 1933 the name became the current one During 1946 the Federation did not carry out any activity The Federation is listed in Law no 426 of 16 02 1942 Denomination Originally 1903 Federazione Schermistica Italiana Italian Fencing Federation and then Confederazione Italiana di Scherma Italian Fencing Confederation 1923 and later Federazione Italiana Scherma FIS or Italian Fencing Federation 1933 Federal Office In Rome since the foundation First National Championships 1909 Men 1928 women First appearance at the Olympic Games 1900 Paris Presidents ITALIAN FENCING FEDERATION 1909 1914 Conte Ezio Ravascheri 1914 1918 Edoardo Negri De Salvi 1918 1919 Ernesto Bertinatti 1919 1923 Hon Carlo Montù ITALIAN FENCING CONFEDERATION 1924 1925 Alfredo Rocco 1926 1933 Hon Giuseppe Mazzini ITALIAN FENCING FEDERATION 1933 1936 Hon Giuseppe Mazzini 1936 1940 Nedo Nadi 1940 1943 Giulio Basletta 1943 Giulio Basletta 1944 Umberto De Martino 1944 1946 Board of regents Mario Torti Renzo Nostini Andrea Marrazzi 1947 Carlo Anselmi 1952 1959 Nino Bertolaia 1959 1960 Board of regents Gastone Darè Edoardo

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  • Italian Water Ski and Wakeboarding Federation (FISW)
    Wakeboarding Federation History of FISW Costitution Although some exhibitions were carried out in 1924 off the coast of Capri activity in Italy as in the rest of Europe started after the Second World War through the promotion of the Water Ski Club of Milan The first competitions date back to 1947 The first organisation handling water skiing was the Italian Water Ski Union UISN established on 12 November 1950 and operating on the recommendation of CONI within the area of the Powerboat Federation On 14 February 1952 the Board meeting of the clubs ratified the autonomy of the FIM changing the name to the Italian Water Ski Federation FISN Welcomed into CONI as a supporting member on 16 December 1962 after two unsuccessful attempts the Federation was officially recognised on 10 December 1971 Denomination In 1948 Unione Italiana Sci Nautico UISN or Italian Water Ski Union in 1952 Federazione Italiana Sci Nautico FISN or Italian Water Ski Federation and from 2011 Federazione Italiana Sci Nautico e Wakeboard FISW or Italian Water Ski and Wakeboarding Federation Federal Office Milan since its foundation First National Championships 1954 First appearance at the Olympic Games 1972 demonstrative Monaco of Bavaria Presidents 1950 Fortunato Poletti

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  • Italian Ice Sports Federation (FISG)
    46 20137 Milano Phone 02 70141330 Fax 02 70107226 History of FISG Costitution The first organization coordinating ice sports in Italy was the Italian Skating Federation FIP founded in Milan on 6 January 1914 After the inauguration of the first indoor facility in Italy which took place in Milan on 28 December 1923 the Italian Ice Hockey Federation FIHG was established in 1924 to regulate the discipline of hockey which had landed in Italy in 1911 with the Bobsled Club of Italy being founded in 1925 The three groups joined in September 1926 founding the Italian Ice Sports Federation FISG and Count Alberto Bonacossa was elected as president The FISG was working independently until 1933 when its disciplines with the transfer of the Federations to Rome were merged into the Italian Winter Sports Federation At the end of the war in 1946 the hockey and skating organisation emerged from the FISI to constitute two different organisations the Italian Ice Hockey Federation and the Italian Ice Skating Federation On 6 September 1952 in Verona both federations merged definitively with the creation of the Italian Ice Sports Federation Denomination From 1926 to 1933 Federazione Italiana Sport del Ghiaccio FISG or Italian Ice Sports Federation with the name reinstated from 1952 Federal Office Under the different names from 1914 to 1933 in Milan Rome from 1933 to 1943 Milan after the war until 1997 when it moved to Rome First National Championships 1914 speed and figure skating 1925 ice hockey 1953 dance 1980 short track First appearance at the Olympic Games 1924 Presidents ITALIAN ICE SKATING FEDERATION 1914 1926 Earl Alberto Bonacossa ITALIAN ICE HOCKEY FEDERATION 1924 1926 Earl Alberto Bonacossa ITALIAN WINTER SPORTS FEDERATION 1934 1944 Renato Ricci 1945 Giovanni Nasi ITALIAN ICE HOCKEY FEDERATION 1946 1952 Enrico Calcaterra ITALIAN ICE SPORTS

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  • Italian Federation of Equestrian Sports (FISE)
    Italy with the establishment in 1891 of the Tor di Quinto School in Rome Captain Federico Caprilli was the mentor of this renovation creator of the natural system of horse riding The first important International Horse Contest was held in Turin in 1902 although races at a gallop were already being held in 1840 The first successes of Italian breeding whose greatest exponent was Federico Tesio was achieved by Signorinetta in 1908 winning the Epsom Derby in England The first national organisational core was founded in 1911 under the name of Italian Saddle Horse Society later changed to Italian Horse Society which in 1926 became part of CONI Italian National Olympic Committee changing its name to Italian Federation of Equestrian Sports By Royal decree no 1761 of 08 14 1936 the control of equestrian competitions polo hunts on horseback and riding lessons was given to the FISE while the other specialities jockeys steeple chasing trotting were handed over to the UNIRE National Union for the Expansion of Horse Breeds which was started in 1932 The Federation is listed in Law no 426 of 16 02 1942 Denomination Federazione Italiana Sport Equestri FISE or Italian Federation of Equestrian Sports since 1926 Federal Office Rome until 1943 a few months to Milan and then from 1944 again in Rome First National Championships 1967 First appearance at the Olympic Games 1900 Paris Presidents ITALIAN HORSE SOCIETY 1911 1914 Luigi Berta 1914 1915 Gennaro Salinas 1920 1926 Luigi Ayroldi di Robbiate ITALIAN FEDERATION OF EQUESTRIAN SPORTS 1926 1932 Baron Luigi Ajroldi di Robbiate 1932 1939 Gen Piero Dodi 1940 1941 Gen Alfonso Cigala Fulgosi 1941 1943 Ettore Rossi 1943 Earl Ranieri di Campello CONI commissioner 1944 1946 Earl Ranieri di Campello regent 1946 1959 Earl Ranieri di Campello 1959 Francesco Formigli regent 1959 1960

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  • Italian Winter Sports Federation (FISI)
    new organisation the Italian Ski Federation established in Milan and presided over by Gustavo Engelman Although this initiative was not very successful and was re launched on 10 October 1920 by Alberto Bonacossa who was also the first president with the establishment in Milan of the Italian Federation of Skiing FIS In 1933 with the takeover of skating and ice hockey as well as bobsleigh skeleton the name was changed to Italian Winter Sports Federation FISI In 1933 with the takeover of skating and ice hockey as well as bobsleigh and skeleton the name was changed to Italian Winter Sports Federation FISI In 1946 the two disciplines on ice finally left the FISI and formed two separate associations They were reunited later in the Italian Federation of Ice Sports FISG The Federation is listed in Law no 426 of 16 02 1942 Denomination Became Federazione Italiana dello Sci FIS or Italian Federation of Skiing in 1920 assumed its present name in 1933 Federal Office The Italian Union of Ski Clubs from 1908 until its dissolution in Turin from 1913 to 1918 the Italian Ski Federation was based in Milan from 1920 it had two year rotation between Turin Milan and Venice from 1929 in Rome the subsequent Italian Winter Sport Federation in 1933 in Milan First National Championships 1909 cross country skiing and jumping 1930 bobsleigh 1931 alpine skiing 1966 luge First appearance at the Olympic Games 1924 Paris Presidents ITALIAN UNION OF SKI CLUBS 1908 1910 Paolo Kind SKI FEDERATION 1913 1918 Gustavo Engelmann ITALIAN FEDERATION OF SKIING 1920 1922 Earl Aldo Bonacossa 1922 1924 Mario Corti 1924 1926 Gino Ravà 1926 1927 Guido Bertarelli 1927 1929 Aldo Bonacossa 1929 1930 Hon Augusto Turati 1920 1933 Renato Ricci ITALIAN WINTER SPORTS FEDERATION 1934 1945 Renato Ricci 1944 Giuseppe Sabelli

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  • Italian Taekwondo Federation (FITA)
    a tutti vi aspetto al Quirinale NUOTO Paltrinieri è storia 1 oro Mondiale azzurro nei 1500 sl Malagò il trionfo di un ragazzo speciale Archivio Federazioni Sportive Nazionali CONI National Sports Federations Associated Sports Disciplines Sports Promotion Bodies Meritorious Associations Military and State Corps S A Institutional Activities Home National Sports Federations Italian Taekwondo Federation FITA Italian Taekwondo Federation Italian Taekwondo Federation Recognised by the National Council as the National

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  • Italian Tennis Federation (FIT)
    Tennis Federation FIT Italian Tennis Federation History of FIT Costitution The first Italian club the Bordighera Lawn Tennis Club was founded by some English residents in 1878 The first entirely Italian association was founded in Turin in 1880 The first organisation was established in Rome on 16 April 1894 with the name of the Italian Lawn Tennis Federation It dissolved a few years later 1898 The organisation was re established in Florence on 16 May 1910 with the same name The Italian team took part at the Davis Cup for the first time in 1922 In 1930 the first Italian Internationals were played in Milan In 1933 the word lawn was removed and the name was changed to the Italian Tennis Federation FIT which still remains now The Federation is listed in Law no 426 of 16 02 1946 Denomination From 1895 to 1933 Federazione Italiana Lawn Tennis FILT or Italian Federation of Lawn Tennis and later Federazione Italiana Tennis FIT or Italian Tennis Federation Federal Office From 1895 to 1899 in Rome Florence in 1910 from 1913 to 1928 in Genoa from 1929 to 1943 in Rome from 1946 to 1956 in Milan and in Rome since 1956 First National Championships 1895 Men 1913 women First appearance at the Olympic Games 1920 Anversa Presidents 1910 Marchese Piero Antinori 1913 1927 Beppe Croce 1928 Hon Augusto Turati 1929 1938 Alessandro Lessona 1939 Attilio Fontan 1940 1941 Erberto Vasellia 1943 Giorgio de Stefani 1944 Riccardo Sabbadini 1949 1956 Aldo Tolusso 1958 1969 Giorgio de Stefani 1969 1973 Luigi Orsini 1973 1976 Giorgio Neri 1976 1988 Paolo Galgani 1988 1989 Mario Pescante 1989 1998 Paolo Galgani 1998 2000 Francesco Ricci Bitti 2000 2000 Gianguido Sacchi Morsiani 2000 2000 Luigi Tronchetti Provera 2000 Angelo Binaghi Secretaries 1920 1927 Mario Codebò 1927 1930 Gaspare

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  • Italian Table Tennis Federation (FITET)
    FITeT was established on 15 November 1945 in Genoa thanks to the work of Constante Canepa and Adolfo Bandettini Their effort was not followed up In 1947 on the initiative of Gino Mario Cini Secretary of Federtennis at that time the Italian Table Tennis Group GITeT was founded in Livorno which CONI Italian National Olympic Committee recognised as an organisation affiliated to the FIT Italian Tennis Federation Cini himself was appointed president The first Meeting of the Organisation was held in Livorno on 17 18 December 1960 and elected Philip Dragotto as president Subsequently on 22 February 1969 the name was changed to the Italian Table Tennis Federation FITeT On 19 December 1974 CONI recognised the Federation as a supporting member and official recognition on 22 February 1979 Denomination From 1945 to 1969 Gruppo Italiano Tennis Tavolo GITeT or Italian Table Tennis Group from 1969 to the present Federazione Italiana Tennis Tavolo more recently contracted to Tennistavolo FITeT or Italian Table Tennis Federation Federal Office Livorno in 1947 Rome in 1948 First National Championships 1948 men and women First appearance at the Olympic Games 1988 Seoul Presidents ITALIAN TABLE TENNIS GROUP 1945 1960 Gino Mario Cini ITALIAN TABLE TENNIS FEDERATION

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