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  • Events
    women area until 30 4 2016 Women sauna area open 2 times at week more 1st May International Workers Day 1 5 2016 sauna and pool from 08 00 am until 10 00 pm more 08 05 2016 Mother s Day 8 5 2016 special aufguss for the mommies in the large block sauna at 03 00 pm more 15 05 16 05 16 Pentecost 16 5 2016 Sunday sauna

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  • Outdoor Pool
    mt long swimming pool swimming pool for kids and a large sunbathing lawn with restaurant and sun terrace open in summertime june august Open daily from 9 30 AM 8 PM Thursdays from 6 AM 8 AM weather permitting Prices Adults Single ticket 6 00 10 point card 45 00 After 5 PM 3 50 Season ticket 90 00 Groups larger than 15 adults 5 00 Family card for parents and children under 14 years of age Day ticket family 16 00 Season ticket 2 parents and 2 children 30 discount for every other child 270 00 Prices Teenagers 15 17 years and students up to 26 years Single ticket 5 00 10 point card 35 00 Season ticket 70 00 Groups and after 5 PM 3 00 Children from 4 14 years Single ticket 3 50 10 point card 25 00 Season ticket 50 00 Groups and after 5 PM 2 40 Children under 4 years free admission Seniors 60 years and more Single ticket 5 00 10 point card 35 00 Season ticket 80 00 Groups and after 5 PM 3 00 Individuals who are up to 70 handicapped enjoy a 10 discount Individuals who are 71 handicapped

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  • Cron4 Shop
    Sunday holidays combined ticket for 3 hours of sauna 2 5 hours of pool valid on weekends and holidays 23 00 Quantity Day pass familiy ticket for sauna Day pass sauna and pools for the whole day for the family Mam Dad and the own kids from 4 14 years valid from monday until Friday Saturday Sunday and on holidays it costs 5 00 more to pay at the ticket office 65 00 Quantity 10 points all day sauna 10 entrees for the whole day sauna and swimming pool 225 00 Quantity 10 points 3 hours sauna 10 entrees for 3 hours sauna 2 5 hours swimming pool 185 00 Quantity classic massage for back or legs 32 00 Quantity classic massage for the whole body 55 00 Quantity Combi Package Body Peeling body mask of own choice classic massage for the whole body 105 00 Quantity Vital Stone Fragrant oil and basalt stones heated to 40 Celsius meet the energy points of the human body a total relaxation of spirit and body 84 00 Quantity Haybath with full body massage traditional hay bath with full body massage 90 00 Quantity day pass pool kids ticket for kids from 4 14 years 6 00 Quantity day pass pool reduced teens from 15 17 years students until 26 and senior over 60 years 9 00 Quantity day pass pool adult 12 00 Quantity familyticket for pool day pass parents with at least on child from 4 14 years 23 50 Quantity Coupon to the value of 20 Processing costs 2 23 00 Quantity Coupon to the value of 50 Processing costs 2 55 00 Quantity Coupon to the value of 100 Processing costs 2 102 00 Quantity Wellness Herbal Mix 1000 g 13 00 13 00 Quantity Cron4 sauna towel Sauna

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  • sports zone, Reischach, Riscone, football, trainingscamp, Reiperting, sports par
    Aufguss championship Upcoming events Past events Arrival Accomodations Guestbook Photo gallery Team Newsletter Useful links Partner Kontakt Holiday 25 04 2016 sauna and pools open from 10 am until 10 pm Cron4 will be closed from 20 June until 08 July inclusive Sports park Schedule For infomration and reservation of the playing fields contact MASSIMILIANO MORANDINI e mail massimiliano morandini alice it Tel 331 7640416 Contact for athletic sports Prof

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  • How to reach us
    Kontakt Holiday 25 04 2016 sauna and pools open from 10 am until 10 pm Cron4 will be closed from 20 June until 08 July inclusive Arrival The indoor swimming pool Cron4 is located in the middle of Reischach in an idyllic natural landscape with a 9 hole golf course directly adjacent There are sports facilities immediately next to it with tennis courts running tracks and an ice skating rink

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  • Aufguss
    as many people believe The streams of water that run down your body after the löyly come from the condensation that evaporates quickly The essential oils contained in it on the other hand can favour relaxation and well being During the aufguss cold water or crystals of ice enriched with essential oils are thrown onto the hot stones of the stove thus causing the vapour that the steam master carefully disperses in the sauna by means of an appropriate utensil or a towel Even the art of the aufguss has undergone a kind of revolution in the modern age combined with music customs and often a specific theme the diverse techniques offer an almost infinite variety of aufguss that range from the traditional to the meditative to the mystical and that transform this event into the highlight of the sauna ritual There are 2 different types of aufgusses classic aufgusses and show aufgusses AUFGUSS PROGRAM Daily on the hour in the large external block sauna additional aufgusses in the Viking sauna earth sauna and steam bath Highlight aufgusses are shown in red in addition to regarding the heat and volume of the music hot very hot super hot Our löylys are carried out exclusively by expert and qualified steam masters or sauna supervisors We only use 100 pure essential oils produced locally Monday Friday 01 04 20 06 2016 11 00 Cron4 only Wednesday 13 00 Cron4 14 00 Fruit 14 30 Steam bath 15 00 Herbs 16 00 Honey 17 00 Cron4 18 00 Quasten 18 30 Earth Sauna 19 00 Cron4 Spezial 19 30 Steam bath 20 00 Nature 21 00 Relax Meditation Saturday 01 04 20 06 2016 11 00 Cron4 13 00 Cron4 14 00 Fruit 14 30 Steam bath 15 00 Herbs 16 00 Honey

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  • on five pillars nutrition body movement herbal medicine balanced lifestyle water therapy The nutrition element is featured in the snacks we offer at the end of each aufguss session We use fresh locally grown produce as much as possible and we include in our offer fruit and vegetables yogurt and much more Body movement takes place in the indoor swimming pool with a wide variety of swimming classes plus several water activities that each guest can carry out individually In order to stay healthy with physical exercise a 20 minute power walk every day is a great start As far as herbal medicine goes Cron4 has been using fresh and dried officinal plants for years to decorate its premises inside and out for improving air quality and for enhancing the perfectly trimmed garden of the sauna area Also we use 100 organic essential oils during aufguss sessions and we regularly offer great tasting herbal teas Each guest contributes to leading a balanced lifestyle by visiting Cron4 so as to unwind leave behind the stress of everyday life and find relaxation using all five senses In our basement sauna we offer relaxing aufguss sessions featuring Tibetan bells There is no shortage

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  • Aufguss Championships
    noteworthy including sauna connoisseurs and experts from Italy Austria and Germany They assessed various skills such as professionalism and originality of each performed Aufguss ventilation technique types of ethereal oil as well as their use and resulting effect Nicola Fabbianelli from Trento secured a convincing victory preceding the two local heroes Johann Winding and Paul Oberhuber while the pair Ralf Pakulla Josef Nigg came third In 2011 the Cron4 championship gained international status featuring 22 contestants from 7 nations including Malaysia Hawaii and Iceland Even the 12 member nominated jury went international and was composed of a main jury an international jury and an audience jury For the first time besides great names of the South Tyrol sauna culture the main nine members of the jury included a psychologist a stage director and a sports doctor Contestants engaged in two different competitions a classic Aufguss without any setting or music and a themed Aufguss with spectacular effects The points for the two trials determined the winner of the First World Aufguss Championship Italy s Luca Del Nero substantially defeated the other contestants Colombia s Julio Cesar Gonzalez Rincon came second and Germany s Sabine Quäschning finished third Once again the now established Cron4 Championships showcased top professionalism and the highest quality skills International Aufguss Trophy 2012 Due to a debate involving managers of comparable events the name of the competition was changed from to World Aufguss Championship to International Aufguss Trophy IAT The concept was also slightly changed and quality was set as a priority in terms of management schedule and single Aufguss performances The IAT was organized as a roadshow event to be held each year at a different wellness spa in Europe and returning to the Cron4 location every two years Each contestant had to perform a classic

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