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  • Technologies
    several serigraphic dust painting obtained applying on a base painted profile another layer of painting through a mask or a serigraphic roller containing the decoration roller of brush dust painting obtained applying on a base painted profile another layer of dust which is taken away by rollers or brushes sublimation which consists in transferring a decoration with particular inks from a transferable film to the base painted profile for the

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  • Segnala pagina via e-mail | Dfv online
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  • Plants | Dfv online
    painting a completely automated plant whose steps are planned and controlled by a software designed inside the company by the department of Research and Development The technology used is dust in dust technique in the booths the painting is made trough spray guns which colour bars with a slow and continuous movement During this step a light rotatory motion given to the bars allows the colour to reach all the edges of the product and that the cover to be uniform The back collection film allows to reutilize about 97 of the dust not adhering to the product and the suction system prevents useless and damaging dispersions in the air and keeps constant the levels of security for the working environment The company is provided also with horizontal painting plants which allow to paint and decorate besides the bars the plates and the small aluminium accessories always using the dust in dust technique Another plant is the one allowing the decoration of the aluminium through sublimation the bars already painted are inserted in a film transfer bag and placed on carts where proper mechanisms create the void The next step in the kiln allows the decoration to pass to the

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  • Towards colour | Dfv online
    to verify the continuous meeting to the standards envisaged The aluminium starts its journey towards the colour emotion with the planning of the order and the conformity control Each order is marked by a bar code and filed in a specific working sheet allowing then a reporting of the order status updated in real time Rough material enters the first step of the working inside a tunnel where they are wet by a rain of water and treating products Here they undergo a washing and a superficial conversion trough the operations of alkaline degreasing acid oxidation and chromic conversion Each treatment is followed by a deep washing at a minimum water consumption and limited environmental impact The same procedure is performed in the pre treatment tanks for the material to be worked in the horizontal plants The next step is in the dryer before they are taken hooked to the conveyer belt trough the booths in which they are spray painted with polyester dust painting electrostatistically for a minimum thickness of 70 microns according to Qualicoat specifications From here they are taken to the polymerization kiln and then are sent to the plants for the different decorations where the characteristic

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  • Ezy® | Dfv online
    atmospheric agents is obtained using just polyester dusts of which DFV knows any kind of application Thanks to the scientific contribution of the Research and development section Ezy system is increasing and developing For it there will be better improvements of the definition level allowing to realize up to 11 sober and elegant finishes which outline a refined compound and studied style For graphic reasons the colours concerning each code

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  • Ezy HD² | Dfv online
    test grazie alle caratteristiche superiori delle materie prime utilizzate e al rispetto scrupoloso delle Direttive Tecniche del marchio in ogni fase della lavorazione La serie EZY HD² assicura alte performance del prodotto verniciato elevatissima durabilità della colorazione ottima resistenza all invecchiamento eccellente barriera all aggressione degli agenti atmosferici efficace contrasto alla perdita di brillantezza La gamma è composta da 5 nuances finemente decorate con venature che alla vista e al

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  • Effecta® | Dfv online
    Effecta system allows to obtain an extremely qualitative product with high resi stance to atmospheric agents and grants maximum reliability and a perfect balance between aesthetic value and cheapness The plants high productivity and fast realization times make these products cheaper both concerning the price and the services granting fast delivering and in accordance for all the range composed by 5 finishes For graphic reasons the colours concerning each code

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  • Naturall | Dfv online
    on all sides and a very good level of definition is reached in reproducing the wood effect made in 9 fantastic finishes For graphic reasons the colours concerning each code have just an indicative value and they do not have to be considered as reference masters Request your sample writing an email to the address marketing dfvonline it Cod C 01 S Cod C 12 S Cod C 51 B

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