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  • Le Pupille | Fattoria Le Pupille
    on the peak of two hills turning their back to the medieval village Pereta For long years there were no vineyards in the area but cork oaks wheat mediterranean woods the most classical scenery of a Maremma landscape of former days In those times there was no recognized dignity of Maremma as a territory with great viticultural potentials and Morellino Di Scansano was a pleasant wine which surely did not

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  • A Mosaic Property | Fattoria Le Pupille
    begins and leads it to how it is seen today a heterogenous reality In the course of the years the originating core of the winery effectively enriched itself of new grape particles reaching today 75 hectares of vineyards distributed like many mosaic pieces between many stunning areas of Maremma Another 20 hectares are destined to the olives and then cereals and cork oaks alternate with pastures reaching up to 420 hectares of overall property 1985 It can be considered the year of re foundation of the winery when from a family wine estate it starts becoming a modern and entrepreneurial viticultural reality to which Elisabetta Geppetti dedicates energies and dreams Elisabetta abandoned the university halls for the vineyards and the winery replanted Cabernet Sauvignon on a few vines of Sangiovese which in 85 starts bearing fruits all with the support of Giacomo Tachis much more than a technical consultation It is the birth of the project that has made the winery the true pioneer of Maremma In 1982 the first official label is released a Morellino Riserva 1978 In 1987 it is the time of Saffredi the wine that has made Maremma known for its excellence not only in Tuscany but much further away form its borders In 1996 the purchase of the Poggio Valente vineyard gives an even more important turn to the winery The core of the property is around the village of Pereta it is of overall 25 hectares which are now called the old Pupille and include a 5 hectare vineyard which gives life to the winery s legendary wine Saffredi With Pereta nearby the old Pupille are situated between Scansano and Magliano in Toscana two names which belong to the historical heart of Maremma s viticulture Around the village of Pereta past the Saffredi vineyard

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  • The Lady of Morellino | Fattoria Le Pupille
    siamo Privacy Policy The Lady of Morellino Elisabetta Geppetti I understood that I wanted to make wine at the age of 20 during one of the many harvests in the family estate I have inherited my love for wine from my grandfather but then a passion grows through its own channels I wanted to make great wines and I wanted to do it here in this beloved land Then with time I felt that everyone including myself is the product of our land and since then I understood that wine is and has to be bonded with the history of the men who live here it has to converse and grow with them This land is my choice of life as making wine has always been my profession They call her the Lady of Morellino and the Ambassador of Maremma She has been the first woman to be the president of a consortium in 1992 year of foundation of the Morellino di Scansano Consortium The german headliner Der Feinschmecker proclaimed her Wine maker of the year a few years back Elisabetta Geppetti has given life to a dream thanks to her tenacious character and the enthusiasm of her youth which

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  • The Winery | Fattoria Le Pupille
    early 2000 is in proximity of Istia d Ombrone nearby Grosseto The property is an antique farmhouse and its silhouette is present in some of the most recognizable wine labels of Le Pupille the whole winery is surrounded by a 12 hectares vineyard including a small patch destined to an experimentation of old Sangiovese grapes coming from ancient vine rows At first it is difficult to imagine that this large

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  • The Collaborators | Fattoria Le Pupille
    siamo Privacy Policy The People Us and our collaborators E lisabetta s passion for wine is passed on to her firstborn Clara who has already started working in the winery since a few years ago to continue her mother s great project Together with Elisabetta and Clara the management of the winery includes a close knit group of people Each one of them brings enthusiasm and strong capacity to their

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  • The hospitality | Fattoria Le Pupille
    The Wine shop Worldwide Italy Press Galleries All the news Events and fairs Contact us Dove siamo Privacy Policy Hospitality A house immersed in the nature of Maremma T his is the guest house of Fattoria Le Pupille a nest which until a few years ago was the heart of the winery and which today after a careful refurbishment can host up to 12 people or two families Inside it

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  • Through The Vineyards | Fattoria Le Pupille
    Privacy Policy Through The Vineyards The Vineyards and the Grapes The name Fattoria Le Pupille is unequivocally tied to the production of red wines the Sangiovese the grapevine which can be considered prince of the property embodies 70 of the vineyards and it is the soul of the diverse expressions of Morellino made by the winery Malvasia Nera and Alicante are also present adding up to 10 three historic varieties of the territory while on the confrontational aspect of the territory prevails a 4 of Cabernet Sauvignon 2 Merlot Syrah 2 and another 2 of Cabernet Franc There are 9 hectares of vineyards for the white grape varieties Traminer Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon The Harvest and Selection of the Grapes The vineyards regardless of what their grapes are destined for are constantly and competently looked after with the objective of interacting in the best possible way in the relations between plants microclimate and soil to stimulate the best conditions of the grapes development and maturation without forgetting the respect of the environment Once the grapes have been picked they are put through the strictest selection process the grapes that are still in one piece enter the vinification cellar to start

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  • Across Maremma | Fattoria Le Pupille
    e il cor mi balza in tanto Ben riconosco in te le usate forme con gli occhi incerti tra l sorriso e il pianto e in quelle seguo de miei sogni l orme erranti dietro il giovenile incanto Oh quel che amai quel che sognai fu in vano e sempre corsi e mai non giunsi il fine e dimani cadrò Ma di lontano pace dicono al cuor le tue colline

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