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  • G8 Summit 2009 - official website - Video
    Summit 2009 From La Maddalena to L Aquila appears around the blue turtles The concluding image pulses to the audible rhythm of a heartbeat After fading into black the video shows a rapid sequence of frames of the La Maddalena site before the work began featuring tumbledown buildings and tottering disused ruins There is a musical soundtrack The first frame shows the former Arsenal area moving on to the arches of the building that was to have housed the delegates area After a rapid shot of a rusting abandoned hulk the camera moves swiftly on to the disused former Hospital building inside the former Arsenal coming to rest on the long building nicknamed the Stecca rib which was to have housed the press area after its renovation A shot of heaps of assorted rubble follows giving way to rapidly alternating views of the Stecca interior and the former Hospital façade The first part of the video which shows the site before the conversion work began ends with a long sequence of shots of the start of the work with footage of cranes and bulldozers at work in the former Arsenal area The video cuts to views of La Maddalena s beauty spots with overhead views of the sea and rocky coastline before returning to the site with the work completed We see the area that was to have been given over to catering The difference between before and after is striking and the background music underlines the change as well The video shows us a sequence of impressive frames of the renovated buildings of the former Hospital those that were to have been the delegates area and the main conference hall the latter being a transparent structure that plunges into the bright blue of the sea Shots of inside and

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  • G8 Summit 2009 - official website - Abruzzo
    of Santa Maria di Collemaggio and the Church of Santa Maria del Suffragio which were damaged by the earthquake on 6 April and the Fountain of the 99 Spouts which was only slightly damaged there are also a myriad lesser known towns and villages scattered throughout every corner of the Region Abruzzo s art cities include not only the major centres of Chieti Teramo and Pescara but also Sulmona Ovid s home town and Civitella del Tronto with its imposing Bourbon fortress The hand made ceramic workshop at Castelli also repay a visit The region s true symbol together with the Parco Nazionale d Abruzzo is the mountain known as the Gran Sasso which is the highest peak in the Appennine range With a surface area of 50 square kilometres covering fully 44 different municipalities the massif also hosts the most advanced underground laboratory in the world which has been built beneath 1 400 metres of solid rock Some 750 researchers from a variety of different countries work in the laboratory conducting experiments in the field of nuclear astro physics and particle physics The laboratory founded by physicist Antonino Zichichi places Italy out in the forefront of research in this

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  • G8 Summit 2009 - official website - L'Aquila
    independent while on the other it has had an open approach with a strong community identity L Aquila was founded in the 13th century in accordance with a plan developed by Swabian Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II and his son Conrad IV who issued its founding diploma in 1254 But it was also a product of the wishes of the people in the villages roundabout who were eager to protect themselves against the local barons After the city was destroyed by Manfred in 1259 Charles of Anjou ordered its re foundation in 1266 Royal Captain Lucchesino da Firenze began by building the new city walls with their fortified bastions then he divided it into four quarters or neighbourhoods each with its own so called capoquarto church the main church in the quarter A major role in L Aquila s re foundation was played by the 99 confederated castles in the basin of L Aquila Their residents settled in the city each group helping to rebuild it with a surface area in proportion to the number of inhabitants around a square with its fountain its church and its lord s palace Thus the new city became a single entity with its surrounding territory The constant recurrence of the number 99 in the city s history and above all in its architecture the 99 spouts in the Fontana della Rivera fountain or the 99 times the bell in the Civic Tower tolls and not even the earthquake on 6 April has been able to stop that has caused L Aquila to be described over the centuries as the city with 99 squares 99 fountains and 99 churches L Aquila was the first city to host the coronation of a pope outside the apostolic walls of Rome hermit Pietro da Morrone was crowned pope with the name of Celestine V in the basilica of Santa Maria di Collemaggio erected for that specific purpose in August 1294 To mark the occasion the pope granted a plenary indulgence in other words absolution for all sins committed to all those faithful who might pass through the basilica s Holy Door The ritual of the Celestine Pardon has been repeated on 28 August every year since then The city s prosperity reached new heights in the 15th century when its university was founded and when it began to mint its own coinage as a mark of its administrative independence Shaken by a violent earthquake in February 1703 the city managed slowly to recover and to regain its supremacy over the surrounding area finally becoming the regional capital in 1860 Its enchanting mountain scenery led to its discovery by tourists and aspiring mountaineers alike in the 19th century The first mountain shelter in the Appenine range the Garibaldi was built here in 1886 while a cable car line and a hotel were built at Campo Imperatore in 1934 L Aquila is surrounded by fully three national parks the Parco Nazionale d Abruzzo the Parco del Gran Sasso e

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  • G8 Summit 2009 - official website - Initial Venue: La Maddalena
    000 square meters and preparing a complex of newly erected and restored buildings to make up a district with a variety of different functions centering on the dock Where the Italian Navy conducted maintenance and repair work on its ships for so many decades there are now two major exhibition and trade fair centres a hotel a conference centre a building for meetings and seminars and a port capable of hosting fully 600 boats which is perfectly and fully equipped to meet the needs of the most up to date leisure craft This tourist and maritime complex can aspire in the near future to become one of the most important such centres in the western Mediterranean marking the final transition from a military to a civilian economy for the area Thanks to the presence of heat exchangers that use seawater to heat and cool the buildings solar panels for hot water and large photovoltaic surfaces that generate energy from renewable sources the Arsenal complex is also a model of sustainable practice capable of preserving the extraordinary quality of the Mediterranean landscape and the natural biodiversity that are the pride of the Maddalena archipelago G8 investment has not been confined solely to the area of the former military Arsenal however A series of other projects on the ground have been implemented to cater for the needs of the Maddalena community as a whole Especially significant in this connection is the work accomplished on the former Naval Military Hospital which has been turned into a modern hotel on improving the water piping system and desalination plants on the island and last but not least on the construction of a new and wider bridge linking La Maddalena to the island of Caprera The final investment in building the overall group of structures on

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  • G8 Summit 2009 - official website - G7 Finance Ministers' and Central Bank Governors' Meeting
    general of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development UNCTAD and the chairman of the International Fund for Agricultural Development IFAD The talks will be focussing on the financial and economic crisis and the action required to stabilize the global economy Thrashing out shared ground rules and countering the protectionist inclination which tends to get stronger in times of economic difficulty are the two guidelines underpinning the Italian presidency s working agenda with the aim of improving the transparency and proper functioning of the markets In a move in that direction the Italian presidency is promoting the adoption of a legal standard in other words a minimum set of ground rules governing the transparency and propriety of international economic and financial activity which the international community as a whole should commit to adopting The talks will also focus on boosting cooperation among market oversight and regulatory authorities and on reform of the international financial institutions A special session will also be devoted to the current food crisis in an effort to ensure lasting food security through the adoption of a long term approach Agenda Opening on Friday 13 February with a working dinner at Villa Madama a Renaissance villa on the slopes of Monte Mario which the Foreign Ministry uses to host major events On Saturday morning 14 February official sessions of the meeting at Palazzo delle Finanze which houses the Finance Ministry On Saturday afternoon various news conferences at the Excelsior Hotel on Via Veneto The round of news conferences kicked off with the Italian Presidency with Economy Minister Giulio Tremonti and Bank of Italy Governor Mario Draghi speaking in the Giardino d Inverno room News conferences to follow United States Giardino d Inverno European Central Bank Campidoglio room Canada Fori room Japan Boncompagni room Germany Trianon room

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  • G8 Summit 2009 - official website - G8 Labour Ministers' Meeting - G8 Social Summit
    second session is introduced by the director general of the International Labour Organisation ILO Juan Somavia and extends its examination of the more lasting consequences of the crisis to all 14 countries attending Globalisation The third session on the morning of Tuesday 31 March is opened by the First Deputy Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund IMF John Lipsky and reviewes the role of welfare policies and the human aspect in the new shape assumed by globalisation The final news conference for the Social Summit 2009 is held at 4 p m on Tuesday 31 March at the Villa Madama in Rome in the presence of Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and of Welfare Minister Maurizio Sacconi The Social Summit s Proposal A Global Welfare Pact The final document issued by the Italian Presidency at the end of the G8 Labour Ministers Meeting expanded to include China India Brazil Mexico South Africa and Egypt argues the need for an approach based on the integration of economic and welfare measures to combat the economic downturn The various working sessions resulted in broad agreement on the part of all the ministers on the need to promote policies based on shared principles in order to address the crisis human aspect In particular the ultimate goal is to forge a global pact for people to promote employment income support and professional skills The pact must also attempt to improve social welfare systems inasmuch as they are considered to be the driving force of a virtuous circle of confidence and thus of economic recovery and employment The results of the G8 Labour Ministers Meeting were transmitted to the G20 Summit in London and will be submitted to the G8 Summit in L Aquila where the heads of state and government leaders will continue to discuss

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  • G8 Summit 2009 - official website - G8 Agriculture Ministers' Meeting
    countries and dangerous inflationary trends in the more developed countries as well A working paper that will set out the drives on which the various governments will have to embark in close liaison with the United Nations agencies concerned and the World Bank is almost completely drawn up with a view to restoring farm produce to the centre of economic policy strategies countering speculative phenomena enhancing the production chains and boosting investment in the low income areas The Italian G8 Presidency also intends to back the formation of a Global Partnership for Agriculture and Food Security which is a scheme to coordinate the organisations and players working to fight hunger and poverty as Foreign Affairs Under Secretary Vincenzo Scotti also emphasised at the High Level Meeting on Food Security held in Madrid on 26 and 27 January this year Agenda The meeting is due to commence with a preliminary meeting of the G8 countries agriculture ministers on Saturday 18 April 2009 In the afternoon the meeting will be expanded comprising ministers from the G8 and G5 groups together with Argentina Australia and Egypt A working meeting of the G8 ministers and visits to the Treviso area will be held on the morning of Sunday 19 April 2009 followed by an informal working session devoted to the international organizations in the afternoon On the morning of Monday 20 April 2008 a working session will be held at Castelbrando comprising ministers from the G8 and G5 groups together with Argentina Australia and Egypt The session will also be attended by representatives of the EU Commission the EU duty presidency the World Bank the FAO the IFAD the OECD the World Food Programme the UN High Level Task Force and the African Union This will be followed by a final joint news conference

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  • G8 Summit 2009 - official website - G8 Environment Ministers' Meeting
    the investments that might be made in new technologies Indeed any switch to a more sustainable economy calls for global financial commitment and a sharing of technological know how first and foremost for the emerging countries which are more vulnerable to the impact of climate change The current economic crisis must not divert attention away from fighting climate change but provide an opportunity for embarking on the road to long term sustainable development The Syracuse Environment Ministers Summit will be preceded by a more technical Forum on Low Carbon Content Technologies to be held in Trieste from 3 to 5 April 2009 Agenda The proceedings are scheduled to get under way on the morning of 22 April with a meeting with representatives of NGOs A debate on the opportunities for encouraging economic recovery held out by technological innovation is scheduled in the afternoon A discussion of ways for promoting clean fuel technologies for the purposes of taking up the dual challenge of climate change and fuel security is also envisaged following on from the commitment that emerged from last year s Toyako G8 Summit The second session of the environment ministers meeting to be held on 23 April will look at the various post Kyoto options in the run up to the United Nations Conference on the Climate in Copenhagen The meeting will be an opportunity for pondering ways to reconcile the financial commitments needed to stabilise the markets and the investment programmes required to cut emissions Talks on the latest prospects for biodiversity are scheduled for the afternoon of 23 April in the approach to 2010 International Year of Biodiversity The fourth working session devoted to the theme Children s Health and the Environment will be held on the morning of Friday 24 April This will be followed by

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