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  • G8 Summit 2009 - official website - G8 Energy Ministers' Meeting
    cooperation on technological innovation and research Further the G8 Energy Ministers Meeting also aims to devise tools capable of having an impact on energy poverty It is estimated that over two billion people on the planet do not have access to commercial energy sources The absence of energy prevents the formation of manufacturing systems integrated into the open economy it fosters social instability and migration it means that there is no drinking water available and that food cannot be kept for any length of time and it makes it impossible to access modern means of communication and education To help resolve these problems the energy ministers will be discussing a potential action plan for rural electrification and a strategy for the development of large scale continental energy networks with special reference to Africa To address these challenges the G8 energy ministers meeting will for the very first time involve also the representatives of the world s leading corporations that operate in the energy industry The forum for these corporations the Energy Business Forum which is to precede the G8 Energy Ministers Meeting will take the shape of an informal discussion between the ministers and the managers of the world s leading energy companies on the measures that need to be adopted in order to facilitate and to relaunch investments Another topic is the companies role in the strategies designed to respond to global climate change The businesses invited to the forum represent the main areas in the industry oil and natural gas renewable resources nuclear energy and advanced systems and technologies for coal Agenda The meeting will get under way on Saturday 23 May with a welcome meeting in the Salone degli Arazzi at the Ministry of Economic Development The meetings will be held at the Excelsior Hotel The proceedings

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  • G8 Summit 2009 - official website - G8 Justice and Home Affairs Ministers' Meeting
    include various aspects of IT crime and the tools required to combat the repugnant phenomenon of online paedo pornography In the course of their second session the ministers will be addressing the issue of migration dwelling in particular on illegal immigration on human trafficking and on immigrants integration with society The third session will begin with the issue of urban security The decision to address this issue in a G8 context for the very first time was sparked by increasing international sensitivity towards the relationship between the growing size of cities security and the quality of life The debate will go on to focus on developments in the field of international terrorism and on cooperation in that field One of the crucial topics for debate will be the relationship between the struggle against terrorism and respect for the principles of a rule of law state At the end of the meeting the ministers will be approving projects for operational cooperation in the field of security and they will be adopting a final declaration In the course of their working sessions the ministers will be benefiting from the technical input of the Roma Lyons Group which comprises the G8 experts in the areas of counterterrorism law enforcement high tech crime immigration transport security and criminal legal cooperation The Roma Lyons Group held plenary sessions in February and in April to prepare the operational cooperation projects which the ministers will be approving The experts will be holding a further working session in November to follow up on the guidelines spawned by the ministers meeting Agenda The meeting will comprise three sessions The first session will start at 10 00 a m on Friday 29 May following an introductory welcome address from Interior Minister Roberto Maroni and from Justice Minister Angelino Alfano The

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  • G8 Summit 2009 - official website - G8 Development Ministers' Meeting
    opportunity that all of these countries have to take part in a G8 Development Ministers Meeting The decision to offer them that opportunity is part and parcel of the Italian Presidency s development strategy Invitations have also been extended to representatives of the United Nations United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs UNDESA of the Organization for Economic Co Operation and Development OECD OCSE of the World Bank of the Food and Agriculture Organization FAO of the International Fund for Agricultural Development IFAD of the World Food Programme WFP PAM of the World Health Organization WHO OMS and of the African Development Bank 2 Ministers Meeting Format This is the first time that Italy has organized a G8 Development Ministers Meeting because the custom of holding a meeting of development ministers in a G8 context only dates back to the Canadian Presidency in 2002 The meeting will start on the morning of 11 June and wind up with a news conference at 12 30 on 12 June The ministers talks will also encompass an encounter and a debate between the Italian Presidency and representatives of civil society 3 Ministers Meeting Agenda The main issue on the agenda at the Rome meeting will be the impact of the economic crisis on developing countries This topic has the advantage of allowing the Italian Development Ministers talks to play a central role in an international context rich in meetings and discussions The Rome talks were preceded by the European Union s General Affairs and External Relations Council on Development on 18 and 19 May and by the United Nations High Level Conference on the impact of the crisis on developing countries which is on the slate for early June Where Italy in its capacity as G8 President is concerned this programme will

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  • G8 Summit 2009 - official website - G8 Finance Ministers' Meeting
    the G8 countries finance ministers and EU Economic and Monetary Affairs Commissioner Joaquin Almunia The World Bank the International Monetary Fund IMF the African Development Bank the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development OECD the International Fund for Agricultural Development IFAD the International Monetary and Financial Committee and the Financial Stability Board were all invited to attend The world financial and economic crisis and the tools for addressing it were the chief items on the agenda along with the drive to enhance market transparency integrity and propriety Agenda The proceedings opened on Friday 12 June with a working dinner behind closed doors at the Convent of S Domenico fuori le Mura They resumed at 9 am on Saturday 13 June with a final session held in the Castle of Charles V The final press conference was held at 3 pm Documents Statement of G8 Finance Ministers Print Websites European Commissioner for Economic and Monetary Affairs Eurogroup International Monetary Fund IMF The World Bank International Monetary Committee IMFC Organisation for economic co operation and development OECD International Fund for Agricultural Development IFAD The Summit Agenda Ministerial meetings G7 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors Meeting G8 Labour Ministers Meeting G8 Social

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  • G8 Summit 2009 - official website - G8 Foreign Ministers' Meeting
    test in May and with its ballistic missile launches Also due to be held on the sidelines of the G8 is a meeting of the Quartet for the Middle East the United States the EU Russia and the United Nations to which the new US Administration s commitment has imparted renewed vigour The aim is to give a fresh boost to the peace process in the Middle East and to undescore and reiterate the need for a solution based on the principle of two peoples two states The other important innovation introduced by the Italian Presidency concerns the Outreach session with Afghanistan its neighbouring countries and other international players of particular importance in connection with developments in the area Innovating with regard to the initiative organized by the German presidency in 2007 when invitations were extended solely to Afghanistan and to Pakistan the Italian presidency s aim today is to organize a far broader exercise the G8 foreign ministers will be meeting with representatives of Kabul first then the debate will be expanded initially to include the countries in the region and subsequently also bringing in other countries involved in the stabilization effort in the area Representatives of the main multilateral organizations operating in the region UNAMA UNODC UNHCR and NATO will also be in attendance The G8 working sessions devoted to the Afghan dossier will be focusing on border management and the struggle against illegal trafficking which call above all for participation and cooperation on the part of Afghanistan s neighbours The other working sessions in which also neighbouring and contributing countries will be involved together with the international organizations and other entities operating in the area will be devoted to refugees and migrants to economic development and infrastructures and to farming and food safety and security Programme The

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  • G8 Summit 2009 - official website - G8 Countries
    members meet once a year at Heads of State and Government level France the United States and Russia are represented by their Heads of State whereas the United Kingdom Germany Japan Italy and Canada are represented by their respective Heads of Government G8 Countries Canada France Germany Japan Italy United Kingdom Russia United States of America European Union The Summit Summit Documents Programme outline Main issues Junior 8 Summit G8

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  • G8 Summit 2009 - official website - G5 Countries
    an ad hoc basis as the emerging economies increasing weight on the world scene has made it necessary to involve them in identifying solutions to the major global challenges The Group of Five G5 comprises Brazil People s Republic of China India Mexico and South Africa Print Photo gallery G5 Family Photo G8Photos Ansa The Summit Summit Documents Programme outline Main issues Junior 8 Summit G8 Africa Participants G8 Countries

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  • G8 Summit 2009 - official website - International Organizations
    IMF Dominique Strauss Kahn Managing Director World Bank WB Robert Zoellick President World Trade organisation WTO Pascal Lamy Director General Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development OECD Angel Gurria Secretary General International Energy Agency IEA Nobuo Tanaka Executive Director Food and Agriculture Organisation FAO Jacques Diouf Director General International Fund for Agricultural Development IFAD Kanayo F Nwanze President World Food Programme WFP Josette Sheeran Executive Director International Labour Organisation ILO

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