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  • G8 Summit 2009 - official website - Agenda
    National Economic and Labour Council and the trade unions The talks will also be attended by representatives of the Foreign Ministry the G8 Sherpa s Office acting under the aegis of the Prime Minister s Office the Economy Ministry the Bank of Italy the ABI Italian Banks Association and CeSPI Centre for International Political Studies An Italian website devoted to the cost of remittances developed by the CeSPI and by the International Organization for Migration will be presented in the course of the conference 16 Mon World Food Safety Summit Rome 1 st day The meeting is scheduled to be held in Rome from 16 through to 18 November On day one the inaugural ceremony will be followed by the opening of the Summit proper with the adoption of the world Summit Declaration on food safety A debate on ways of reducing the negative impact of the economic crisis on food safety is slated to be held in the afternoon 17 Tue World Food Safety Summit Rome 2 nd day Day two is scheduled to open with a broad debate on implementing the reform of world food safety governance A debate on climate change and on the challenges to food

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  • G8 Summit 2009 - official website - Photo
    today Photo 3 of 27 The entrance of the Media Village while being set up Photo 4 of 27 The entrance of the Media Village Photo 5 of 27 The International Broadcasting Centre building before refurbishing Photo 6 of 27 The International Broadcasting building Photo 7 of 27 The interior of the International Broadcasting Centre building before refurbishment Photo 8 of 27 The stand up position of the International Broadcasting

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  • G8 Summit 2009 - official website - Video
    drive to boost the areas hit by the earthquake that struck on 6 April 2009 Speaking at the ensuing press conference the Prime Minister explained the reasons behind the decision to move the G8 from La Maddalena to Abruzzo Mr Berlusconi stressed that the G8 topics also included the proposal to work together to prevent and cope with natural calamities so it had seemed appropriate to choose an earthquake stricken

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  • G8 Summit 2009 - official website - News
    mail to visitemostre protezionecivile it The following information is required name of the group leader phone number number of members of the group rough time at which the group expects to arrive at Coppito Bookings will be kept open until the capacity has been filled Beautiful L Aquila Must Never Perish celebrates L Aquila and its history and the extraordinary restoration work needed to give the works of art salvaged in the wake of the earthquake a new lease of life The Italian Art of Excellence is the exhibition devoted to the objects that have made their mark on the history of Italian and international ways of life and cultures and have found their way onto the whole world s markets Last but not least the exhibition on the earthquake Before Immediately Tomorrow starts out from photographs of the earthquake that struck on 6 April this year and focuses on the solutions adopted to build safe homes Print Photo gallery G8 Open Day Photo gallery G8 Open Day G8Photos Ansa See also Two More Open Days at the G8 on Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 July Open Day at the G8 Thousands Visit the Summit Venue in Coppito The Guardia

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  • G8 Summit 2009 - official website - The Capestrano Warrior
    responsibility for it has made a special anti seismic base for the Capestrano Warrior for the Summit week it is about 20 cm high and ensures the statue s stability in the event of further tremors The anti seismic device is made of steel and consists of two plates one on top of the other the upper one being able to slide over the lower one The warrior is undoubtedly one of the best preserved of the 6th and 7th century BC sculptures found in the burial grounds and its fame rests not least on this factor The Capestrano Warrior is the oldest find made in Abruzzo and it has particularly intrigued archaeologists art historians and linguists since 1943 the year in which it was discovered in the ancient city of Ofena Indeed the statue is shrouded in mystery from many points of view its face covered by a mask its broad brimmed hat almost resembling a sombrero and its inscription still obscure There seems to be no doubt however that this was no rank and file warrior but a chief a member of the aristocracy of his day as the symbols of military might both defensive and offensive with

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  • G8 Summit 2009 - official website - Construction work
    luxurious in keeping with the decision to hold a Summit as austere as restrained and as close to the discomfort and inconvenience that the people of Abruzzo are having to put up with as possible a mark of attention testifying to the commitment to impart a fresh boost to the Abuzzo region s economy Indeed most of the construction companies and the labour force currently employed on putting the finishing touches to the Guardia di Finanza School hail from the region of Abruzzo All of the buildings in the complex have been repainted both inside and out as has the whole of the perimeter wall which is over two kilometres in length The whole complex thus also the auditorium and the gymnasium has been given a full makeover with targeted intervention wherever it was required and fully 10 accommodation complexes comprising a total of approximately 1 000 rooms have been remodelled The campus has also been remodelled in functional terms with a major part of the work focusing on the accommodation for the heads of state and government leaders on the complex s water and electric power circuits and on the working areas where the meetings and informal talks are to be hosted Wooden furniture made exclusively in Italy has been used to furnish the rooms that will be hosting the leaders and the delegations After the G8 Summit the delegates lodgings will be used to provide temporary accommodation for the people who have lost their homes in the earthquake The furniture will then be recycled in the anti seismic homes which the Civil Protection Department is building for people currently lodged in tent cities and camps Plans are being finalized to auction the furnishings from the heads of state and government leaders rooms with the profit going to help

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  • G8 Summit 2009 - official website - Preturo Airport
    to the expansion project will now also be able to accommodate civil airlines The L Aquila municipal authority issued a call for tender in mid October for the provisional and experimental management of Parchi di Preturo Airport The company that wins the contract will manage the entire airport complex the runway and its attendant structures as well as all of the facilities and services for a period of not more than six months and in any case only until the final management company is identified through a Europe wide call for tender The airport will be open to commercial traffic as soon as the provisional contract has been assigned The plan to expand the airport was spawned mainly by all of the intense activity in the area in the wake of the earthquake back in April In the hours immediately following the earthquake the small airport became one of the most important nerve centres for the entire rescue operation The helicopters that transferred both the 150 patients evacuated from L Aquila s San Salvatore Hospital and those who had been seriously injured in the earthquake took off from Preturo But the rescue activities which were fortunately all completed without a hitch did point up certain structural shortcomings in the airport the absence of any real parking areas runways for taxiing aircraft holding facilities and even a control tower worthy of the name This led to the devising of a plan to update the airport and to bring it into line with requirements A plan did actually exist to update both the airport itself and the road system around it even before the earthquake The L Aquila municipal authorities who were planning to build a civil protection structure inside the airport had earmarked funds for the purpose and had begun to

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  • G8 Summit 2009 - official website - Foreign delegations’ visits to L'Aquila
    May 2009 Japan Monday 25 May 2009 Germany Tuesday 26 May 2009 Canada Friday 29 May 2009 China Wednesday 3 June 2009 Egypt Wednesday 3 June 2009 India Wednesday 3 June 2009 Brazil Thursday 4 June 2009 Mexico Thursday 4 June 2009 South Africa Thursday 4 June 2009 Outreach Africa Friday 5 June 2009 AU Commission Friday 5 June 2009 Australia Monday 8 June 2009 Republic of Korea Monday 8 June 2009 Denmark Monday 8 June 2009 Indonesia Monday 8 June 2009 The Netherlands Spain Turkey Tuesday 9 June 2009 Print Photo gallery The US Delegation s Visit to L Aquila Photo gallery La Maddalena before and after the reconstruction See also The Guardia di Finanza School in L Aquila Stronghold of the Institutions and the G8 See also US Delegation Visits L Aquila Russian Delegation Tours L Aquila European Union Delegation Visits L Aquila United Kingdom s Delegation Tours L Aquila French Delegation in L Aquila To Visit the New G8 Summit Venue The Swedish delegation tours the Coppito Guardia di Finanza School Japanese Delegation Tours L Aquila German Delegation tours G8 Summit Sites Canadian Delegation Conducts Preparatory Inspection of G8 Summit Venue The delegations of China Egypt and

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