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  • G8 Summit 2009 - official website - The Basilica of Santa Maria di Collemaggio
    it by the end of August when the Celestine Pardon a world famous religious cum cultural ceremony which ends with the basilica s Holy Door being opened is performed every year The basilica of Collemaggio L Aquila s largest Romanesque church located just outside the city was built between 1283 and 1288 by order of hermit Pietro del Morrone who was crowned pope there with the name of Celestine V on 29 August 1294 This was the first time any pope had been crowned outside the apostolic walls of Rome The basilica which is heavily influenced by Abruzzese Romanesque and Gothic architecture was designed on the Latin cross plan It is faced in the local white and pink stone the same colours as the city s Fountain of the 99 Spouts Fontana delle Novantanove Cannelle and sports three doors each one surmounted by a rose window After an earthquake in 1703 had seriously damaged the building the interior was encased in heavy Baroque cladding concealing its octagonal pilasters its pointed Gothic arches and its original ceiling Restoration work in the seventies resulted in most of the Baroque cladding being removed other than in the transepts The Holy Door through which

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  • G8 Summit 2009 - official website - The Fountain of the ninety-nine spouts
    s most important symbols The monument s history sinks its roots into the mists of time of legend each one of the 99 castles that came together to found the city is said to have brought its own water to the place where the fountain now stands causing the fountain to become a symbol of their common effort and their partnership in founding L Aquila Located in the Rivera neighbourhood which is rich in springs and lies not far from the river Aterno the fountain was built in 1272 by an architect called Tancredi da Pentima whom a legend would have us believe lies buried beneath the stone that occupies pride of place in the centre of the piazza Initially designed as a public wash house which continued in use until the early decades of the 20th century the fountain was used not only by L Aquila s washerwomen but also by the famous medieval wool guild known as I Lanaioli who performed the craft of carding weaving and dying The fountain underwent major structural work to enlarge it between 1582 and 1585 Historical research tells us that 66 new spouts where added in an effort to impart greater credibility to the legend of the 99 castles Restoration work conducted both on the hydraulics and on the artistic and architectural structure in 1994 has restored the fountain to its original glory Boldly trapezoidal in shape the monument is surrounded by an elegant wall in white and pink chequered marble erected some time after the original construction The wall is reminiscent of the west front on the Basilica of Santa Maria di Collemaggio The fountain carries a sculpted eagle aquila in Italian the city s coat of arms in its centre Of the 99 spouts fully 93 are set into the

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  • G8 Summit 2009 - official website - The Celestine Pardon
    a part of it by the end of August In a variant to the traditional ceremony planned for this year the relics of Celestine which firemen recovered unscathed from the wreckage will be on view to the faithful on the parvis outside the church The Holy Door will be opened by Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone the Vatican s Secretary of State This year also marks the eighth centenary of the birth of Pope Celestine V who first inspired the Pardon ceremony Pietro Angelerio da Morrone on learning in his hermitage near Sulmona that he had been elected pope at the age of 79 chose L Aquila as the venue for his coronation He was crowned pope with the name of Celestine V in the basilica of Santa Maria a Collemaggio on 29 August 1294 and he decided to mark the event by granting the Great Pardon a universal indulgence for all sins To gain the indulgence the faithful had to pass through the basilica s Holy Door after making confession and repenting of their sins The two conditions for being granted the pardon were specified in a Papal Bull issued by Saint Peter Celestine based on the concepts of peace solidarity and reconciliation To commemorate the event a Papal Bull parade comprising hundreds of people in period costume marches from Piazza Palazzo where the bull is housed to the basilica of Santa Maria di Collemaggio When the cortège reaches its destination the mayor first reads out the document and then a cardinal appointed by the Vatican orders the Holy Door to be opened The bull is displayed inside the basilica until the next day 29 August when the Holy Door is closed and the document is returned to the town hall Celestine V established a precedent for the jubilee with his

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  • G8 Summit 2009 - official website - The Parks
    streams and rivers remind us that the park s territory was modelled by glaciation and karst phenomena over the millennia Two lakes the Barrea and the Vivo and numerous rivers and streams such as the Sangro the Giovenco the Melfa and the Volturno provide the fauna and flora with water habitats of immense natural importance The park is also particularly rich in the variety of its flora and fauna with over 2 000 different species of plant and over 60 species of mammal 300 species of bird and 40 species of reptile amphibian and fish Indeed the park has played a crucial role in the conservation of several species of importance to Italy s wildlife heritage including the golden eagle the Marsican brown bear the wolf and the Abruzzi chamois Moreover the numerous visitor centres wildlife areas and the park s network of footpaths have helped to give the small towns and villages in the region with their fabulous heritage of history a new lease on life The Parco Nazionale del Gran Sasso e Monti della Laga 150 000 hectares of natural country make up this park which includes in its perimeter not only the highest peak in the Appenine range but also the only glacier in southern Europe Its geographical position the height of its mountains and the geological variety of its territory all help to give this park an extraordinarily varied complex of ecosystems and scenery The park is home to examples of the most representative species in the Appenines such as the wolf the Abruzzi chamois the bear the golden eagle and the short toed eagle The Parco Nazionale della Majella This park unique by virtue of its geographical position its vastness and its majestic scenery with over 30 mountains topping 2 000 metres includes immense areas

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  • G8 Summit 2009 - official website - Label_sette_vie_Abruzzo
    il progetto sarà ora divulgato da una campagna promozionale che utilizzerà soprattutto video anche sul web E sarà proprio la Scuola della Guardia di Finanza sede del Summit una delle prime aree in cui saranno diffusi i messaggi Qui infatti sarà proiettato su supporti video il filmato di presentazione del progetto che racconta in 35 minuti i sette itinerari Le sette vie d Abruzzo è un viaggio che parte dalla via del sacro e del mistero che collega i più noti santuari regionali con i luoghi di culto spontanei ricavati nelle grotte o negli anfratti naturali come gli eremi montani o le cappelle pastorali Passa poi alla via dei borghi antichi che unisce tra loro i piccoli centri abruzzesi spesso arroccati sulle colline di origine Medievale o anche più antichi come suggeriscono i prefissi dei nomi Pesco altura fortificata Castro abitato fortificato Villa borgo agricolo Fara feudo o Scerne risaia marcita Accanto ai borghi la via dei sapori crea un itinerario tra i prodotti tradizionali dell Abruzzo come lo zafferano prodotto a Navelli i formaggi i salumi l olio extra vergine di oliva e i vini regionali ma anche i piatti tipici della costa a base di pesce Tre percorsi sono invece dedicati alla natura e ai diversi habitat di queste terre in cui vivono anche specie rare La via dell acqua e del sole collega i 133 km di spiagge al nord larghe e sabbiose al sud strette e di scoglio con la natura dell entroterra da cui parte la via delle natura selvaggia Quest ultima comprende i tre grandi parchi naturali regionali che interessano un terzo del territorio il Parco d Abruzzo il Parco del Gran Sasso Laga e il Parco della Majella con le riserve naturali in cui si passa dall altopiano carsico di Campo Imperatore all

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  • G8 Summit 2009 - official website - Onna
    bolla papale di Clemente III e successivamente anche da quella di Papa Innocenzo III nel 1204 Le prime abitazioni risalgono approssimativamente all anno mille La sua storia è legata al resto del territorio rurale aquilano rimanendo feudo di diversi Signori dal Medioevo e fino all età moderna Nel 1927 insieme al vicino comune di Paganica Onna viene aggregata definitivamente al comune dell Aquila Un tragico episodio nel 44 segna la

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  • G8 Summit 2009 - official website - Development and Africa
    calls for increasingly in depth constructive dialogue The last decade has seen very significant progress in terms of economic growth a reduction in poverty and the spread of democracy in Africa and many developing countries Despite these steps forward Africa remains the continent that has fallen furthest behind in meeting the Millennium Development Goals set by the United Nations in 2000 war on poverty hunger and malnutrition disease access to water and education environmental safeguards and where crisis situations still persist with serious breaches of human rights Much remains to be done to catch up and to consolidate the progress made to date which is being jeopardised by the international economic crisis and by vulnerability to natural disasters and wars The G8 is taking up these challenges both by imparting political thrust to concrete initiatives that contribute to development and peacekeeping and by fostering dialogue with the emerging economies and the developing countries with a view to managing globalisation responsibly Some of the best known initiatives launched by the G8 are the health related drives such as the setting up of the Global Fund to Fight HIV AIDS Tuberculosis and Malaria of which Italy is one of the chief funders

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  • G8 Summit 2009 - official website - Foreign delegations’ visits
    Sunday 25 Tuesday 27 January 2009 China Tuesday 27 Wednesday 28 January 2009 United Kingdom Thursday 29 January 2009 France Thursday 5 February 2009 Japan Monday 16 Tuesday 17 February 2009 European Union and Sweden Tuesday 17 Wednesday 18 February 2009 Canada Wednesday 18 Thursday 19 February 2009 Brazil Thursday 19 Friday 20 February 2009 Mexico Tuesday 24 Wednesday 25 February 2009 South Africa Wednesday 25 Thursday 26 February 2009 Germany Thursday 5 Friday 6 March 2009 Egypt Monday 9 Tuesday 10 March 2009 Australia Thursday 12 Friday 13 March 2009 South Corea Thursday 12 Friday 13 March 2009 Indonesia Thursday 12 Friday 13 March 2009 India Monday 23 Tuesday 24 March 2009 Outreach Africa Wednesday 15 Thursday 16 April 2009 African Union Wednesday 22 April 2009 Last update 5 May 2009 Print Photo gallery First Series of visits by Foreign Delegations at La Maddalena See also US Delegation Visits Summit Site on Island of La Maddalena The French Delegation Visits La Maddalena and the Summit Sites Three Countries Delegations Visit Sardinia Ahead of G8 Four Delegations Visit Summit Venue in Third Week in February The South African and Mexican Delegations Visit the G8 Sites German Delegation Visits Summit Venue

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