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  • G8 Summit 2009 - official website - Glossary
    L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z UN The United Nations Founded by a conference of 50 countries in 1945 the UN is the largest international organization The aim of the United Nations is to promote international cooperation through economic development social and cultural progress human rights and international security The United Nations headquarters are in New York The Summit Agenda Ministerial

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  • G8 Summit 2009 - official website - Glossary
    year It operates in emergency situations and devises projects for food security at national level and for economic and social development at local level coordinating them with the national policies and development plans of the countries where it operates It responds to specific needs on the other hand by involving NGO s associations and grass roots communities The WFP lives exclusively on voluntary contributions from governments individuals and private enterprise World Bank The main international organisation for supporting development and fighting poverty In particular it provides the developing countries with technical and financial assistance It was set up in 1945 pursuant to the agreements reached at Bretton Woods along with the International Monetary Fund IMF to back reconstruction in the countries devastated by the world war WTO World Trade Organization International organisation set up in 1995 for the purpose of liberalising trade and lowering tariff barriers The aim is to help producers of goods and services exporters and importers in the conduct of their business The pillars on which it is based are the agreements and negotiating results signed by the majority of the countries engaging in world trade and ratified by their respective parliaments the General Agreement on Tariffs

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  • G8 Summit 2009 - official website - Development of G8 Africa from 2002 to 2008
    the main partners in development Its mission is to boost the efforts made by the Partnership in favor of Africa s development At this juncture the Forum has become a front line venue at which the problems encountered the strategies being implemented and the priorities identified in support of the continent s development are examined and followed up at the highest level Its members Africa the G8 countries the OECD and the other partners work on an equal footing also forging synergies and ensuring consistency with the other international forums It meets twice a year in spring and autumn and it is alternately co chaired both by African Union and NEPAD representatives and by OECD and G8 member countries Also approved were the Action Plan to strengthen Africa s ability to conduct peace support operations and the Action Plan in cooperation with the African Development Bank AfDB initiative 2004 Summit in the United States At the Sea Island Summit the G8 Heads of State and Government leaders decided to launch the Action Plan on Expanding Global Capacity for Peace Support Operations and to adopt the Action Plan on Applying the Power of Entrepreneurship to Eradicate Poverty The Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise was set up to accelerate the development of a vaccine against HIV AIDS and a pledge was announced to do everything possible to eliminate poliomyelitis by 2015 to launch a new initiative designed to boost agricultural output to promote rural development and to foster transparency and combat corruption 2005 Summit in the United Kingdom The British G8 presidency in 2005 was keen for the summit in Gleneagles held exactly 10 years before the Millennium Goals achievement date set for 2015 to succeed in impressing a change of course on the search for solutions to the problems afflicting the African continent The main initiatives adopted for the purpose were the submission of the Second Report on the implementation of the G8 Action Plan and the Africa Commission s First Report the cancellation of the multilateral debt and the implementation of the 2002 pledges made in Monterrey Mexico to double Public Development Aid PDA and the establishment of an International Infrastructure Consortium for Africa ICA 2006 Summit in Russia At the St Petersburg Summit the ongoing crisis in the Middle East effectively overshadowed the issue of development in the southern hemisphere resulting in a clear absence of any commitment to Africa The G8 countries reiterated the need to extend education throughout the world particularly in the southern hemisphere the need for a concrete effort to eradicate contagious diseases starting with HIV AIDS their hope to see investment in energy sources that allow sustainable development and the need for their negotiators to reach agreement in the space of a month in the Doha Round negotiations which had been effectively paralyzing the World Trade Organization WTO for over four years 2007 Summit in Germany Africa was one of the main issues addressed at the summit in Heiligendamm Talks focused on the G8 s

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  • G8 Summit 2009 - official website - G8 Africa Under the Italian Presidency
    in 2001 G8 Africa s Goals for 2009 At such a crucial time as the world faces the challenges of the financial food and energy crisis the Italian presidency intends to place relations between the G8 and Africa on a new strategic track that demands new and more effective ways for all the countries to cooperate The Office of the Prime Minister s Africa Personal Representative has identified and defined three main activities for implementation ahead of the July Summit 1 Concrete proposals need to be devised and built into the agenda for the G8 leaders talks with their African counterparts at the Summit in L Aquila Following broad consultations with the African partners four points on Italy s action programme for G8 Africa have been identified and approved allaying the impact of the financial crisis on Africa s real economies pursuing the struggle against climate change focusing in particular on safeguarding the forests of the Congo Basin the world s second most important green lung after the Amazon Forest and their biodiversity consolidating peace and security in Africa focusing in particular on piracy in the Horn of Africa on trafficking in drugs and arms on illegal fishing and on illegal capital in Western Africa developing e government by imparting a fresh boost to administrative systems and political processes focusing in particular on census taking and population recording systems 2 A concise report needs to be drafted discussing the implementation status of the collective pledges that the G8 has made to Africa This report initially called for at the G8 Summit in Hokkaido will also aim both to highlight the pledges already implemented and to point up those that have yet to be enacted 3 A proposal needs to be prepared for the reform of the Africa Partnership Forum and

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  • G8 Summit 2009 - official website - Spouses Programme
    damaged in the earthquake The Italian Presidency has also asked for the spouses of the Heads of State and Government Leaders to be granted a private audience with the Holy Father Arriving in the Italian Capital on 8 July their first visit will be to the city s Capitoline Museums On the second day of the Summit s working sessions the spouses are scheduled to travel to the Abruzzo regional capital to visit some of the sites and monuments destroyed in the earthquake as well as a few of the building sites where reconstruction is currently under way The spouses are due to return to Rome on 10 July the last day of the Summit where they will be attending a conference on women and starvation in the world at the headquarters of the United Nations World Food Programme The G8 Countries along with the European Union and Sweden which currently holds the European Union duty presidency will be debating that very same issue on the same day in L Aquila together with another 39 guest countries and with representatives of the International Organizations Print See also L Aquila Abruzzo G8 First Ladies Visit Rome First Ladies Visit to L

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  • G8 Summit 2009 - official website - The concert
    with major national research centres The Anthems Promenade The G8 delegates will take a stroll illuminated by beams of light to the Auditorium entrance at 9 30 pm The melodies of the anthems of the countries attending the Summit will issue from the sound projectors or holophones each flying the flag of the country concerned The Anthems When they reach the final stretch of their walk in a virtual esplanade created by the sounds and lights of the concentrically arranged holophones the various countries anthems will merge into a composition created for the G8 and symbolising the utopia of a future of the utmost harmony among all the nations of the world The deviser and creator of this path is Michelangelo Lupone composer and lecturer in music at the L Aquila Conservatoire The Musica in forma Sound Installations Two sound installations the Musica in forma sculptures are on display in the Auditorium foyer The works have the ability to interact with each other and with the audience and to adapt via a computerised process to variations in light movements and sounds in the surrounding area The project has been created by Michelangelo Lupone with visual artist Licia Galizia and is the result of the scientific and artistic research conduced by the Department of New Technologies and Musical Languages at the L Aquila Conservatoire in conjunction with the University of L Aquila Faculty of Engineering and Mathematics and the Rome Music Research Centre L Aquila City of Tradition Voices the vocal and symphonic concert Voices the vocal and symphonic concert given by the Abruzzo Symphony Orchestra conducted by Marcello Bufalini will be held in the Auditorium After the technological innovation of the walk featured in the first part the second part marks a return to tradition with Italian vocal and symphonic

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  • G8 Summit 2009 - official website - Exhibitions
    and which now require urgent work to restore them to their pristine glory The Cultural Heritage Ministry is asking agencies institutions and foreign countries to adopt them and eminent proposals have been announced including those made by the countries attending the G8 The second exhibition widens the scope from L Aquila and Abruzzo to the whole of Italy with its creativity genius inventiveness taste and style L arte del saper far bene italiano The Italian Art of Excellence is devoted to the objects that have made their mark on the history of Italian and international lifestyles and culture and are widespread on the whole world s markets from the first Fiat 500 the vintage Vespa and the violin that belonged to Amati who taught Stradivarius all he knew to the latest examples of excellence in the sphere of design and the book publisher s glassmaker s weaver s and spectacle maker s arts Abruzzo s pillow lace goldware and ceramics are three crafts that have always demonstrated the region s skills The exhibitions are realized thanks to the contribution of Telecom Italia Another exhibition which has been set up at the Coppito campus is Before Immediately Tomorrow the exhibition on the earthquake that rocked L Aquila on 6 April The exhibition has been curated by the Civil Protection Department and the photographs are taken from the book of the same name Before Immediately Tomorrow which contains a collection of snapshots taken in the very first few moments after the quake of 6 April and right up to the Pope s visit on 28 April The exhibition focuses on the solutions envisaged to rebuild and start over again in a safe environment A scale model of a seismic city in the middle of the room reproduces the impact of an earthquake

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  • G8 Summit 2009 - official website - Press
    register on line Badges are issued on a strictly individual basis Badges may be collected from the following accreditation centres Rome Lungotevere Flaminio 69 From Wednesday 1 July 2009 opening hours 9 00 am 8 00 pm L Aquila L Aquilone shopping mall L Aquila Ovest motorway exit then S S 17 following signs to Rieti From Wednesday 1 July 2009 opening hours 9 00 am 8 00 pm Chieti Scalo Mediterranean Village Via Gorizia no number From Tuesday 7 July 2009 The on line accreditation system also gives access to the procedure for booking accommodation over the Summit period Accommodation Journalists may stay at the Chieti Mediterranean Village approximately 90 km from L Aquila or alternatively in a number of hotels in Chieti and Pescara 100 km from L Aquila The Chieti Mediterranean Village is a newly built facility extending over an 18 hectare area with spacious gardens and parking areas It comprises over 750 apartments sleeping from one to six A shuttle service will be laid on to and from the Mediterranean Village and the Summit venue Accommodation may be paid for on line by credit card whereas those who book accommodation at the hotels must send a

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