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  • G8 Summit 2009 - official website - Foreign Delegations
    for the Head of Delegation one personalized red badge for the Sherpa two personalized red badges to be assigned either to security or doctor or interpreter 22 personalized blue badges light blue personalized badges for the other delegates The vehicles form has to be filled in only after specific arrangement with the Summit Secretariat The accreditation officer may if necessary change the names and particulars of the accredited delegates up to the accreditation deadline Each delegation s badges will be handed over to its embassy which will be advised directly of the details of the collection procedure The members of the advance team that arrives in L Aquila prior to the Summit will use provisional badges bearing their names with a photograph to gain access to the areas where the Summit is to be held Responsibility for notifying the Summit Secretariat in advance of the members of the advance team lies with the embassy concerned the teams will then submit the requisite photograph to the Coppito accreditation centre in L Aquila thus completing the provisional accreditation procedure Provisional accreditation will be valid until the official Summit badges are issued The advance team must also advise the number and licence plate

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  • G8 Summit 2009 - official website - G7 Finance Ministers' and Central Bank Governors' Meeting - Venues
    design of the Villa Madama its building history was fraught with difficulties Raphael himself died only a few years after construction work had begun Then Charles V s Landsknechter looted and burned the villa during the Sack of Rome in 1527 while Pope Clement VII looked on from his refuge in Castel Sant Angelo weeping as he watched it go up in flames The Villa Madama was never completed to its full original plan but despite that it is still one of the most famous and frequently copied works of Renaissance architecture It became the property of the Foreign Ministry in 1941 and is now used as a venue for hosting major events The venue in which the finance ministers official meetings are to be held is the Palazzo delle Finanze the largest and most majestic piece of real estate in the Italian capital after the Palazzo del Quirinale the Italian president s official residence The Palazzo delle Finanze was the first major complex to be built in Rome after the city became the capital of Italy It was built by order of Finance Minister Quintino Sella in an effort to underscore the solidity and efficiency of the nascent Italian state Work on the complex was completed in a mere five years from 1871 to 1876 thanks to the dedication shown by leading artists from a variety of different cultural backgrounds and it became home to the first ministry It originally housed all of the Finance Ministry s various derpartments the Court of Accounts the Secretariat General the Duty Office the Tax Office the State Property Office and the Public Debt Department Today it only houses the Economy and Finance Ministry proper The minister s office contains a famous desk made by celebrated carpenters from Biella and donated by Quintino

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  • G8 Summit 2009 - official website - G8 Labour Ministers' Meeting - G8 Social Summit - Venues
    when the building work was already under way With over 1 300 rooms nine floors and a façade 169 m long and 51 m tall the Farnesina vies with the Caserta Palace for the title of Italy s largest building Since 2000 the Farnesina has been home to a fine collection of Italian contemporary art comprising over 200 works of painting sculpture and mosaic work and installations Source Italian Ministry

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  • G8 Summit 2009 - official website - G8 Agriculture Ministers' Meeting - Venues
    in the rolling Veneto landscape It began life as a Roman fort erected to guard the Via Imperialis Claudia Augusta linking the Adriatic to nothern Europe Rebuilt and rechristened Castelbrando the castle is privately owned today It has been enlarged on several different occasions over the centuries The Da Camino family who held it during the Middle Ages surrounded it with powerful crenellated and battlemented walls and built a keep in the middle of the inner bailey It subsequently fell to the Venetian Republic which initially awarded it as a fiefdom to Marin Faliero later granting it in recognition of military merit to mercenary captains Giovanni Brandolino and Erasmo da Narni better known as Gattamelata The Brandolini family extended the central part of the castle in the 16th century The last part to be erected was the 18th century U shaped wing built according to a powerful linear plan drawn up by architect Ottavio Scotti from Treviso The Conti Brandolini sold the property in 1959 to the Salesian Fathers who restructured it and used it as a centre for spiritual studies A private owner purchased it and thoroughly restored it in 1997 The Brandolini family s arms with the starred

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  • G8 Summit 2009 - official website - G8 Environment Ministers' Meeting - Venues
    the main body of the sandstone castle via a stone bridge The history of the castle of Maniace is closely bound up with the history of Syracuse itself It was inside these walls that Frederick II approved the foundation of Naples University while over the centuries the castle has been both a noble residence and a seat of the Sicilian parliament Despite the massive damage that the castle sustained in two violent earthquakes that rocked the city of Syracuse in 1542 and in 1693 not to mention when the powder store blew up and wrecked the whole of the northwest corner in 1704 its typical 13th century structure based on a square keep with four cylindrical corner towers is virtually intact The building has undergone a number of alterations down the centuries it was surrounded by a ring of ramparts in 1500 then in the following centuries it was used both as a barracks and as a prison The Army continued to use it as a barracks following the unity of Italy in the 19th century but it has now been reopened to visitors after massive restoration and consolidation work involving the whole of the fortified complex Today the castle

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  • G8 Summit 2009 - official website - G8 Justice and Home Affairs Ministers' Meeting - Venues
    held to commemorate Judge Giovanni Falcone in the Aula Magna or Great Hall of the Palazzo di Giustizia home to the Court of Cassation Italy s supreme court The Palazzo di Giustizia is an imposing monumental building in neo Baroque style overlooking the river Tiber It took 22 years to build and was inaugurated in 1910 It appears to be built out of travertine but in actual fact the travertine is merely a cladding because the core of the building is in reinforced concrete This was one of the very earliest examples of the use of that building technique in Europe The group of sculpted figures dominating the building symbolizes Justice seated between Law and Strength The people of Rome who have always tended to be sceptical about the building the construction of which was halted by criticism and controversy on more than one occasion have christened it Er Palazzaccio the Ugly Great Building in Roman dialect both on account of its imposing physical aspect and on account of its function Print Websites Italian Ministry of the Interior Italian Ministry of Justice The Summit Agenda Ministerial meetings G7 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors Meeting G8 Labour Ministers Meeting G8

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  • G8 Summit 2009 - official website - G8 Finance Ministers' Meeting - Venues
    over subsequent centuries to defend the city against the constant Turkish raids and work began on building churches and aristocratic residences The Enlightenment exerted its cultural influence over Lecce in the 18th century and political awareness took root in its townspeople as a result schools of law and mathematics were founded and revolts broke out among the populace as well 1734 saw the start of Bourbon rule which was to culminate in southern Italy s annexation to the Kingdom of Italy The city experienced great expansion after the Unification of Italy spreading out beyond its 16th century walls and eventually breaking away from Taranto and Brindisi in 1927 as a province in its own right Nowadays in addition to doing a brisk trade in agricultural produce olive oil and wine in particular ceramics and papier mâché statues and being home to a major university Lecce is primarily a popular cultural tourism destination Indeed it stands out for its own unique interpretation of the Baroque style which goes by the name of Lecce Baroque to be seen in all its historic buildings a particularly ornate style lavish with decoration Lecce s artistic and architectural heritage is so enormous that the city has also been dubbed the Florence of the South and the Pearl of Salento The city s many churches are all of great artistic interest but the Santa Croce basilica and the Cathedral which is in the city s old quarter flanked by the Bishop s Palace the seminary and the belfry and overlooking the striking central Piazza Duomo are particularly outstanding Charles V s castle is also in the city centre It was built between 1539 and 1549 over an earlier Norman building and was radically made over to the brilliant plans of Gian Giacomo dell Acaya who introduced

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  • G8 Summit 2009 - official website - Venues
    Elettra national research laboratory the Higher International School of Advanced Studies and the International Theoretical Physics Centre Trieste also hosts the headquarters of the CEI or Central European Initiative an international body comprising 17 member countries that was set up to foster cooperation and development in central Europe Trieste was also a major international literary centre in the early decades of the last century Two of Italy s most important 20th century authors namely poet Umberto Saba and author Italo Svevo were both born in the city and spent most of their lives there while writer James Joyce was also a long time resident The region around Trieste is also renowned for its nature reserves including the marine park of Miramare the cliffside park of Duino and the reserves of Val Rosandra of the Monti Lanaro and Orsarior as well as for the picturesque Veneto Istrian town of Muggia The coast with its white cliffs and rocky crags underpins a karstic promontory with a wealth of unique natural features such as the Grotta Gigante or Giant Grotto the largest cave open to the general public in the world The beauty of its natural surroundings also enhances the area s vast

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