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  • G8 Summit 2009 - official website - Major Projects in the ex Arsenal
    to store coal for refuelling passing steamships The quay in the vicinity or the Coal Quay as it is known lost its original function many years ago the Italian Navy subsequently used it to house a motorized corps but even today its name continues to remind us of its erstwhile use in the era of the steamship The plan for this structure not only provided for the restoration and strengthening of its historical areas but also envisaged a protective metal covering set at a height of 10 metres and fitted with photovoltaic panels for the production of electrical energy The open spaces the glass walls and the windows which are anchored to the protective covering without impinging on the historical construction allow one s gaze to drift freely towards the outside area coaxing the old and modern architectural elements to dialogue with one another and with the surrounding landscape COMMON AND CIRCULATION AREAS SURFACE AREA 1 495 sq mt DELEGATION OFFICES SURFACE AREA 1 169 sq mt FACILITIES AND TECHNICAL AREAS 378 sq mt CONFERENCE ROOMS 404 sq mt SHERPAS OFFICES 400 sq mt TOTAL BUILT SURFACE AREA 3 836 sq mt ROOF SURFACE AREA 9 622 sq mt PHOTOVOLTAIC PLANT 1 300 sq mt IRRADIATION ENERGY 6 328 140 Kwh per annum ELECTRICITY GENERATED 302 367 Kwh per annum The Arsenal Arcades Restaurant Area The Arsenal Arcades are located on the western side of the dock between the Sea Pavilion and the residential complex According to the original plan this section with its surface area of over 3 000 square metres was intended to host the catering and refreshment facilities during the G8 Summit Resulting from the restoration of a construction that used to house warehouses and workshops back in the days of the Arsenal the building has maintained its original five aisle plan The guiding principle governing the work done on the building has involved the consolidation and cleaning of the existing arcades and the conservation of the open stonework walls inside The steel roof which opens in the middle to form a central patio bordered by typical local plants and shrubs supports and consolidates the entire structure RECEPTION 160 sq mt FACILITIES RESTAURANT CAFETERIA CHANGING ROOMS 90 sq mt CATERING KITCHENS AND FOOD STORAGE 240 sq mt DINING ROOMS 1 200 sq mt PATIO 550 sq mt CAFETERIA 600 sq mt TOTAL SURFACE AREA ON GROUND FLOOR 2 840 sq mt TECHNICAL AREA 270 sq mt TOTAL 3 110 sq mt The Arsenal Residences A vast hotel complex comprising five buildings set in an area of approximately 38 000 square metres is located in the northern area of the former Arsenal The project provided for the demolition of a series of low brick buildings of no architectural or historical value which the Navy had used for storing materials of various kinds The Arsenal Residences offer guests 98 bedrooms including nine suites and a wealth of areas for all kinds of reception activities One of the five buildings

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  • G8 Summit 2009 - official website - The Other Projects on the Island
    and urban heritage This old building now restored and consolidated was the focal point around which the entire project to upgrade the area was developed The façade has regained its pristine aspect following the removal of buildings that had been added on either side of it to expand the hospital s activities Its inner space which covers a surface of almost 3 000 square metres has been redesigned to meet the new demands of a modern hotel with reception areas on the ground floor and 16 suites on the three upper floors Behind this original building a completely new building has been erected and connected to it The second building covering some 14 000 square metres in all comprises a long central section ending at either end in two wings built to a courtyard plan The central section is two floors high and hosts the restaurant and other facilities while the three stories in either wing house a total of 85 rooms and suites This second structure gives access to the bar and restaurant buildings which also have their own outside entrance The restaurant has glass walls and is built into a pre existing structure that has been thoroughly restored While the first hotel faces the shore with only a very short length of road separating it from the sea the second hotel is built into a gently rising rocky slope several metres high The new construction is faced with the same granite it is built on thus it blends perfectly with the scenery and acts as a kind of backdrop to the historic building The Military Hospital in the Mariscuola The new Maritime Military Hospital is located today inside the Mariscuola or Naval Petty Officers School In particular the most important restructuring and adaptation work has been done on a building known as the Detachment The building built on five floors covering a total of 8 000 square metres hosts the hospital proper with its surgeries wards offices recreational facilities staff housing service rooms and restaurant A building earmarked to become the guest house was also restored while a chapel was built from scratch on the site of an old warehouse The Accident and Emergency Department at the Paolo Merlo Civic Hospital The Accident and Emergency Department at the Civic Hospital on La Maddalena is located on the ground floor of the hospital and covers a surface area of approximately 800 square metres Following the work done to bring the structure into line with modern standards and to expand its capacity the A E Department will be furnished with medical equipment with separate men s and women s wards and with a higher number of beds Water Pipelines Drinking Water Plant and Purification Plant An adequate water supply is a common problem on many islands particularly in the long hot summers Thus several projects were implemented in the context of the work being done for the G8 summit to boost the availability of drinking water on La Maddalena Water

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  • G8 Summit 2009 - official website - G8 Japan Summit
    Nations Secretary General They confirmed their determination to complete the reform of the UN s Food and Agricultural Organisation FAO to increase its efficiency in crisis management and ensure food security They agreed to set up a Group of Experts with the task of monitoring fulfilment of the commitments undertaken in Toyako Climate change On the issue of climate change the G8 expressed its determination to reach agreement with the contribution of all the major economies and following the principle of common but differentiated responsibilities on the goal of reducing global greenhouse gas emissions by at least 50 by 2050 under the United Nations climate negotiations The Leaders undertook to implement ambitious national programmes to develop low carbon technologies as part of their efforts to achieve energy security and sustainable economic growth They also acknowledged the need to set medium term energy efficiency objectives The G8 Leaders reiterated the importance of technological innovation and the transfer of existing technologies to developing countries and the importance of sustainability in the production and use of bio fuels They also acknowledged the role of nuclear power in reducing CO2 emissions and responding to individual countries increasing energy security needs Civil use of nuclear energy will need to be inspired by principles of nuclear non proliferation safety and security Africa In Toyako the G8 Leaders renewed their commitments undertaken at the Gleneagles Summit to increase development assistance to Africa by 25 billion dollars yearly by 2010 with respect to the 2004 level They paid particular attention to sectors such as health systems water sanitation education peace and security A shorter timescale was established for implementation of the commitment undertaken at the Heiligendamm Summit in 2007 to provide 60 billion dollars to support measures to combat infectious diseases and improve healthcare The G8 Leaders renewed their commitment to ensure universal access to HIV AIDS prevention measures by 2010 as well as their commitment to ensure that all children have access to basic healthcare by 2015 They undertook as part of a wide ranging action plan for health to implement the World Health Organisation WHO recommendations including that of providing adequate health cover by ensuring that the goal of providing at least 2 3 health operators for every 1 000 inhabitants is achieved On malaria prevention the G8 Leaders agreed to provide 100 million mosquito nets by 2010 not least in light of the particularly cost effective nature of this tool They underscored the importance of implementing the Evian Plan for the effective and rational use of water resources They also undertook to support the United Nations Fast Track Initiative for universal access to primary and secondary education Alongside the social issues the G8 Leaders called attention to the urgent need to create better conditions in Africa for both foreign and domestic investment with a view to promoting development Outreach The outreach process in Toyako was divided into three sessions a meeting with African countries focusing on the gravity of the food crisis and the impact

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  • G8 Summit 2009 - official website - Millennium Goals
    2001 Genoa Summit has saved more than 2 million lives Be that as it may despite the wealthiest countries commitment on aid trade and debt and the poorest countries pledges to reinforce their institutions fight corruption and promote democracy and the processes whereby civil society can play a participatory role there is still a long way to go to meeting the Millennium Goals by 2015 Print Websites United Nations Millennium

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  • G8 Summit 2009 - official website - Climate Change
    to the entire international community to limit the impact of global warming such as the rise in temperature the melting of the glaciers and the soil degradation The industrialised countries must take the lead in this process and make a decisive contribution to the reduction of CO2 emissions at the same time however it is essential for the emerging economies and the developing countries to do their share by reducing greenhouse gas emissions themselves in line with a balanced sharing of responsibility The Negotiating Process The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change or UNFCCC adopted at the Rio de Janeiro Conference in 1992 forms the chief international negotiating forum In the run up to the expiry of the Kyoto Protocol in 2012 the United Nations Convention is conducting the negotiating process with a view to drafting a long term agreement on climate change to replace the current Protocol and involve the largest possible number of countries A significant step in this direction was achieved by the Bali Conference in December 2007 with the adoption of the Bali Road Map in which the parties undertook to draft the future global agreement on climate change before the Copenhagen Conference in December 2009 The United Nations negotiations are being flanked by the G8 process and the Major Economies Meeting MEM This latter which was launched at the G8 s Heiligendamm Summit in 2007 takes in the G8 countries the G5 China India Brazil South Africa and Mexico and Australia Korea and Indonesia a format that accounts overall for over 80 of world CO2 emissions As the end of year Copenhagen Conference approaches the 2009 G8 provides an important opportunity for fostering the full involvement of all the main countries and contributing to the success of the United Nations negotiations on climate change

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  • G8 Summit 2009 - official website - Food Security
    in the medium to long term on the structural factors to blame for inadequate food production and mounting food insecurity The G8 also announced multi year programmes to the tune of about 10 billion euros overall to be used to fund farming projects and infrastructure required for rural development The leaders also pledged to launch a Global Partnership on Food Security and to organise the first meeting of the G8 Agriculture Ministers to be held in 2009 A key aspect of the partnership is the need for it to be based on the existing institutions commencing with the United Nations facilities headquartered in Rome and availing itself also of the High Level Task Force set up by SG Ban Ki Moon The partnership has been described as a crucial food security tool designed to serve three purposes 1 keeping political attention to the issue running high involving the private sector and civil society as well 2 fostering the sharing of good practices among countries and 3 creating a network of experts and scientists in support of political action It is the G8 s job to facilitate the creation of the Global Partnership which is open to all countries willing to

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  • G8 Summit 2009 - official website - World Health
    infant mortality and improving mothers health Italy s world health priorities are stepping up health systems paying specific attention to the enhancement and training of health workers and cutting deaths in childbirth and infant mortality With this end in view support for the integration of pandemic control programs vertical programs with those setting out to enhance health systems is crucial In the light of the experience gained in the launch of the Global Fund To Fight HIV AIDS Tuberculosis and Malaria at the Genoa G8 2001 Italy will pursue its exploration of forms of funding additional to the in themselves innovative Advance Market Commitments AMC for vaccines primarily via membership of the International Task Force working on the funding mechanisms for meeting the MDGs Print Websites United Nations Millennium Development Goals World Health Organization The Joint United Nations Programme on HIV AIDS UNAIDS The Global Fund to fight AIDS Tuberculosis and Malaria High Level Taskforce on Innovative International Financing for Health System GAVI The Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization International Finance Facility for Immunisation IFFIm Unicef United Nations Population Fund UNFPA The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation See also F A Q Development and Africa Crucial Priorities for the

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  • G8 Summit 2009 - official website - Water
    so serious that the United Nations has included the halving of the number of people without access to water among the Millennium Goals What is more it is estimated that half the world population will be living in areas with a water shortage by 2030 The L Aquila G8 Summit held in 2009 devoted special attention to the topic of access to water and basic sanitation The G8 Leaders launched the Evian Action Plan at the 2003 Summit in which they pledged to step up their policies on water and basic sanitation in the poor countries The G8 decided at the subsequent Gleneagles Summit held in 2005 to increase development aid allocated to that sphere Water was a major item on the agenda for the Hokkaido Summit held in 2008 as well at which the Leaders decided to monitor the Evian Action Plan s implementation status in the light of a report to be submitted to the 2009 Summit in Italy and to discuss an enhanced strategy for implementing the plan with their African partners The Italian G8 duty Presidency s priorities include promoting the integrated management of water resources putting national or regional coordination mechanisms in place among beneficiary

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