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  • G8 Summit 2009 - official website - News
    entitled St Petersburg Plan of Action Global Energy Security IEA Evaluation of G8 Countries and the European Commission s Progress on the 7 Key Action Areas is available in the English language version alone and may be consulted printed and downloaded in PDF The report sets out the International Energy Agency s appraisal of the progress made in the G8 member states and by the European Commission in implementing the energy security principles agreed at the G8 Summit held in St Petersburg in 2006 and followed during the Japanese G8 held in Hokkaido Toyako last year by the first implementation progress report This second report which is broadly based on last year s overall analysis is updated in the light of the self assessment figures supplied by each individual country and the European Commission and also takes in reports and updates from both the International Energy Agency and other specialist sources Documents St Petersburg Plan of action global energy security Print Websites St Petersburg 15 17 July 2006 Hokkaido Toyako Summit 7 9 July 2008 Japan The Summit Agenda Ministerial meetings The Summit Venue About Italy Details News Detail Detail Detail Detail Detail Detail Detail Detail Press information Detail Details

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  • G8 Summit 2009 - official website - Photo
    of the G8 Summit third day photo 1 of 11 next High Resolution Download Family photo of the Leaders taken on the last day of the Summit G8website Ansa photo Ciro Fusco Back to gallery The Summit Agenda Ministerial meetings

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  • G8 Summit 2009 - official website - Video
    format View Video in Quick Time format Back to gallery The video featuring a musical background begins with the transfer of the case containing the Capestrano Warrior statue inside the Main Conference building in the Coppito Guardia di Finanza Campus The video illustrates all the different phases of the safety operations and placement of an earthquake proof platform including the final positioning of the warrior s headress It ends with

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  • G8 Summit 2009 - official website - Online Survey
    take part in the first public opinion poll on a G8 site It sets out to bring the world institutions closer to the man in the street thereby also creating a useful observation post for gathering views on the event and over time on the main summit issues If you wish to take part all you have to do is fill out a completely anonymous interactive questionnaire The interim findings

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  • G8 Summit 2009 - official website - The Summit
    the President of the European Commission The annual Leaders Summit is the highest profile and most important event in the G8 process but that process does in fact cover the whole year with meetings at the ministerial and ranking functionary levels The main issues on the Italian Presidency s agenda are a response to the global economic and financial crisis the restoration of grassroots confidence and a boost to growth on a more solid and balanced basis also through the definition of new shared ground rules for economic activities a focus on the social aspect of employment to help the weaker sectors of society both in the industrially advanced countries and in the poorer countries the struggle against protectionism and the deregulation of world trade for everyone s benefit the resolution of regional crises food security and safety and the struggle against climate changes To debate these issues the Italian Presidency organized a G8 Summit which was unique in terms of the number of countries attending comprising as it will both the emerging countries Africa and the main International Organizations Some 90 of the world s economy was represented at the Summit in the expanded working sessions Print Photo gallery

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  • G8 Summit 2009 - official website - Agenda
    DEC December 07 Mon UN Conference on Climate Change The UN Conference on Climate Change will be held in Copenhagen from 7 to 18 december Delegates from 192 countries will be negotiating global and shared solutions against global warming The

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  • G8 Summit 2009 - official website - Ministerial meetings
    Meeting May 29 30 Roma G8 Justice and Home Affairs Ministers Meeting June 11 12 Roma G8 Development Ministers Meeting June 12 13 Lecce G8 Finance Ministers Meeting June 25 27 Trieste G8 Foreign Ministers Meeting Last updated 24 June 2009 Competence of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Competence of the Ministry of Economic Development Print Websites Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance Italian Ministry of Labour Health and Social

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  • G8 Summit 2009 - official website - The Summit Venue
    500 non Commissioned officer cadets every two years Building began in 1986 the first lot comprising about 700 000 cubic metres being completed over the subsequent six years The college s perimeter wall which is over 2 km long encloses about 45 hectares of hilly ground where the headquarters offices the parade ground the auditorium the sports facilities the cadets quarters and the multi purpose unit are laid out The classrooms and mess are located behind the cadets quarters linked by raised walkways with arched glass roofs The upper part is home to the permanent staff s quarters the infirmary the vehicle fleet and the technology control rooms Last but not least the top of the hill features a helipad equipped for both day and night time take off and landing Other facilities for the college s exclusive use are located outside the perimeter wall as is a car park capable of accommodating a thousand or so vehicles in an area of about 4 000 square metres In July the Coppito barracks became the centre of attention of the entire world and it was remodeled to lodge the World Leaders and foreign delegations The whole complex thus also the auditorium and the gymnasium has been given a full makeover with targeted intervention wherever it was required and fully ten accomodation complexes comprising a total of approximately one thousand rooms have been remodeled A simple G8 venue with only the essentials and close to the citizens The three weeks that followed the Summit the barracks remained open to the public enabling the citizens to visit the Main Conference room the lodgings of the Heads of State and Government the Press Village and the three exhibitions created for the G8 Since 5 September whilst the non Commisioned Officers course for the Guardia

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