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  • G8 Summit 2009 - official website - About Italy
    aspects of the various Italian regions Many of them are admirers of the goods produced by Italian creativity in sectors ranging from fashion to design and from machinery to traditional agricultural produce and leading edge technologies Connoisseurs of italian wine and cuisine with their extraordinary variety of flavours and aromas are also legion worldwide For several reasons however Italy is also a country that faces a large number of hazards due to the forces of nature and the way the land has been managed Around 40 of its population lives in highly seismic areas and Abruzzo the region that is to host the Summit was struck by a violent earthquake in April The quake left 300 dead and razed a considerable portion of the architectural heritage of L Aquila and the surrounding province to the ground The Italian G8 Presidency decided to move the Summit venue from its original site in Sardinia to L Aquila both as a sign of sympathy and support for the people of Abruzzo and to draw the world s attention at this time of hardship to an Italian region with a wealth of history culture and natural beauty Print Websites Abruzzo Region Province of L

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  • G8 Summit 2009 - official website - Details
    G8 comprises eight member countries plus the European Union The G8 Process has expanded not only its membership but also its principal agenda which now embraces a series of topics ranging from the environment to human rights and to regional security Print See also F A Q Development and Africa Crucial Priorities for the G8 G7 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors Meeting Labour Ministers Meeting G8 Social Summit G8

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  • G8 Summit 2009 - official website - News
    an End 30 12 2009 As 2009 draws to a close Italy s stint at the helm of the G8 group of countries has reached its conclusion It has been a year packed with meetings and initiatives that culminated in the Summit in L Aquila in July when the heads of state and government leaders of the G8 countries met and debated with over 30 delegations making for a total of 40 participants ranging from the G8 member countries themselves to the countries in the G5 group the countries in the MEF the Major Economies Forum the member countries of the African Union the international organisations and a host of other countries invited by the Italian Presidency With the start of 2010 the presidency now passes to Canada which will be organising meetings at the ministerial level and hosting the G8 Summit in the region of Muskoka in Ontario in the summer UN Climate Conference Winds Up in Copenhagen 19 12 2009 After almost two weeks of tough negotiations an agreement has been reached in Copenhagen on funding for the world s poorer countries with a view to implementing major reductions in CO2 emissions The countries that signed the agreement have to put a figure to their pledges regarding greenhouse gas cuts by 1 February 2010 pending new talks scheduled to be held in Bonn next summer Leaders Work To Thrash Out Accord at Copenhagen UN Conference 18 12 2009 On the final day of the United Nations Conference on Climate Change world leaders are negotiating in an attempt to achieve a binding agreement Positive signals have emerged from a meeting between US President Barack Obama and Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao A draft accord has been prepared providing for an 80 cut in greenhouse gas emissions in the world s wealthier countries and for a 50 cut in all the others by 2050 UN Conference on Climate Change Gets Under Way in Copenhagen 07 12 2009 Resorting to a play on words to illustrate the massive participation and mobilisation that is being seen at the 15th UN Conference on Climate Change Danish Prime Minister Lars Loekke Rasmussen said that from 7 to 18 December Copenhagen is going to be Openhagen The conference has kicked off in an optimistic mood with UN Secretary General Ban Ki moon voicing the certainty that an agreement signed by all of the countries will be achieved in the end G8 Group of Health Experts Meets in L Aquila 27 11 2009 The G8 Group of Experts has met at the Coppito Guardia di Finanza complex to conduct an assessment of the progress made in rebuilding the areas stricken by the earthquake in April this year The Experts noted the significant progress made to date and awarded the accolade of best practices to the actions undertaken which place Italy out in the forefront in the field of response to natural disasters Seminar on the Neglected Tropical Diseases to be held in Rome on 23 November

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  • G8 Summit 2009 - official website - Media
    Italy s year as president of the G8 Summit photo and video galleries providing greater background information on the 2009 G8 venues and a record of the highlights of Italy s year as duty President The videos are prefaced by descriptions of their content and are available in Windows Media Quick Time and Flash formats The Flash versions are subtitled Print See also Accessibility The Summit Agenda Ministerial meetings The

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  • G8 Summit 2009 - official website - FAQ
    view to finding solutions to the main world issues which are summed up in the Final Statement 2 When is the G8 Summit to be held From 8 to 10 July 2009 3 Where is the G8 Summit to be held The 2009 G8 Summit is to be held in Italy in the city of L Aquila 4 When was the first Summit held The group s first meeting was held in Rambouillet France in 1975 at the invitation of then President Valéry Giscard d Estaing Prime Minister Aldo Moro attended on Italy s behalf 5 When was the first Italian Summit held On 22 and 23 June 1980 in Venice Amintore Fanfani was prime minister at the time 6 Which countries are members of the G8 The G8 s members are Canada France Germany Italy Japan Russia the United Kingdom and the United States The European Commission attends as well 7 What is the G8 Presidency s job The G8 Presidency works to define the topics to be placed on the agenda and the priorities for action and to identify the fresh goals and sectors of intervention It also holds responsibility for hosting and organising the preparatory meetings needed

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  • G8 Summit 2009 - official website - Glossary
    summit of heads of state and government It takes in almost all the African nations with the exception of Morocco and has its headquarters in Addis Ababa in Ethiopia The AU is founded on the principles of democracy human rights the rule of law and good governance its mission is to promote peace security and stability on the continent in addition to fostering grass roots participation and good government Unlike

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  • G8 Summit 2009 - official website - Accessibility
    offers text equivalents providing users with the same information as that provided by the non text content All images are provided with an alternative description under the ALT function alternative text Rather than being mere captions with comment on the images these descriptions are in fact a fully fledged alternative to those images They can be read with technological aids for visually handicapped or blind users The video descriptions on the website include soundtrack comment for the hard of hearing or deaf while subtitled versions of most of the videos are available either at once or within a very short space of time Our policy decision to make the wealth of multimedia content on the website both accessible and usable may entail a certain drop in the quality of some of the images especially in terms of the segmentation of video material into clips lasting no more than one or two minutes The obvious advantage of this method is that it allows also users with slow Internet connectivity to download the clips faster and it allows all users to more accurately target the video material that they wish to view However it may also entail a certain loss of definition

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  • G8 Summit 2009 - official website - Contacts
    Relations Office Via Ulpiano 11 00193 Rome Italy Tel 39 06 6820 40 90 For enquiries and reports on technical aspects webmaster g8italia2009 it For comments and questions on content redazione g8italia2009 it Print The Summit Agenda Ministerial meetings The

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