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  • Mission
    the perception of MSA as supplier of excellence To grant a work environment characterized by common purposes and mutual understanding between the management and the staff To guarantee the development of our products services and resources in order to meet the customers requirements and to exceed their expectations concerning availability and assistance pursuing a continuous improvement Our History The Company Today Mission Vision Ethic Code Quality CUSTOMER AREA login Forgot

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  • Vision
    MSA continues to be one of the leader companies in the manufacturing of shock absorbers Looking back at the past we feel the need of a new energy input From this wish our company vision takes its origin These are the ideals we are fighting for looking at the 75 jubilee of our company and focusing on research technological innovation which has always been the central point from MSA s origin We are designing and creating products that assure safety and comfort offering an excellent service in order to provide total customer satisfaction As a company of excellence and worth in the near future we won t only look for profit but we will work hard to face our business and civil responsibilities in order to gain not only our customers trust but also the trust of the whole society looking forward to be considered an indispensable company For these reasons one of our responsibilities consists in sending a clear message to the society about our goals and the direction we are headed to MSA considers its new company vision a commitment with the society The whole company staff has already began to move towards a new ideal and a

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  • Ethic Code
    be oriented This identity ground its roots in the entrepreneurial style of the founders who from three generations are leading the company This legacy gains strength from more than 50 years of traditions experiences and working habits becoming one of the most important resources of the company It is important for MSA to underline its own identity clearly defining the values in which the company believes In particular the ethic principles of this Code are very important in order to maintain the company s credibility in the civil and economic contest in which it operates and to makethese values become a competitive advantage The ethic Code offers a guide and a support for every employer as well as for everyone who is helping to reach the company s targets and focus on the group s mission The Code is a fundamental element of the internal control s organisation which is regularly implemented and developed by MSA It is important that all people working for the company and committed to fulfil the company s goals without distinctions and exceptions share the importance of observing and respecting this Code according to everyone s functions and responsibilities This Ethic Code in its the

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  • Quality
    and that processes guarantee not only the constructive conformity but also workers health environmental protection and research of energetic efficiency In order to reach the above mentioned targets high qualified staff through strict controls and the use of specific tools regularly monitor our processes MSA considers its staff as one of its major resources and for this reason a continuous training is scheduled in order to ensure competence and room for improvement The present Quality System is certified according to UNI EN ISO 9001 2008 The welding processes are realized according to the German Norm DIN 6700 granted by high qualified staff for the execution process for both destructive and non destructive testing and by the presence of an EWE inside the company MSA obtained the certification UNI EN 14001 as a proof of its interest for the environmental protection in general and in particular for the area where it operates All the staff is involved in the company preparation for the certification I R I S and for a future acknowledgement S A 8000 MSA Management offers human resources facilities and economic means in order to achieve our goals and to improve the Workers Security and Health considering it

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  • Catalogue
    and great comfort in transport GIMON and MSA shock absorbers are safe and reliable products manufactured with selected materials and according to the strict technical specifications of OEcustomers Each single application has its proper valve unit developed on purpose by our research and design department A wide range of shock absorbers for the after market is also available Gallery Catalogue Search products Railway Application TRUCK TRAILER AXLES Coach Bus Special

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  • Search products
    us Contacts Job Career Self application Search products Research by code Research by vehicle Research by constructor Advanced research You can research the product writing a correct code or a partial code 1 MSA Code 2 Original Ref FIND Catalogue Search products Railway Application TRUCK TRAILER AXLES Coach Bus Special Applications Sebac CUSTOMER AREA login Forgot your password Sign Up GIMON MSA Company Products R D News Contacts Sign Up

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  • Railway Application
    important national railways worldwide Our customers appreciate MSA shock absorbers for the reliability of its product the excellent delivery performance and the after sales service MSA shock absorbers production includes all railway applications Vertical horizontal and lateral dampers for primary and secondary suspensions High technological yaw dampers for standard trains and high speed trains Nonlinear dampers for secondary suspensions Inter cars dampers Electronically controlled dampers Dampers for pantographs Thanks to a flexible manufacturing system and a wide experience in the realization of different projects our hallmark is the ability to customize our offer producing tailor made products that can meet the most particular and special requirements provided by the customers In particular Dimensional structure open close stroke with a wide range of solutions which allow us to meet the customer s needs according to the specific requests Upper and lower joints with elastic devices of different shape and products in vulcanised rubber in order to guarantee an excellent durability of the radial and torsional stiffness Functioning tests run in order to verify the damping forces according to the project s parameters Proptech the special valve Proptech grants a linear absorption of dynamic energy and a rapid answer of the valve system This allows an increase of 30 of the comfort and safety s standards compared to previous products Shock absorber main function is increasing passenger comfort but they also are an important safety element In order to guarantee reliability and a long working life strict quality controls are made on each single shock absorber this allowed us to get the UNI EN ISO 9001 2000 certification while welding processes are made according to EN15085 MSA offers a wide range of shock absorbers for pantograph suitable for each kind of need We regularly run strict laboratory s tests in order to

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    commercial and industrial vehicles axles trailers and semi trailers buses and coaches tractors etc MSA offers to their customers a wide range of product in order to satisfy each kind of need Dampers for front and rear axles Dampers for self steering axles Dampers for cabins with mechanical and air spring The shock absorber with Flatline valve is the innovative solution actually used for most of the projects in the

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