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  • SmeSpire - A European Community of SMEs built on Environmental Digital Content and Languages
    perspectives including Linked Open Data Sensor Web cloud computing and other e environment application domains SmeSpire s purpose is to encourage and enable the participation of SMEs in the mechanisms of harmonising and making large scale environmental content available Expected results Assessment of market potential for SMEs in relation to INSPIRE as an integral component of the Digital Agenda for Europe describing obstacles for SMEs to enter this market in terms of knowledge gaps Collation translation and exploitation of a Best Practice Catalogue in the management of environmental content Development of a multilingual package to train environmental data analysts in the maintenance and exploitation of environmental data commons Creation of a network capable of transferring result driven knowledge throughout Europe with research centres environmental agencies progressive technology providers and digital content providers Expected Otuputs Assessment in 12 EU Member States of the market potential for geo ICT SMEs in relation to INSPIRE as an integral component of the DAE to characterise the obstacles for geo ICT companies to enter this market in terms of knowledge gaps and training needs as defined in WP1 A training package based on vocational training curricula designed to train environmental data analysis professionals expert in the maintenance and exploitation of environmental data commons The training package including a catalogue translated in all the official languages of the participating Member States will be made available on an e learning training platform A Best Practice catalogue including lessons learned and unsuccessful outcomes in the field of the management of environmental digital content across Europe Dissemination events in the form of smeSpire days which will include training workshops to be organised in the 12 participating countries potentially organised as ePractice workshops A network of SMEs and other institutional stakeholders aiming at bridging the gap between the INSPIRE driven

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  • iTour - Intelligent Transport system for Optimized URban trips
    transport bus car railroad tram etc taking into account user preferences as well as real time information on road conditions weather public transport network conditions In order to reach that goal i Tour promotes a new approach to data collection based on recommender system created on the basis of information provided by the whole user community i Tour mobility client applications feature a very user friendly interface accessible from PCs PDAs and Smartphones i Tour clients are designed to promote use of public transport by encouraging sustainable travel choices and by providing rewarding mechanisms for users choosing public travel options Sustainable travel preferences such as those measured in terms of CO2 emissions saved by using public transport are rewarded e g through free public transport tickets thus promoting and encouraging environmental friendly travel behaviours The important objectives have been achieved from public transport estimation load WP2 to modeling of the multi modal transport system WP3 from development of the serious game interface WP4 to an analysis of the privacy threats WP5 Low level services that support transport data access have been implemented WP6 and our dissemination activities continue across a variety of sectors WP8 Video News Sunshine invited to a

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  • Smart-Islands
    impacted by seasonal tourism being far from the definition of smart cities The poor availability of spatial data infrastructure the lack of available services for sustainable urban environment and city management and the special socioeconomic conditions are key factors to be considered in the Mediterranean Current SDIs for islands and smart services do not cover the main characteristics of a Smart Island as geographic datasets and databases are not integrated or harmonized for services A Smart Island provides its inhabitants and visitors with services based on ICT IST in a variety of sectors such as mobility tourism leisure real estate weather health yachting environment and others The Smart Islands project provides to multiple levels of users a variety of Mediterranean islands based service applications under friendly 3D interfaces whilst the product justifies the motto Be there before you are there Approach Smart Islands is not a research and development project in the context of the classical FP7 rather it capitalises on successful EU RTD projects and provides added value for services commercialised in 2012 next to a franchising model Smart Islands is a service created to make profit with the aim to recover partners investment within two years after the project closure The Smart Islands products are operational applications on the iPad and other tablets offering smart information to island visitors and citizens through state of art technology Outcome and benefit The Smart Islands applications focus on real time information for the tourist industry depicting all possible available information displayed on 3D backgrounds The first Smart Islands application is available since October 2012 as a commercial iPad app and can be found in the Apple Store Marketing and commercialization of such a project is not straight forward thus the project is supported by an accurate business plan and market surveys

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  • VISION - VIsualization, SImulation and visual cOmputing techNologies
    industry and entrepreneurship in these areas of simulation visualization and visual computing technologies analysing research and market potential and identifying potential key players that should be involved in future R D priorities in EU More specifically the goals are to Identify general trends challenges and opportunities Identify key players at global and EU level Analyse the competitive position of EU research and industry Identify research trends and barriers Investigate market trends and barriers Propose recommendations for the definition of an EU strategy in the field including research innovation and market uptake The data gathered by VISION and the lessons learned through the study due at the beginning of 2013 will be then fed into the Commission Strategic Framework and Work Programme preparation process By following a grassroots approach VISION will promote engagement of the wide community of stakeholders from both academia and industry by fostering Direct involvement of stakeholders in the identification of high level requirements guidelines best practices action plans Direct involvement of experts in matter of strategic relevance through forms of open consultations Creation of strategic partnerships and cooperation between EU and stakeholders Building of consensus among various stakeholders on future RTD priorities VISION exper group EG VISION is now looking for a significant although limited number of highly committed experts from both industry and RTD world which will form an Expert Group The Expert Group will operate as an high profile advisory board Its members will be called upon to Provide advice to the project through consultation processes on selected projects activities Validate high level results of the project Provide critical input on activities of projects Provide input to identify developments and technologies of strategic interest Help identify new fields of application and of relevant market potential Identify key elements for future RTD agendas Amplify the dissemination

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  • BRISEIDE - Bridging Services, Information and Data for Europe
    the context of GMES eContentPlus 2 application e g Civil Protection based on the integration of existing user operational information and 3 value added services for spatio temporal data management authoring processing analysis and interactive visualisation BRISEIDE will be applied tested and validated within a Civil Protection application context using the INSPIRE relevant themes via a chain of stakeholders data providers technology partners and downstream users The Pilot operational phase will last 12 months and will consider real life events with extensions in additional domains being considered and assessed Project services converge with Free Open Source Software FOSS initiatives from the Open Source Geospatial Foundation www osgeo org This ensures further development and processing functionalities built on top of BRISEIDE framework to be extended by public administrations or private industries according to their specific needs BRISEIDE s platform will be available on lease thus ensuring economic sustainability and partners investment recovery The project involves 15 EU partners on the development of spatio temporal web processes for geospatial application and will extend the World Wind Java SDK to support WMS WFS WPS and time dimension News Sunshine invited to a workshop in Bolzano Read More The 3rd SLOPE technical meeting Read

    Original URL path: http://www.graphitech.it/2012/451-briseide (2016-02-10)
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  • SAGA- Shapes Geometry Algebra
    problems that occur In the long term this development may prove to be problematic since it decouples the CAD CAM industry from new applications such as mobile telecommunication and the computer game industry CAD systems are due for major rework to be able to exploit the computational performance of multi core CPUs and data stream accelerators such as programmable graphics cards Experiments show that data stream accelerators outperform CPUs by an order of magnitude for tasks that can be effectively parallelized Current hardware has 3 to 4 orders of magnitude more computational performance than the hardware standard CAD technology originally targeted This opens up the opportunity to use more advanced approaches in CAD systems Within the numerical analysis community the use of higher order polynomial representations hpFEM and the isogeometric approach has been conceived as a new way to break the complexity barrier caused by piecewise linear representations and to deal efficiently with free form geometry In order to exploit the potential of these developments this progress has to be matched by corresponding research and development in the geometric and CAD CAM community The consortium consists of universities research institutes and industrial partners that all share the belief that CAD CAM will be greatly enhanced by exploiting mathematical results and techniques they are currently working on covering the full spectrum from Algebraic Geometry and Computer Algebra to Computer Aided Geometric Design CAGD Numerical Analysis and Approximation Theory The challenges to be addressed in SAGA are organized into four scientific work packages WP1 Change of Representation WP2 Geometric Computing Algebraic Tools WP3 Algebraic Geometry for CAD Applications WP4 Practical Industrial Problems Two relatively small and exploratory European projects GAIA 2001 assessment project and GAIA II FET Open 2002 2005 co ordinated by SINTEF established a meeting place in Europe for researchers

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  • Big Risiko Live
    collaborates to organize the event for what concerns the visualization and managing aspect of the various game phases from a software point of view The main aim of this project has been to mobilize an appreciable number of people above all but not only students in a living board game in Trento inner city s roads and squares following Risiko s rules and roles The underlying philosophy is that of using game not only as an entertainment but also as a thinking moment The Big Risiko Live put food for thought s questions at the core of the troops contest i e questions on social economic and environmental issues The idea of war has been replaced with with the idea of a confrontation among those who know issues problems and challenges of the time i e climatic change population ageing solitude unemployment etc Thus the war game has been changed in an awareness moment for young people and Trento s inhabitants as a whole Moreover through technology this game wanted to foster a brand new and more responsible vision and use of technological instruments and services they has not to be seen as a replacement of personal intercommunication but as an instrument to enrich it as well as the people ability to be socially informed and active As already said this game s proceeds as every What IF and ParTake initiatives are has been given to a specific cause in this case old people that we prefer to call the Young people of Yesterday The idea was to distribute shopping tickets to hard put old people in collaboration with a local supermarket chain News Sunshine invited to a workshop in Bolzano Read More The 3rd SLOPE technical meeting Read More GeoBrowser 3D Updates Read More Happy Holidays Read More GraphiTech

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  • Rilievo IP-PAT
    on illuminating devices This software allows the visualization on a map of the operator s position through the GPS localization system and to interactively locate on the map the illuminating devices position For each of these illuminating devices the user could define the information concerning its identification code region province municipality hamlet its location automatically drawn by the user through the selection of a point in the map and its typology and geometry according to the classifications given by the buyer This interface allows adding information through a series of masks on The illuminating device s configuration such as height and kind its illuminating power Its location specifying distance from the roadside the footpath the roadway s width This system allows connecting to the user s local network via Wi Fi so as to exchange information and the results of this campaign with a PC through special software provided by Graphitech as part of the offer News Sunshine invited to a workshop in Bolzano Read More The 3rd SLOPE technical meeting Read More GeoBrowser 3D Updates Read More Happy Holidays Read More GraphiTech presents iTrentino Read More c Space conference Call for papers Read More SUNSHINE final conference Read More

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