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  • Aim@Shape
    it with knowledge semantics This new approach in shape research is to be created by the formalization of shape knowledge and the definition of shape ontologies in specific contexts the definition of shape behaviors which formalizes the interoperability between shapes the delineation of methods for knowledge based design of shapes the definition of tools for semantics dependent mapping of shapes This scientific goal is ambitious and it can be achieved only by establishing the necessary infrastructures for growing a new multidisciplinary research field where excellence in Computer Graphics and Vision Computational Mathematics Geometric Modeling Computer Science CAD and Engineering joins the state of the art of Knowledge Technologies The scientific innovation sought by AIM SHAPE will be high in terms of the new methodological approach to model digital shapes Current information systems may handle the geometric representation of digital shapes but not their semantics meaning or functionality in a given context Scientific innovation will be also high in terms of proposing and developing ontologies for modeling digital shapes and their semantics in key applied sectors Up to now the efforts in this direction only touch the visual appearance of 3D objects geometry but not the meaning of the shape in a specific sector The AIM SHAPE consortium of 14 excellent research institutions in foundational and applied fields of shape modeling will pursue lasting integration both at the foundational level by initiating a new Theory of Digital Shapes and at the component level by developing a Digital Shape Workbench as a common platform for shape models and software tools Integrating activities will include the design of common shapes ontology and a program for human capital mobility and training Spreading of excellence activities will include an international forum an industrial users group and regular conferences AIM SHAPE is aimed at coordinating research on representing modeling and processing knowledge related to digital shapes Digital shapes are digital representations of either physically existing objects or virtual objects that can be processed by computer applications Digital shapes occur and are used in many different environments such as Industrial Design e g CAD models of products laser scanned prototypes Medical Applications e g tomography or X rays Entertainment e g computer animations virtual actors Personal Environments e g pictures or videos Geographical Information Systems e g maps or three dimensional models of terrains and many more What is common to all shapes is that they all have a geometry the spatial extent of the object they can be described by structures object features and part whole decomposition they have attributes colors textures names attached to an object its parts and or its features they have a semantics meaning purpose and they may also have interaction with time e g history shape morphing animation video While the technological advances in terms of hardware and software have made available plenty of tools for using and interacting with the geometry of shapes the interaction with the semantic content of digital shapes is still far from being satisfactory While we

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  • PUP - Provincial Urban Plan
    project has brought to the development of a client server architecture where a number of geo browser 3D access in real time the geographical data streamed by a central server The architecture of the client application has been based on the WorldWind librares from Nasa which have been customized to cope with the specific requirements of the provincial authority The server application has been completely developed by Graphitech with the goal of creating a very fast infrastructure capable of serving a large amount of clients at very high speed For this the project has brought to the development of a set of classes capable to preprocess and compress the data available from the provincial plan according to an optimized data structure which is then sent via the network and then used by the client application The main challenge of the project was set by the sheer size of the data set to be used by the project In fact the urban plan covers the entire province territory which is one of the widest in Italy with a total surface of 6 200 square kilometers Geographical information has been structured in more than 130 layers dealing with a number of different themes such as Data of environmental interest such as protected areas hydrography natural parks natural reserves lakes skiing areas agricultural areas glaciers etc Data related to infrastructure such as power lines streets layers airports sewage etc Data of interest for urban planning such as public infrastructure administration borders areas to be used for dwelling industrial areas etc The result is a system capable to show interactively a variety of themes over the entire provincial authority The application is currently used as a planning tool by the staff of provincial News Sunshine invited to a workshop in Bolzano Read More The

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  • SensViz3D
    a strong support of higher level terrain visualization we chose to integrate the Open Source Virtual Terrain Project VTP functionalities into our system by porting it to the Open Source Scenegraph Library OpenSG link to port Doing so the clients take advantage of rendering techniques like various continuous level of detail implementations and paging of elevation and imagery A graphical editor which allows creation import export manipulation of sensor data servers as a real time administrative interface to control the provision of topics sensorial data and at the same time it is used as an interface to common GIS applications The standard VTP graphical editor used for viewing and processing geospatial data VTBuilder 2D has been extended through the development of the so called SensorBuilder This tool allows the definition and graphical manipulation of sensor data boundaries and attributes Following the architecture of the standard VTP graphical editor we use a layer based architecture in which data are classified by the user into a specific contexts Layers are thus assigned a context like water structures elevation and imagery A client application responsible for the rendering decides according to the context which data timevarying static is relevant for the actual examination Additionally terrain cultures like forests buildings and streets along with their geometrical and semantical attributes are provided by using interactive queries to a Web Feature Service PostGIS database and translated to a 3D representation These queries are broadcasted to all clients in the framework to assure at all times synchronicity of the examination data The concept of administrating sensor stations via the Sensor Builder relay application requires us to support two distinct approaches handling of raw unsupervised sensor data and additionally managed manipulated sensor data through insertion of a real time administration component into the communication pipeline After the user

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  • Web3D@UniTn
    Projects Running projects Completed projects Publications Contact us Web3D UniTn Details Research Area Cultural Heritage Status Completed Start Year 2007 End Date 2007 GraphiTech Role Developer of the full technology Funding University of Trento 3D models for visualization of University of Trento Buildings in Google Earth platform Facoltà di Sociologia Trento Facoltà di Economia Trento Attuale facoltà di Lettere Trento Nuova facoltà di Lettere Trento Facoltà di Giurisprudenza Trento Molino Vittoria Trento Facoltà di Ingegneria Trento Facoltà di Scienze Trento Nuovi uffici di Povo Trento Microsoft Research Trento Cavazzani Trento Nuova Biblioteca Trento Centro Mente e Cervello Mattarello Palazzo Piomarta Rovereto Rettorato Trento News Sunshine invited to a workshop in Bolzano Read More The 3rd SLOPE technical meeting Read More GeoBrowser 3D Updates Read More Happy Holidays Read More GraphiTech presents iTrentino Read More c Space conference Call for papers Read More SUNSHINE final conference Read More SUNSHINE Technical meeting in Trento Read More GraphiTech 4th Joint SIG 3D and OGC workshop in Munich Read More GraphiTech TEDxTrento 2015 Read More SUNSHINE Training workshop in Trento Read More GeoBrowser 3D new features Read More PhD courses at the ICT Doctoral School Read More SLOPE i SCOPE SUNSHINE and eENVplus European

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    and medium sized enterprises 13 research and company partners from five European countries participate in the development of a methodological toolbox and an Internet search tool AMI SME designed and implemented a software prototype for a domain model assisted Internet search with integrated document storage and knowledge organisation AMI SME software supports systematic search activities that go beyond single step retrieval AMI SME combines search engines that are available on the Internet with a flexible storage system for documents and knowledge items obtained from a search Such an ontology based search and storage system makes Internet search more intelligent and aligns it closely to the users demand AMI SME delivers a solution that meets the information requirements of international marketing and sales endeavours AMI SME aims to gather analyse and process essential information for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises SMEs that intend to enter or have recently ventured into an international market SMEs that do not have the capacity to conduct detailed market analyses of their own are provided with a general framework that is further specified to facilitate country and industry selections In addition to self explanatory elements consultancy services are offered for various activities in the internationalisation process The main outcome of the project will be a software package and an organisational concept a methodical toolbox will guide SMEs on their way to internationalisation It describes useful internationalisation processes pinpoints critical success factors reveals information demands and recommends information sources A comprehensive information search and analysis tool will be accessible over the Internet An information agent gathers information from within the company from professional information providers and the Web and presents the results according to the role of the searcher as well as the business process News Sunshine invited to a workshop in Bolzano Read More The 3rd

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  • VTP porting to OpenSG
    of CAD GIS visual simulation surveying and remote sensing VTP gathers information and tracks progress in areas such as procedural scene construction feature extraction and rendering algorithms VTP writes and supports a set of software tools including an interactive runtime environment VTP Enviro The tools and their source code are freely shared to help accelerate the adoption and development of the necessary technologies The screenshots show the port of the Virtual Terrain Project from OpenSceneGraph to OpenSGl The images 1 and 3 show application which adds collaborative features like joint retrieval of content via an WFS PostGIS database among several instances to the basic VTP They depict the city of Trento Italy with 26 000 buildings Image 2 shows the native VTP runtime component for navigation and content creation Enviro The VTP supports tiled terrain using Stefan Roettgers Mini library as can be seen in screenshot 3 Currently supported decorated OpenSG scene graph vtp overlay all VTP nodes have been adapted all native VTP geometries navigation schemes VTP Project http opensg vrsource org trac wiki Gallery VirtualTerrain Back News Sunshine invited to a workshop in Bolzano Read More The 3rd SLOPE technical meeting Read More GeoBrowser 3D Updates Read More

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  • ProCon3D
    is divided into three main sections The bottom part can be used to create new objects to define their category their product type their production year their product code etc The content of the drop down menus can be customised by editing a simple ini file Most importantly it is possible to associate a 3D model to the product itself This has to be an EON Prototype previously exported by the operator using standard EON software www eonreality com A preview window placed on the top right corner shows the 3D object selected by the user The 3D object can be fully interactive that is it can contain interactions as well as other features supported by any EON prototype In fact the whole set of interactions supported by standard EON applications are supported by ProCon3D Usually in an ideal workflow the operator creates a customised library of EON prototypes which can be used both within standard EON software and within ProCon3D At this stage the user then selects the 3D model to be associated to the database entry This becomes the means to interact with the object within ProCon3D and fully represent the product within the system Two buttons are shown in overlay to the 3D environment these allow zoom all and orbit functionalities At this stage the user can also associate other documents such as CAD files documents PowerPoint presentations Videos of the product s advertisement etc This allows the creation of a complete database associated with the 3D model whereby the user can specify product details as well as all other related documents which are necessary to track the product s evolution The table at the top right corner shows the whole set of objects present within the database and their features The table can be ordered by any of the elements in the table which represent the features of the product Whenever an item is selected from the database the user can see its 3D representation and they can edit the product s properties ProCon3D tracks each database entry therefore it is possible at any time to ask the system to recall the product s action history which details the date of creation and the author as well as any further modification to the product Once a few products are inserted into the database the user can start configuring a product s scenario To do so he she activates the appropriate window The interface is now divided into 4 areas At the top right corner a number of drop down menus can be used to compose a query by defining the most appropriate filters The products which meet the filter constraints are shown in the table below Whenever an object is selected from the table the user can show an interactive preview of the 3D model in the bottom right window and further the product can be placed into the scene To create a scenario the user first chooses a scene This can be added to the

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  • Nicola Segata - Marco Bassetti
    Master Thesis Phd Thesis Master Thesis Proposal Contacts Nicola Segata Marco Bassetti BS Project Presentation No Frames Video Description The project consists of an interface for the creation of surfaces of rotation extrusion to skinning Coon and triangular Besides creation the application is able to manipulate in real time the surfaces created changing the features used in construction Send an e mail to This e mail address is being protected

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