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  • Digital Educational Games
    is a field combining education with entertainment issues with the goal of raising the learning process to a more engaging and fun filled experience One of the main edutainment fields which is receiving increasing attention by the research community addresses the field of Digital Heritage Within such setups visitors are able to virtually explore the reconstructed heritage environment and they can benefit from the additional information and learning material that the virtual environment offers Other relevant activities include The island of Wii project whose purpose was to develop a serious game prototype for earlier class of primary school The game targeted to pupils aged between 6 and 7 is called L isola di Wii The isle of Wii and it is structured as a container for micro games designed to promote development of basic skills in mathematics The game is based on a three dimensional game engine and it makes use of the WiiMote game controller to promote a playful interactive experience with the game Last but not least GraphiTech is promoting the adoption of strategies typical of DEG A number of devices today readily available on the market including but not limited to iPhones or Android phones allow an unprecedented level of freedom to software developers who can now take advantage of powerful computing capabilities hardware support of 3D graphics large memory and extended storage space high resolution touch screens support for two hand interaction e g in the case of the iPhone availability of high resolution on board cameras and of a variety of sensors including GPS antenna proximity sensors gyroscopes and accelerometers This plentiful of hardware devices is then complemented by GraphiTech to ensure ubiquitous availability of internet connections either via WiFi or through 3G Edge or UMTS networks The unprecedented success of these devices with the

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  • Industrial Applications
    that require designers to adjust to the technology adopted Several projects have brought to the development of a number of different technologies in the field of Augmented Engineering IT Support for the Virtual PDP Mixed Augmented Virtual Reality Realtime Solutions for Simulation and Visual Analytics Interactive Graphics Systems HCI CSCW Computer Supported Collaborative Work GraphiTech is aware that the international context has been and in a more complex and unpredictable way still is characterized by worldwide competition and by a rapidly evolving global economy Improved communication and transportation means have helped provide consumers with an enormous choice of goods and services If from a customer perspective competition and global economy have brought to the wider choice of cheaper and better products from the company s standpoint these factors cause pricing pressure force to shorten production times and to perform continuous innovation As a result to be able to cope with increasing competition and be successful the company has to improve quality increase product s added value reduce time to market and foster innovation at all levels GraphiTech has promoted R D sustaining and maintaining innovative product design which is essential to ensure constant success and competitiveness This is especially true for Small and Medium sized Enterprises SMEs which still dominate the market in Europe The fast development of IT and communication technologies as well as their wide adoption within several companies creates an opportunity for companies to inevitably introduce sometimes radical improvements within their organizational structures IT tools developed by GraphiTech support several phases of design and production Managers can be supported by adequate innovative IT tools which can contribute with relevant improvements to activities within their companies related to innovation of products and processes Within this context since its early days GraphiTech s research has been focused on the

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  • Acquisition Tools
    features a low lux night shooting mode face detection and multiple simple methods for transferring recorded content including one button transfer and an HDMI connector The JVC GZ HM400 has 32GB of built in flash memory which is faster and more reliable than other recording media such as DVDs or hard drives in that there are no moving parts The camera will also accommodate an addition SD SDHC memory card up to 32GB effectively doubling the storage size 3D Full HD Video Camcorder HDC S900 is one of the best ever Panasonic Video Camcorder The 3MOS System Colorfully renders 2D and 3D images and has 7 59 million effective motion image pixels 2 53 megapixels x 3 This sensor separates the light received through the lens into the three primary colors red green and blue and processes each color independently to offer images with significantly better color quality detail and gradation than 1MOS sensor system 1 080 50p recording full HD 1 920 x 1 080 50 progressive recording at a 28 Mbps bit rate conveys about twice the information of 1 080i interlace recording to produce the ultimate in image quality exceeding even conventional full HD images It minimizes afterimages and flickering caused by subject motion and renders crisp detailed images Attaching the 3D Conversion Lens VW CLT1 to the camcorder it is possible to record 3D images in AVCHD format firsthand Incorporating Panasonic s 3MOS technology users can easily create their own 3D movies in extreme reality The AVCHD format enables playback using a Panasonic s VIERA TV and Blu ray DiscTM player recorder A TV that is capable of side by side method 3D playback 3D Eyewear and HDMI cable connection are required GoPro HD Hero2 The GoPro HD Hero2 boasts improved optics a few new video

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  • Console Development
    is the second video game console produced by Microsoft and the successor to the Xbox Some major features of the Xbox 360 are its integrated Xbox Live service that allows players to compete online download arcade games game demos trailers TV shows music and movies and its Windows Media Center multimedia capabilities The main unit of the Xbox 360 itself has slight double concavity in matte white or black The official color of the white model is Arctic Chill It features a port on the top when vertical left side when horizontal to which a custom housed hard drive unit can be attached in sizes of either 20 60 120 or 250 GB Inside the Xbox 360 uses the triple core IBM designed Xenon as its CPU with each core capable of simultaneously processing two threads and can therefore operate on up to six threads at once Graphics processing is handled by the ATI Xenos which has 10 MB of eDRAM Its main memory pool is 512 MB in size XNA Community is a feature whereby Xbox 360 owners can receive community created games made with Microsoft XNA Game Studio from the XNA Creators Club The games are written published and distributed through a community managed portal XNA Community provides a channel for digital videogame delivery over Xbox Live that can be free of royalties publishers and licenses Nintendo Wii The Wii is a home video game console released by Nintendo on November 19 2006 A distinguishing feature of the console is its wireless controller the Wii Remote which can be used as a handheld pointing device and detects movement in three dimensions Another distinctive feature of the console is WiiConnect24 which enables to receive messages and updates over the Internet while in standby mode The Wii Remote is the

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  • HCI Devices
    to touch a game controller through a natural user interface using gestures and spoken commands The project is aimed at broadening the Xbox 360 s audience beyond its typical gamer base Logitech Extreme 3D PRO JoyStick Logitech the specialist in IT products and peripherals has recently announced about the launch of Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Joystick into consumer electronics market With advanced controls and a twist handle rudder this stable and precise joystick gives gaming user the edge whether the user is in an acrobatic dogfight or long range strike The twist handle rudder allows user to turn on a dime or zero on his own target with deadly accurate directional control It has 12 conveniently placed action buttons eight way rubberized hat switch twist handle and rapid fire trigger for superior gaming experience 3D Connexion SpaceMouse Revolutionize the way you work with 3D applications Pan zoom and rotate the model or camera as if you re holding it in your hand It s a level of control that s simply not possible with a traditional mouse and keyboard Oculus Rift The Oculus Rift is a new virtual reality headset that lets players step inside their favorite games and virtual worlds The Rift uses custom tracking technology to provide ultra low latency 360 head tracking allowing you to seamlessly look around the virtual world just as you would in real life Every subtle movement of your head is tracked in real time creating a natural and intuitive experience The Oculus Rift creates a stereoscopic 3D view with excellent depth scale and parallax Unlike 3D on a television or in a movie this is achieved by presenting unique and parallel images for each eye This is the same way your eyes perceive images in the real world creating a much more natural and comfortable experience MYO The MYO is and armband that slips around your forearm and using motion and muscle sensors is able to track your movements and gestures into input commands The result is a hands free control system that will work with your computer smartphone tablet television or robot The Myo armband measures the electrical activity from your muscles to detect what gesture your hand is making It also senses all of the motions and rotations of your hand and forearm The Myo armband works with Windows Mac iOS and Android It connects to these compatible technologies via a Bluetooth 4 0 Low Energy connection Key features include a Bluetooth 4 0 Low Energy connection proprietary muscle activity EMG sensors an ARM processor a 9 axis inertial measurement unit IMU a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery micro USB charging and haptic feedback Leap Motion The Leap Motion controller is a small USB peripheral device which is designed to be placed on a physical desktop facing upward Using two monochromatic IR cameras and three infrared LEDs the device observes a roughly hemispherical area to a distance of about 1 meter 3 feet The LEDs generate a 3D pattern of dots

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  • VR-Visualization Displays
    filtered separately to the left and right eye Two strategies have been used to accomplish this have the viewer wear eyeglasses to filter the separate offset images to each eye or have the lightsource split the images directionally into the viewer s eyes no glasses required 3D ready TV sets are those that can operate in 3D mode in addition to regular 2D mode in conjunction with a set top box and LCD shutter glasses where the TV tells the glasses which eye should see the image being exhibited at the moment creating a stereoscopic image These TV sets usually support HDMI 1 4 and if an LED backlit LCD Television a minimum input and output refresh rate of 120 Hz glasses may be sold separately Rear Passive 3D Stereo The most common passive stereographic system uses dual projectors with polaroid filters in front of the projectors and matching filters in the glasses The projectors can be driven in many ways by a single computer with a multiple graphics pipes by semi independent but synced computers synced DVD players slide projectors etc This solves the main problems identified above with active systems If the system is being driven by a computer then one can use non stereo capable hardware there is a wide choice from the consumer game industry There is a wider source of suitable projectors although now one needs two of them Lastly but crucial for public environments the glasses cost a couple of dollars instead of hundreds This solution is composed of 2 Barco Projectors iQ R350 with a resolution at 1440x768 and a rear projection panel 2 50x2 10 mt of dimension Rear Projection WorkBanch We built our environment on a custom made interactive workbench with a rear projection system based on an Epson with short lens The interaction is done with a multitouch display system 32 touches from PQ Labs Head Mounted Display A head mounted display or helmet mounted display both abbreviated HMD is a display device worn on the head or as part of a helmet that has a small display optic in front of one monocular HMD or each eye binocular HMD A typical HMD has either one or two small displays with lenses and semi transparent mirrors embedded in a helmet eye glasses also known as data glasses or visor The display units are miniaturised and may include CRT LCDs Liquid crystal on silicon LCos or OLED Some vendors employ multiple micro displays to increase total resolution and field of view Major HMD applications include military governmental fire police etc and civilian commercial medicine video gaming sports etc Matrox TripleHead2Go The Matrox TripleHead2Go Digital SE external multi display adapter adds up to three DVI monitors to laptop or desktop computer It connects to the video output and uses the system s existing GPU to provide high quality uncompressed graphics and video across all monitors Ideal for professionals requiring more desktop space for maximum productivity Pro A V specialists looking to create

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  • Development Libraries
    related to multimedia especially game programming and video on Microsoft platforms Originally the names of these APIs all began with Direct such as Direct3D DirectDraw DirectMusic DirectPlay DirectSound and so forth The name DirectX was coined as shorthand term for all of these APIs the X standing in for the particular API names and soon became the name of the collection Direct3D the 3D graphics API within DirectX is widely used in the development of video games for Microsoft Windows Microsoft Xbox and Microsoft Xbox 360 Direct3D is also used by other software applications for visualization and graphics tasks such as CAD CAM engineering As Direct3D is the most widely publicized component of DirectX it is common to see the names DirectX and Direct3D used interchangeably The DirectX software development kit SDK consists of runtime libraries in redistributable binary form along with accompanying documentation and headers for use in coding Originally the runtimes were only installed by games or explicitly by the user Windows 95 did not launch with DirectX but DirectX was included with Windows 95 OEM Service Release 2 OpenSceneGraph The OpenSceneGraph is an open source high performance 3D graphics toolkit used by application developers in fields such as visual simulation games virtual reality scientific visualization and modelling Written entirely in Standard C and OpenGL it runs on all Windows platforms OSX GNU Linux IRIX Solaris HP Ux AIX and FreeBSD operating systems The OpenSceneGraph is now well established as the world leading scene graph technology used widely in the vis sim space scientific oil gas games and virtual reality industries OpenInventor OpenGL OGL is a low level library that takes lists of simple polygons and renders them as quickly as possible To do something more practical like draw a house the programmer must break down the object into a series of simple OGL instructions and send them into the engine for rendering One problem is that OGL performance is highly sensitive to the way these instructions are sent into the system requiring the user to know which instructions to send and in which order and forcing them to carefully cull the data to avoid sending in objects that aren t even visible in the resulting image For simple programs a tremendous amount of programming has to be done just to get started Cuda CUDA an acronym for Compute Unified Device Architecture is a parallel computing architecture developed by NVIDIA CUDA is the computing engine in NVIDIA graphics processing units or GPUs that is accessible to software developers through industry standard programming languages Programmers use C for CUDA C with NVIDIA extensions compiled through a PathScale Open64 C compiler to code algorithms for execution on the GPU CUDA architecture supports a range of computational interfaces including OpenCL and DirectCompute Third party wrappers are also available for Python Fortran Java and Matlab The latest drivers all contain the necessary CUDA components CUDA works with all NVIDIA GPUs from the G8X series onwards including GeForce Quadro and the Tesla line

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  • Development Tools
    produce games for Windows Mac Linux soon currently in beta Wii iPad iPhone as well as the Android platform It can also produce browser games that use the Unity web player plugin supported on Mac and Windows The web player is also used for deployment as Mac widgets Support for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 have recently been added Unity won the Wall Street Journal 2010 Technology Innovation Award in the software category In 2009 Unity Technologies was named one of Gamasutra s Top 5 Game Companies of 2009 for Unity Unreal Development Kit The Unreal Development Kit UDK is a free for non commercial use Unreal Engine 3 runtime developed by Epic Games Inc that allows the creation of games using UE3 without a license It provides access to the award winning 3D game engine and professional toolset used in blockbuster video game development architectural visualization mobile game development 3D rendering digital films and more Corona Corona is a software development kit created by Ansca Mobile It allows software programmers to build mobile applications for the iPhone iPad and Android devices Corona lets developers use integrated Lua layered on top of Objective C to build graphically rich applications that are also lightweight in size and quick in development time The SDK does not charge per app royalty or impose any branding requirement and has a subscription based purchase model that allows new features to be rolled out immediately to users EON Reality EON Reality is a virtual reality and interactive 3D software provider based in Irvine California EON s immersive solutions are used to display 3D environments at a full scale allowing real time interaction News Sunshine invited to a workshop in Bolzano Read More The 3rd SLOPE technical meeting Read More GeoBrowser 3D Updates Read More Happy Holidays

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