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  • Spark detectors, electrical inverter, sensor for emissions
    to advise the operators that the system has started fire alarm siren lamp On demand the detection system can be provided with an additional device which automatically stops the intake plant in the case when incandescent bodies have been captured Electrical Inverter switch boards The electrical Inverter switch boards are provided with a differential pressure measurement system to adjust the speed of the motor according to the open air vents This device will allow you to save electrical energy by adjusting the motor speed according to the utilities being used The electrical switch boards are compliant with Italian Law 46 of 05 03 1990 Fire damper The REI 120 fire damper is a valve positioned in the pipe connecting to the hopper and is used to shut off the facility from the hopper in the case of a fire by separating the two parts thus avoiding any spreading of flames Rate of rise detector The rate of rise detector is positioned on the roof of the purifier and provides indication of an increase in temperature On demand it is possible to spray water for a few minutes by means of a manual shutter in order to put out any fires

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  • Suction benches,extractor benches
    Used materials Suction benches The extractor benches are used to take in and reduce the dust produced by manual sandpapering and or with the use of portable tools grinding of dross or also for the suction of solvents glue These benches can be connected to the central extractor plant or can be fitted with a fan and stand alone motor depending on the Customer requirements MADE IN ITALY Imea Impianti

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  • Industrial exctractors trolley, semi-mobile, mobile devices
    with a wheel for easy movement even when it is fully loaded The top bag made from filter material or cartridge is also used to reduce noise and is held by a tubing with a terminal ring The lower bag are used to store the residuals sucked in They are machines designed to collect dust and light dry non incandescent shavings such as wood aluminium etc Semi mobile extractor hoses

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  • Suction panels for industry, filters, purified air
    recycling and recovery Used materials Suction panels The suction panels have been designed and dimensioned according to a criteria of versatility modularity and effectiveness according to the requirements and needs of the Customer Suction takes place by means of a fan which conveys the particles suspended in the air towards the filters by capturing these and expelling the purified air through the fan MADE IN ITALY Imea Impianti s r

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  • Used materials or occasion
    KG MACHINERY FOR PELLET GRINDERS AND REFINERS N 2 HOT AIR GENERATORS BAG FILTERS EXTRACTORS HOT AIR GENERATORS SUCTION CARRIAGES AND SUCTION WALLS MOTORS AND FANS PLANTS FOR RECYCLING AND RECOVERY of metal paper and plastic composting and waste treatment N 1 SUBSTATION with fan air flow 30 000 cubic meter hour see photos B B1 attached N 1 SUBSTATION with mechanical shaker cotton filters and unloading to a container

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