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  • The United States Joins in on the Festivities of Salone del Gusto and Terra Madre 2012 | News | Earth Markets - not just another market
    check out this interview with Jim Embry founder of the Sustainable Communities Network in Lexington Slow Food USA will have a large stand in the Marketplace space that will act as a meeting place for U S delegates and a space for the presentation of U S Ark of Taste and Presidia products At the gathering Slow Food USA will outline its action plan for the next few years and the promotion of two essential aims the importance of preserving biodiversity and diverse food cultures and making the food system more equitable Three Slow Food Presidia will be represented in the U S space The Sebastopol Gravenstein Apple The Navajo Churro Sheep The Anishinaabeg Manoomin Rice A producer of the Navajo Churro sheep Presidium Carrie House will also be participating in the conference Too Much At Steak on October 25 to promote more conscious consumption of meat Read the story of the Navajo Churro Sheep here The Greenville Earth Market the first North American Earth Market founded in May 2011 will also part of the U S exhibition space Finally another stand will be devoted to American sweet and savory produce Chicago s Mama s Nuts and Scrumptious Pantry will be selling their specialties to Salone del Gusto attendees looking for a quick snack This year the Southeastern African American Farmers Organic Network SAAFON a network of farmers using sustainable growing methods will have its own stand for the first time SAAFON co founder and project coordinator Cynthia Hayes will be on hand to talk about the network s ongoing projects its partnership with the Thousand Gardens in Africa campaign and its role in engaging local youth and farming communities in southeastern America Further information about SAAFON s important work will be available at the New Models of Production and

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  • Spotlight on the Balkans at the Salone del Gusto and Terra Madre, October 25-29, Turin, Italy | News | Earth Markets - not just another market
    Presidia Bucegi Mountains Branza de Burduf from Romania Bulgarian Tcherni Vit Green Cheese and Mavrovo Reka Mountain Pasture Cheeses from Macedonia as well as Belo Sirene from Serbia and the Karakachan Sheep Presidium Wines and Spirits Whether rak in Turkey raki in Albania rakija in the Slavic world this spirit is made across the whole region from Anatolia to the islands of Dalmatia The ultimate symbol of hospitality and conviviality everyone has their own source a friend or relative in the countryside who still makes it at home Different varieties from around the Balkans will be available for sampling at the Salone del Gusto and Terra Madre Visitors can also explore the world of Balkan wines Herzegovine wine from Bosnia Kallmet from Albania and Plavac Mali from Croatia Wild Herbs and Medicinal Plants The rural people of the Balkans have an unparalleled knowledge of medicinal plants and wild herbs especially the women the ultimate guardians of the region s biodiversity At the Marketplace visitors can meet Bulgarian wild herb gatherers from Kyustendil and learn about the properties of herbs from Croatia s Unije Island Preserves The Balkans are home to some of the most outstanding jams compotes and fruit preserves in the world thanks to the biodiversity provided by unspoiled forests and pastures and the existence of many areas suited to cultivating fruit trees At the Salone visitors will have a chance to learn more about traditional slatko directly from the producers during the Taste Workshop Albania s Riches which will feature Bosnian Pozegaca plum and Macedonian wild fig slatko both Slow Food Presidia An area of the 2012 event is dedicated to the producers and products from six Earth Markets two of which are from the Balkan region Tcherni Vit Bulgaria and Foça Turkey Visitors can learn more about

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  • Foods That Change the World from Around the World | News | Earth Markets - not just another market
    Turkey will be among the countries represented Bright colors and strong scents will characterize the area dedicated to Asian biodiversity where many different varieties of rice millet spices and tubers will be on display Spices will be the focus of educational workshops for adults and children describing the fascinating history of the spice trade and their common uses in medicine and the kitchen The great Indian chef Manjit Singh Gill will be preparing the accompanying dishes Millet a grain that could represent food security for the Indian subcontinent will be another focus and food communities working to revive its cultivation will be on hand to present their work Wandering around the stalls of the international Marketplace look out for the special symbol identifying indigenous communities whose products traditions and languages represent the ancient knowledge with close links to nature Many other countries will be surprising visitors with their culinary specialties Korean food which has evolved over the course of thousands of years is characterized by the belief that good food is the best medicine A demonstration of Buddhist cooking and street food treats will give visitors a taste of South Korea s flavors Nine of the countries crossed by the legendary Silk Road will be represented at the event Armenia Azerbaijan Georgia Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan Tajikistan Turkmenistan Ukraine and Uzbekistan Traditional products will be on display and during the conference Flavors of the East on Friday October 26th at 6 pm researchers from the Marco Polo project will be presenting the results of their study Over the course of 20 000 kilometers they analyzed the habits of over 1 000 people to try to understand the correlations between genetics food preferences and gastronomic traditions Conference participants will be able to meet representatives from the countries see photographs from the journey and get to know the communities typical products The Latin American stands will be representing the incredible diversity of environments in the continent from Amazonian rainforests to Andean peaks from Mexican deserts to the Tierra del Fuego archipelago Visitors will be able to compare the aromatic characteristics of coffee chocolate honey and spirits from 20 countries and meet food communities like the Peruvian women who make café femenino and Presidia producers like the beekeepers who gather honey from Puebla Sierra Norte native bees Fans of artisanal spirits will be able to sample some otherwise impossible to find products like organic cachaça from Divinopolis in Brazil aged in oak barrels for more than two years and liqueurs made from fruits grown by a women s cooperative in Montevideo Uruguay Afterwards it might be time for a little pick me up The café at the Biodiversity House the space dedicated to the projects run by the Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity will be serving espresso made from Presidia coffees from Africa and Latin America like Wild Harenna Forest Coffee from Ethiopia Huehuetenango Highland Coffee from Guatemala Camapara Mountain Coffee from Honduras and Robusta Coffee from Uganda Coffee from the Nilgiri Hills in India

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  • The Earth Markets Reach the Caribbean | News | Earth Markets - not just another market
    is held every Saturday morning in the internal courtyard of the Museo de Arte e Historia in Old San Juan Puerto Rico a pleasant district close to the sea that attracts many tourists Launched in March 2010 it is privately managed in collaboration with the very active Slow Food Boricua Convivium The organizers selected around 40 small scale producers from across the island for their commitment to good clean and fair food production and around 20 producers participate each week The market focuses on the link between nutrition health and a natural lifestyle and offers a striking quantity and quality of fresh produce Coconuts bananas sour sop mangos plantains star fruit yucca peppers tomatoes avocados passion fruit breadfruit and citrus fruits according to the season as well as eggs and dairy products sourdough bread coffee sweets flowers and natural beauty hygiene products The market has chosen to exclude fresh meat or meat products from both the stalls and the freshly prepared street foods But no one seems to miss it and the vegan and vegetarian dishes made using the best organic ingredients often directly from the market producers are very popular The market is actually one of the few places

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  • Spotlight on India at the Salone del Gusto and Terra Madre 2012 | News | Earth Markets - not just another market
    http bit ly RCqu9w cultivated using traditional methods at the foot of the Himalayas and Multi Floral Forest Honey known for its quality and the sustainability of its harvest methods Learn more about this extraordinary honey here http bit ly RCqGpg Indigenous bees pay a vital role in not only the livelihoods of the tribal honey hunters but also to the general health of the forest Given the huge loss of domesticated bees in Europe and North America due to disease an Indigenous Honey Network will soon be initiated in India to safeguard indigenous bees and provide an opportunity to sustain this great tradition among the honey hunters and other indigenous beekeepers The journey to discover the richness of India s agricultural biodiversity continues with an exhibition space dedicated to four staple products that make up the daily diet of billions of people in the Asian continent millet rice spices and tubers This area offers the chance to learn about the hundreds of varieties of these products and will feature the recently launched Millet Network which highlights the food security importance of this frequently forgotten crop to hundreds of millions of rural Indians especially in these times of climate change and unpredictability For further information on the Millet Network click here http bit ly SRbejR Visitors also have the chance to learn about the Mumbai Earth Market Asia s first farmers market to join this Slow Food program The market connects the city with organic farmers across the state of Maharashtra providing access to fresh organically certified fruits and vegetables directly from farmers every Sunday Indian cuisine will shine in the International Kitchen where renowned chefs from India Bhutan China Japan Malaysia Sri Lanka Australia and various African countries will take turns to cook traditional dishes for the event s visitors As always food education is a central part of Salone del Gusto and Terra Madre with a wide range of Taste Workshops and other activities involving producers chefs and ingredients from Asia and Oceania In the Taste Workshop Spices of India renowned chef Manjit Singh will pass on his expertise in spices and highlight their importance in the kitchen as well as for health To learn more about the history of spices and the spice trade that connected Asia and Europe both adults and children can take part in three workshops hosted by the Slow Food Education team The event also provides an important space for the exchange of information experiences and expert knowledge on a wide range of issues around food the environment and social justice On October 26 at 12pm the conference Indigenous Peoples and Local Food Sovereignty moderated by Phrang Roy of the Indigenous Partnership for Agrobiodiversity and with the participation of Mirna Cunnigham of the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues will talk about the importance of supporting the rights of Indigenous peoples and the negative consequences that globalization climate change and food aid programs have on their right to food sovereignty and the

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  • Food - culture and wisdom from the rural areas of Bulgaria | News | Earth Markets - not just another market
    visitors found artisan food and handicrafts In the afternoon from 2 00 to 3 00 p m a round table took place with Dr Dessislava Dimitrova and Tzvetan Dimitrov with the topic The cultural identity of Bulgarians and preservation of disappearing folklore and food From 4 to 5 30 p m the kids met Yolanta Delibozova Yoli and her exquisite gastronomic skills The event took place in parallel with the folklore festival From Timok to Vit the aim of which is to give a new urge and stimulus to the rural communities who study preserve and promote the folklore arts and Bulgarian food a natural and undervalued resource for sustainable livelihoods in many Bulgarian villages seized by abandonment The unique tastes and artisan food production are part of the intangible cultural heritage of local communities This heritage is threatened by extinction due to the weak economic development in the area shortsighted policy and undervaluing the role of gastronomy as part of the national identity Their preservation is possible only if the rural areas and local communities are alive and active and practice their traditional lifestyles The Good Food March in which more than 15 European countries will participate will end in Brussels on September 19 with a conference at the European Parliament with the participation among others of EU Commissioner for Agriculture Dacian Ciolo the President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz and Slow Food President Carlo Petrini The conference is organized by Slow Food and ARC2020 to present the demands of civil society to decision makers in Brussels The forthcoming reform of the CAP will determine the future of food and agriculture in Europe and for this reason it must include the active participation of citizens in shaping the policy The Good Food March provides a vehicle for those

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  • Parndorf Earth Market Celebrates 2nd Anniversary | News | Earth Markets - not just another market
    one of two baskets filled with delicious products from the market 9 00 a m 2 00 p m Thousand Gardens Fundraiser Make a donation and enjoy a glass of sparkling wine donated by Szigeti Gols with total proceeds going to Slow Food s Thousand Gardens in Africa project Children s Program A Birthday Snail Gallery and small gift for all participating children at the Slow Food table Save the date Saturday August 18 2012 9 00 a m 2 00 p m Austria 7111 Parndorf Schulgasse 1 www marktdererde at It all started at the Slow Food Burgenland monthly gathering The idea of creating a market where you could only buy seasonal handmade products of high quality produced by regional small scale farmers was born during one of Slow Food Burgenland s monthly gatherings in the spring of 2010 Just a few months later in August 2010 the market was established in the stable of the Liehl family farm in Parndorf Since then the market has been held on the first Saturday of the month and twice a month from May to September Every market day about 15 producers sell their delicious goods and products like fresh bread and pastry eggs milk sausages fresh and cured meet from Mangalitza pigs sheep and deer raw milk cheeses goat and sheep honey marmalades juices liquors wine and more All the products are produced according to the Slow Food Earth Market guidelines The market has become an important part of the regional food supply offering quality products that are highly appreciated by local customers In addition it gives farmers and producers a chance to present themselves as a strong group and to generate new ways to sell and distribute their products In 2012 the market area was enlarged and a kitchen was

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  • Turkey's market of Wild Knowledge and Taste Education | News | Earth Markets - not just another market
    strict environmental protection due to is impressive biodiversity of flora and fauna in particular the significant presence of endemic herbs and medicinal plants To promote these species and their uses to the public Slow Food Foça Zeytindali invited local gatherers to display and sell their produce at a regular town market Launched in April 2011 the Foça producers market has established itself as a weekly part of city life It takes place every Sunday from 8 30am to 6 30pm in Yerel Pazar market square a covered space in the city center and close to the sea provided by the Municipality All producers attending the market come from with a 40km radius of the city The convivium carried out a detailed mapping of local farms and producers to identify good clean and fair products in various categories bread fresh fruits and vegetables preserves fresh herbs mushrooms cheese milk yogurt and flower related products The market s one street food stall offers gozleme a hand rolled phyllo pastry filled with herbs and cheese folded like a crepe and cooked on a saç a large convex griddle With its origins as a place to promote the local wild culinary herbs and medicinal

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