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  • Company Profile 2013(Flip)
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  • Light & Heavy Duty CNG and LNG Pressure Regulators - Metatron
    of thousands pressure regulators supplied to OEM customers Severe durability tests Tested under severe environmental conditions such as temperature vibrations and corrosion High standards in materials and parts quality check before assembly Completely automated and fully traceable assembly and testing processes 100 end of the line testing for tightness and functionality All products are ECE R110 approved Passenger car light duty New Dress ND1 Application range LNG liquefied natural gas

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  • Advanced Engine Control System for CNG & LNG Vehicles - Metatron
    gasoline ECU through an extremely safe angle shifting algorithm The MASTER SLAVE concept is the easiest and best time saving way to convert passenger cars and light duty vehicles to bi fuel The AFCM suitable for engine compartment installation ensures simple wiring and a highly reliable CNG injection system In view of the Euro 5 standard the Metafuel 2 is suitable for complete OEM Euro 5 EOBD type approval META 2 is the perfect system for a OEM Euro 5 or 0 km Euro 4 or lower std conversion more details HDS Fully EOBD and OEM compliant system for CNG dedicated vehicles Designed for heavy duty vehicles the HDS system manages all the functions required by a bus or truck up to 6 cylinders normally aspirated or turbocharged displacement engines from 3 up to 20 l 12 or 24 supply voltage Two different versions are available HDS STD for traditional vehicles where the torque demand is operated directly from the accelerator pedal processing secondary load requirements HDS TM a fully integrated driven by wire Vehicle Torque Manager system where the engine torque demand is calculated by way of a vehicle computer suiting the wheels and other auxiliary demands HDS is

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  • Engine Control Systems for LNG & CNG Vehicles - Metatron
    like pipeline safety sensor suitability and robustness developing not ordinary assemblies like injectors fuel rail type approval safety robustness and functionality Metatron engineering center can take customer specifications and develop a dedicated Bill Of Materials also by means of fully integrated codesign procedure COMPANY PRODUCTS SYSTEMS REFERENCES QUALITY CERTIFICATIONS CONTACTS SITEMAP LEGAL WEBMAIL Metatron S r l Via Angelelli 61 40013 Castel Maggiore BO tel 39 051 41 71 911

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  • Smart Drive Unit
    for passenger car application LPG and CNG This is a powerful and cost effective driver designed for Peak Hold injectors management in a system where the LPG or CNG injectors opening time is calculated by a bifuel ECU not providing these kind of power drivers The Peak Hold injector current is controlled in closed loop and a full set of diagnostics is provided by a dedicated ASIC who take care of both high and low side injector driver channels The calibration of the P H current shape is provided based on injector specifications Maximum current up to 10 Ampere is allowed thus satisfying almost all injectors specification available in the market The lean design based an OEM requirements let the SDU to be a cost effective and a full featured and customizable CAN interface give to customer at same time the simplest and most flexible power driver available in the market EURO 5 and EURO 6 compatible certified according ECE R67 R110 LPG and CNG systems and ECE R10 SDU is the perfect P H power driver for OEM or 0 km application with any kind of production volumes COMPANY PRODUCTS SYSTEMS REFERENCES QUALITY CERTIFICATIONS CONTACTS SITEMAP LEGAL WEBMAIL Metatron

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  • Metafuel 2
    CNG components CNG dedicated spark advance calibration is available and is actuated by the gasoline ECU by means of an extremely safe angle shifting system The slave twin ECU approach is the best time saving and light way solution to transform passenger cars and light duty vehicles from gasoline into bi fuel The system is fully EOBD compatible and complies with Euro 5 or R115 regulation The engine compartment installation

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  • Heavy Duty Systems family
    the switch among the two kind of combustions in real time according to vehicle usage Rated power The system flexibility applies to any rated powers from 140 up to 400 kW thus satisfying all application range in commercial vehicles field Ignition coils configuration both active and standard passive ignition coils can be used since the HDS ECU can be supplied with or without ignition power drivers Injectors type Peak Hold as well as saturated command and low or high working pressure injectors are selectable at calibration level allowing a complete independence of engine calibration from used injectors type Vehicle control architecture from zero to full integration with VCM Vehicle Control Module can be used since vehicle management functions are available at physical wired analog digital input output and logical J1939 CAN bus level Metatron provides an engineering full support to customers for engine optimization according to above requirements by means of an Engineering and Application department Turn key application developments can be provided including design of engine customizations for HDS system integration The standard supplied Bill Of Material of Metatron HDS EMS includes ECU Fuel rails assembly pressure regulator and additional smart electrical heater For small production volumes for those customers who requires a complete system supply kit style Metatron can supply extended system Bill Of Material including all those standards sensors and actuators not produced by our company and engineered integration solutions pipes brackets intake manifold The HDS family includes the following models HDS MPI lean mix or full stoichiometric three ways catalyst Euro 5 EOBD already certified by most important engine manufacturers in China features a simple robust and cost effective Engine Control System design HDS SPI lean mix or full stoichiometric three ways catalyst or OSC Euro 5 developed according to the most applied injection architecture combining

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  • Contacts
    et des données veuillez completer nos questionnaires Client Produit Application Tous les champs marqués d une sont obligatoires Envoyez nous un message Prénom Nom de famille Adresse Numéro de téléphone Portable Adresse e mail Message Bologna Italy Cliquez pour agrandir le plan SOCIÉTÉ PRODUITS SYSTÈMES RÉFÉRENCES QUALITÉ ET CERTIFICATIONS CONTACTS PLAN DU SITE WEBMAIL Metatron S r l Via Angelelli 61 40013 Castel Maggiore BO tel 39 051 41 71

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