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  • Brut Sparkling Wine Cuvée Rosé
    old traditions We like blazing new trails those who seek need not sit by and wait those who smile are never bored F M Area of production Castagnole Monferrato Piedmont Vine training system low trained Guyot system with 9 10 buds on the fruiting cane Grape variety 100 Grignolino in pureness Vinification innovative rosè method brief contact of must with marc approx 18 hours Method sparkling Martinotti Charmat Innovative and exclusive wine on the vine Grignolino Ageing maturation in stainless steel tanks and subsequently in the bottle positioned vertically for at least 6 months Colour light pink that turns rose colored after the first 10 12 months in the bottle Nose floral and delicate with distinct aromas of strawberry pulp and raspberry Visual presentation Excellent fizz with good persistence of a delicate crown Fine persistent and non stopping perlage Palate extremely fresh and dry subtle and lingering velvety Bottle Spumante campana 750 g Limited edition uvag color Closure Diam 30 5 48 Sizes avaible Bottle Magnum 1 50 L bottle 0 75 L ABV from 11 50 to 12 50 degrees according to year Total acidity 6 2 6 4 g L Residual sugar 11 15 g L Dry extract 20 23 g L download the tech sheet of the brochure as pdf Classic wines La Tradizione Ruchè di Castagnole Monferrato D o c g Vegan Ruchè di Castagnole Monferrato D o c g Solo Acciaio Barbera d Asti D o c g La Briosa Barbera del Monferrato D o c Grignè Grignolino d Asti D o c Calypsos White wine San Carlo Moscato d Asti D o c g Selected wines Laccento Ruchè di Castagnole Monferrato D o c g Limpronta Ruchè di Castagnole Monferrato D o c g Prima Decade Ruchè di Castagnole Monferrato D o c g

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  • Montalbera at Vinitaly 2015
    Cingolani Monday March 23 at 3 30 pm Luca Martini and Alessandra Veronesi direct the wine tasting The nuances of Barbera d Asti from sparkling to wood Tuesday March 24 at 3 30 pm LUCA MARONI AND THE FIRST 10 YEARS OF RUCHÈ MONTALBERA Official presentation of Ruchè DOCG celebratory label of the first ten years of Montalbera Prev Montalbera comes to Hong Kong Next The Red Prince of Monferrato

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  • Montalbera for social cause: Emergenza Sorrisi
    a better life to children with cleft lips and palates deformities of the face burns war trauma neoplasms and orthopedic and eye diseases Montalbera supports the event by donating a selection of Ruchè Laccento wines for the auction Prev The Red Prince of Monferrato at Collisioni 2015 Next Montalbera celebrates its tenth year anniversary by opening the doors to its newest wine cellar Winery visits Find out more The winery

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  • Why write a blog?
    has always strongly believed in a native variety of Piedmont Ruchè a fascinating grape an unmistakable wine and an incredible story to tell Montalbera is Franco Morando class of 1980 insatiable curiosity energy to spend and soul of the winery He is a man with many passions but before all of them comes wine Montalbera is contemporaneity and style It s love for design and contemporary art It s innovation with an eye on tradition You didn t believe us when we said Montalbera is multifaceted We created this blog so we could tell the story of our world the work the wines we love the story of our territory our moments and meetings in the world of wine and more Welcome to Montalbera If you want to get to know us better you have come to the right place Prev At Vinitaly Montalbera updates its look Next Vegan wine The scoop from Luca Martini Winery visits Find out more The winery and the Montalbera wine shop both located in Castagnole Monferrato are open to the public every day of the week upon reservation for tastings visits and purchases Find out more Download Area Newsletter Privacy and cookie policy Legal

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  • Arriva la pralina vegan al Ruchè - Montalbera
    vegani o a chi è intollerante ai latticini e alle uova In particolare l azienda torinese si è concentrata sui dolci e sui prodotti per la colazione dalle brioche ai cookies di riso senza olio di palma dalle crostatine di farro ai muffin con farina di riso E proprio I Gourmet è partner di Montalbera nella realizzazione di una dolce sorpresa vegana una pralina con un profumatissimo cuore di Ruchè Abbiamo chiesto a Cristina Seymandi titolare di I Gourmet quali elementi permettono di definire vegano un cioccolato Così come per il vino o per altri prodotti il cioccolato vegan non deve contenere derivati animali Per esempio per le nostre barrette utilizziamo cioccolato di soia che peraltro ha il 30 di grassi in meno rispetto a quello al latte Qualche anticipazione sulla pralina nata dalla sinergia con Montalbera La pralina avrà la stessa base utilizzata per il VEGotto il nostro gianduiotto con nocciole e cacao ma avrà un cuore di Ruchè ovvero un ripieno ottenuto con una riduzione di La Tradizione 2014 il primo Ruchè vegan al mondo un vino firmato dall amico Franco Morando Prev Cucina vegana Ecco 3 ristoranti da non perdere Next Wannabe Vegan cinque consigli più uno

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  • Wannabe #Vegan, 5 things to help you with the transition - Montalbera
    says The best way to minimize conflict is to emphasize that you are going vegan for your own reasons and that it seems to work for you In other words make it about you so nobody feels they need to defend their choices 2 GO FRESH Fruits and vegetables are our best friends so choose them wisely Why not rediscover the local market better yet what about the markets where the growers and producers themselves sell their own produce without intermediaries Slow Food has created Mercati della Terra or Earth Markets places where you can buy local produce that has been grown and treated according to precise healthy and safe regulations 3 GET YOUR NUTRIENTS If you want to avoid feeling drained of energy with your vegan diet don t forget iron red meat is a principle font of this essential nutrient However there are many foods that exist in nature that are rich in iron Check out the site Greenme it which gives twelve easy suggestions for replenishing your iron including lentils prune juice white beans leafy greens and chocolate A balanced diet also includes calcium The suggested amount for an adult is 1 000 mg a day which can be assimilated through cabbage almonds soy seeds figs and oranges as well as enriched foods such as cereals vegetable or nut milks and tofu made with calcium sulfates Bonus soy leafy greens and enriched foods are also rich sources of Vitamin D which helps the body absorb calcium and stay in form 4 SOIA TAKE IT EASY The temptation to buy soy products in all its options at the grocery store is a tendency that many vegans to fall into Although the debate on a diet rich in soy is still open read more here an article by natural health expert Joseph Mercola you can t go wrong by adding more fresh fruit and vegetables to your diet As Ryan Andrews writes on his site Precision Nutrition Just remember that a quality plant based diet should be full of fresh minimally processed nutrient rich value adding foods fruits vegetables whole grains nuts seeds beans and legumes You know actual plants 5 YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT AND DRINK Becoming vegan means paying more attention to the products that you put on the table So check the labels just because a product is not obviously animal based doesn t mean that it contains zero animal products Casein and whey for example are in many energy and granola bars cereals and breads and gelatin or lard both derived from meat are used in many doughs Even some beverages are not vegan Wine for example may come into contact with animal derived products while it s being made including egg white casein chitin bone marrow isinglass and gelatin all of which are used to clarify the final product Our La Tradizione is the first 100 certified vegan Ruchè in the world made without any contact or use of animals based products in

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  • Cucina vegana? Ecco 3 ristoranti da non perdere - Montalbera
    l esplorazione continua Soul Kitchen Via Santa Giulia 2 Torino Telefono 011 884700 Visita la pagina Facebook di Soul Kitchen Siamo a Torino nel cuore del quartiere Vanchiglia Ci accoglie un ambiente con la cucina a vista curato caldo e vagamente hipster Soul Kitchen è il nuovo indirizzo vegan di Torino e propone una menù rigorosamente vegan con incursioni raw lo stile alimentare crudista che contempla tecniche come marinatura pressatura e fermentazione Dal krapfen ripieno di crema allo zafferano passando per gli spaghetti di zucchine fino ad arrivare alla torta raw al cioccolato il menù di Soul Kitchen sorprenderà anche i più scettici Da non perdere Gli interni di Soul Kitchen a Torino Joia Milano Via Panfilo Castaldi 18 20124 Milano Telefono 02 204 9244 www joia it Il ristorante Joia nasce a Milano nel 1986 ed il primo ristorante vegetariano europeo ad aggiudicarsi una stella Michelin nel 1996 La cucina dello chef Pietro Leemann è allo stesso tempo concettuale e concreta e nasce da una visione molto precisa Ricerco la natura e la trasformo nell intento di comprenderla e di rappresentarne l essenza Mi piace farlo in modo stuzzicante e giocoso La mia passeggiata vuole essere una passeggiata leggera in un paesaggio fantastico Joia è il tempio dell alta cucina naturale sbirciate il menù e capirete il perché Un creazione dello Chef Pietro Leemann credits Joia Ops Roma Indirizzo Via Bergamo 56 Roma Telefono 06 841 1769 www opsveg com Ops è il ristorante dello chef Simone Salvini fiorentino vegetariano classe 1969 dal 2005 è Capo Chef della cucina del ristorante Joia di Pietro Leemann e dal 2011 è Executive Chef di Organic Academy Ops è un ristorante in cui ci si serve con la fomula buffet e in cui il cibo si paga a peso La cucina è

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