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  • Nanotechitaly 2011
    nanotechnology The Conference will offer A comprehensive picture of nanotechnology activities perspectives and needs in Italy The latest developments and trends at world level of nanotech across key industrial sectors Innovation and business practices to bring nanotechnologies to the market place Governance and policy actions to promote nanotech development Matchmaking and networking opportunities The three day event will address themes that are challenging modern society to promote a responsible innovation New materials Processes and Manufacturing Surface technologies composite nanotech nanoporous materials nanofibers carbon based and other nanomaterials nanocatalysts Cold spray thermal spray deposition technologies metallic composites ceramic materials Health and life sciences Nanomedicine Molecular diagnostics and recognition bio compatible materials and layers tissue engineering regenerative medicine biomolecular sensors nanoparticles therapy drug delivery Smart green transportation Energy storage efficiency and saving structural functional materials safety confort Safe living Lighting sensors security construction materials air water quality filtration furrnitures ICT Nanoelectronics Nanostructured sensors optical materials and devices MEMS NEMS memories and logic devices magnetic materials and devices Responsible development nano toxicology Regulation risk assessment EHS risk management workers and consumers safety social and ethical issues standards Download the Networking Event details On Thursday November 24th of November a Social Dinner for the

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  • Call for papers | NanotechItaly 2011
    related to the Conference are expected to be in English Only original material dealing with R D are accepted Commercial and promotional material will not be considered Priority will be given to relevant case of nanotechnology commercialisation technology transfer research activities at advanced stage of development with an high potential of application Authors are expected to be present at the conference and when notified of the acceptance of the paper

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  • Horizontal issues | NanotechItaly 2011
    following topics Educational and communication initiatives on Nanotechnologies o Under graduate graduate and post graduate initiatives professional courses Other communication initiatives Intellectual Properties IPR and Nanotechnologies o Studies and analysis about patenting in the nanotech field Organisations and individuals are invited to send a summary of their contribute 1 page max on these two areas at info nanotechitaly it Contributions will be evaluated by the Conference organisation You will be

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  • Adv. Comm. | NanotechItaly 2011
    of Padova Andrea Caneschi Italian Interuniversity Consortium on Materials Science and Technology INSTM and University of Florence Roberto Cingolani Italian Institute of Technology Andrea Di Matteo STMicroelectronics Carlo Falessi Selex Sistemi Integrati Finmeccanica group Marco Falzetti Centro Sviluppo Materiali CSM Dino Fiorani National Research Council Institute of Structure of Matter CNR ISM Alessandro Garibbo Selex Communications Paolo Gasco Nanovector Massimo Gatelli Tethis Vitoguido Lambertini Centro Ricerche Fiat Luca Giannini Pirelli Tyre Massimo Inguscio National Research Council Dept Materials and Devices CNR DMD Gianfranco Innocenti Centro Ricerche Fiat Laura Montanaro Polytechnic of Torino Dept Materials Science and Chemical Engineering Luigi Occhipinti STMicroelectronics Marco Peloi Sincrotrone Trieste Candido Fabrizio Pirri Centre of Excellence LATEMAR Polytechnic of Torino and Center for Space Human Robotics IIT POLITO Lorenzo Pradella Z Cube Rosaria Rinaldi University of Lecce and CNR Nanoscience Institute Corrado Spinella National Research Council Institute for Microelectronics and Microsystems CNR IMM Enrico Sabbioni European Center for the Sustainable Impact of Nanotechnology ECSIN Giorgio Stanta University of Trieste ACADEM Department and International Center for Genetic Engineering and biotechnology Sergio Treichler Federchimica Nicola Trevisan Veneto Nanotech Fulvio Uggeri Bracco Imaging Ugo Valbusa University of Genova Nanomed Labs Teodoro Valente Italian Interuniversity Consortium on Materials Science

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  • Documents | NanotechItaly 2011
    editions Download English Italiano Protected Documents This post is password protected To view it please enter your password below Password This post is password protected Enter the password to view any comments With the support of Under the Patronage of

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  • Speakers | NanotechItaly 2011
    Surface Science CSGI Italy Gadow Rainer Director Institute for Manufacturing Technologies of Ceramic Components and Composites University of Stuttugart Germany Gaffet Eric Research Director Nanomaterials Research Group National Center for Scientific Research CNRS France Guyomard Dominique Head of the department Electrochemical Energy Storage and Transformation Institut des Matériaux Jean Rouxel CNRS Université de Nantes Lanza Gregory Division of Cardiology Washington University Medical School and Kereos Inc USA Savolainen Kai Finnish

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  • Registration | NanotechItaly 2011
    VAT 21 70 VAT 21 1 day registration fee November 24 or 25 2011 Participant 200 VAT 21 300 VAT 21 Members of AIRI Nanotec IT Members of Veneto Nanotech 150 VAT 21 220 VAT 21 Professors university researcher Researcher CNR IIT 150 VAT 21 220 VAT 21 University or Phd students please enclose proof of your status of student 70 VAT 21 70 VAT 21 2 days registration fee Choose two among the following November 23 24 or 25 2011 Participant 350 VAT 21 450 VAT 21 Members of AIRI Nanotec IT Members of Veneto Nanotech 280 VAT 21 350 VAT 21 Professors university researcher Researcher CNR IIT 280 VAT 21 350 VAT 21 University or Phd students please enclose proof of your status of student 130 VAT 21 130 VAT 21 3 days registration fee November 23 24 and 25 2011 Participant 500 VAT 21 700 VAT 21 Member of AIRI Nanotec IT Member of Veneto Nanotech 350 VAT 21 400 VAT 21 Professors university researcher Researcher CNR IIT 350 VAT 21 400 VAT 21 University or Phd students please enclose proof of your status of student 180 VAT 21 180 VAT 21 Bank transfer commissions cannot be

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  • Venue | NanotechItaly 2011
    far as the railway bridge Then turn left and follow the road signs for Via Torino and go straight on as far as the traffic light Turn right and go straight on for 500 m By train From the railway station Venezia Mestre you have two choices by bus number 31 or 32 1 bus every 15 minutes travel time 15 minutes or by taxi travel time 5 minutes By air From Venice s airport you have multiple choices to reach the hotel By car follow the road signs for Venice for 10 Km At the roundabout turn right to Via Forte Marghera third road on the right Go straight on for about 1 5 Km at the traffic light turn left on the bridge and take v le Ancona go straight on until you reach Laguna Palace s entrance By public transport bus number 15 the bus stop is 5 minutes walk away from the airport 1 bus every 30 minutes travel time 35 minutes by bus and 20 minutes walking from the train station to the hotel Atvo Blue Bus bus stop in front of the train station The Conference Center Directly connected with the Laguna Palace the Conference Center is a futuristic auditorium with high and extensive technology It is the ideal place to host any convention or meeting thanks to its ingenious modular system Close to the Conference Center the Laguna Gallery an equipped and independent open space of 600 sqm has been developed it is able to satisfy congress organizers needs in terms of exhibition but also conceived for any special set up as for instance the poster and exhibitor area of NanotechItaly The Conference NanotechItaly 2011 will take place in the Hall 1 2 3 and 4 in the Foyer 5 and in the

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