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  • Nuzoo Robotics - People Tracking
    ready for social networks share Combined with the augmented reality it can supply three dimensional images of animals and object increasing the level o amusement and learning during the path Case history MUSE Museum of science Maxi Ooh MUSE Trento Children from 2 to 5 years old are free to discover understand observe and try from what they can do so well touch smell look see and hear Maxi Ooh is a place that allows you to experience the senses through the senses providing opportunities every time different and original Maxi Ooh seems a neutral places in lines and colors almos steady That is if there is nobody inside does not move unless someone moves does not show anythng if there is nobody But if children come in Maxi Ooh interact with visitors thanks to Pocket ART FUN offering experiences of wonder discovery and knowledge Case history Latemar DIFR path VAL DI FIEMME On a legend mountain there is a fairy tale wood populated by dragons Tales spectacles laboratories and plays releas in the nature your joy emotions Let your phantasy fly free in the wonderful frame of Latemar from level 1650 to 2200 meters But there is much more to see and our suggestion is to try immediately in team the interactive itinerary a special bag will activate seven different positions powered by ITT Pocket ART FUN scattered here and there which will originate as may tests to be passed with instinct and intelligence in order to complete the mission assigned Pathfinder To whom is it adressed It has been designed for all activities in contact with public such as hospitals PAL and PAC Anyhow a considerable passage of people is not strictly requested since this application is also suitable for small realities who wish to help their customers and service users during their stay inside the structure How it works The user of Pathfinder is based on very simple ideas which we sinthetically indicate here under Registration of the persons in order to get the TAG with the indication of their own profile and prefrences connected with the available contents The interacive totems guide the visitor inside the structure or the environment When arriving at destination the visitor receives automatically all information or contents better satisfying the profile or the service requested ITT Care To whome is it addressed The receivers of this solutions are nursing homes and hospitals What is it userful for Tracking of patients suffering from Alzheimer and or patients with similar diseases Localization of the patient both indoor and outdoor Advantages Monitoring of patient in real time It creates a univocal connection TAG Patient It remarks and indicates falls accidental or due to indisposition so that the staff in charge can offer him immediate assistance Identification of patient position and the way to reach him Estabilishment of areas where the entry to the various patients can be allowed or not Entrances watched by sound or light alarm for possible not granted passages Organization of

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  • Nuzoo Robotics - Safety and Security
    charge staff should try even not intentionally to enter the dangerous area the system would alert emitting a sound and or light alarm signal thus pointing out the danger What can I obtain using ITT Safety Crash Establishment of Security Areas The security area limits is the perimeter of the machines to be watched Such area can check special parts or the complete plant Tracking the presence of persons The operating staff approaching the plant is identified thanks to the use of active Tags This device enables the system to locate the persons inside the dangerous area of the plant The tracking of not allowed people will release an alarm which can be originated by light or sound The security area can be big or small according to the use Complete Information in Real Time The recording of every information referred to persons who got into contact with the safety cloud or dangerous area can be registered and revised in order to improve the security level of the production department ITT Safety Moving ITT Safety Moving is the innovative and technological reply for the realization of safety security systems inside operative areas ITT Safety Moving means active tracking of persons inside dangerous areas as for instance around moving vehicles with the exact target of increasing the accident prevention level ITT Safety Moving compared with other anti collision systems called passive ones proves to be absolutely more advanced and reliable because It alerts the operator driving the vehicle about the presence of operative people thanks to the identification or tracking guaranteed by special Active Tags It avoids production of false alarms due to steady obstacles already known by the operator It ensures immediate assistance in critical situations It overcomes the problems generated by possible blind angles It preserves from distractions or

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  • Nuzoo Robotics - Indoor localization
    it possible but all of them presented either some performance gaps or heavy economical costs ITT indoor localization result of more than 3 years research represents the reliable simple and less expensive solution for the problem of absolute indoor localization where the GPS signal is not able to arrive Here below a table outlining the different navigation techniques employed up today Outdoor Indoor PHOTO NAVIGATION Odometry Odometry MAPPING Laser Scanner Laser Scanner MAPPING Image processing Image processing LOCALIZATION GPS ITT Indoor localization in its last research stage enables to get Localization accuracy up to 1 cm No rebound screening or false reading thanks to used frequency Scalable reliable and quick installation Battery life of 2 years ROS compatible node HOW IT WORKS You have to place the BEACONS inside the space at a variable distance between 1 and 5 m The Localization control unit placed on the robot emits a wake up signal for the BEACONS in encoded radio frequency covering a very exact area dynamically variable range from 0 5 to 8 m The BEACONS inside the cloud give the details concerning the distance perceived The Localization Unit is mounted on the robot and it is able to work out such data and it supplies in numerical form the absolute robot position PREVIOUS NEXT TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Area for each BEACON 40 sq m Accuracy up to 1cm Refresh rate 0 5 sec Comunication interface RS232 USB ETHERNET Power supply 12 24 V Installation time estimated 10 sq m 1 minute TAG battery life 24 months THE COMPONENTS OF ITT INDOOR LOCALIZATION Localization unit BASESTATION BEACON TAG Introduction Technical spec People Tracking Safety and Security Indoor localization App ITT It is addressed to visitors and spectators in order to improve the experience of visit in museums exhibitions and theme parks

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  • Nuzoo Robotics - Technical spec
    can indicate an important change in terms of market and available services for the final customer PREVIOUS NEXT Comparison between present technologies The Tracking systems in their different forms are taking more and more place Bar codes and passive Rf id Tags are showing a very important change in the mass usage and now several applications are getting evidence in markets which are very different from one another What we have realized and implemented with our first customers has proved that the change from passive Tags to active Tags is not only a new opportunity but it will represent the next real market for this type of solutions DESCRIPTION BAR CODE QR CODE PASSIVE TAG ACTIVE TAG TAG ITT Size 10x30 cm 5 mm 2 20x20mm 30x20 mm Reading distance 5 cm 30 cm 5 10 m 7 5 m raidus Storate area 500 Byte 1 Kb 10 Kb 10 Kb Endurance and consumption N A NO CONSMPTION 1 YEAR 3 YEAR Sensor integration N A N A N A MAXIMUM Programmability N A N A N A MAXIMUM Distance resolution N A N A N A 1cm Product details BASESTATION Technical details Supply current 12 24V Avarage power consumption 50mA Peak 2A Configuration interface USB 2 0 Dimmable wakeup signal intensity 5 18v real time 1 relay 220V 16A 1 input optoisolated isulation voltage 2500 Vrms 4 configurable GPIO Second UART TTL 3 3v 15m convering area with 1cm accuracy Comunicating with more than 100 Tags 3 status LED Sizes 125x85x25mm Weight 80g TAG Technical details Supply current 3 3 V 2 AAA battery or 1 litium CR2032 Standby power usage 14 µA more than 3 year of autonomy 3D Antenna High immunity to false signal 10 configurable GPIO 15m convering area with 1cm accuracy RGB status LED Sizes

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  • Nuzoo Robotics - Visualizza articoli per tag: progettazione
    concorsi News Contatti Skip to content Fuel cells control device Centraline di controllo e telemetria per celle a idrogeno Leggi tutto Inizio Prec 1 2 Succ Fine Pagina 2 di 2 2006 2008 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 aree attrattive automotive creatività divertimento Entertainment geolocalizzazione Health Care ingegneria innovazione Interazione internet of things intrattenimento ITT meccatronica piattaforma robotica mobile progettazione prototipi Ricerca Robot robotica SMARTCities Telepresenza Sei qui Servizi

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  • Nuzoo Robotics - Visualizza articoli per tag: ingegneria
    to content Picker Prototipo di manipolatore robotico didattico Leggi tutto Fuel cells control device Centraline di controllo e telemetria per celle a idrogeno Leggi tutto Inizio Prec 1 2 Succ Fine Pagina 2 di 2 2006 2008 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 aree attrattive automotive creatività divertimento Entertainment geolocalizzazione Health Care ingegneria innovazione Interazione internet of things intrattenimento ITT meccatronica piattaforma robotica mobile progettazione prototipi Ricerca Robot robotica SMARTCities

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  • Nuzoo Robotics - Visualizza articoli per tag: Robot
    d emergenza Posidonia srl ha contattato NuZoo per la consulenza e il supporto nella realizzazione di un innovativo Drone Marino da impiegare per l ispezione delle parti sommerse di navi ancore e sistemi di ormeggio Posidonia srl ha siglato un accordo di partnership con Nuzoo per la realizzazione di un innovativo Drone Marino da utilizzarsi in situazioni di emergenza in mare Contatta ora NuZoo ti racconteremo cosa abbiamo progettato Leggi tutto SMAU 2014 piattaforma robotica mobile per sorveglianza e sicurezza SMAU 2014 NuZoo Robotics presso l area Questio padiglione 2 stand A99 presenta KOBRA la piattaforma robotica mobile per la sorveglianza NuZoo propone Kobra la piattaforma robotica mobile capace di muoversi in modo autonomo secondo percorsi programmati oppure teleguidata da un operatore remoto Le applicazioni di Kobra sono molteplici dalla sorveglianza di magazzini o aree destinate al deposito alla sorveglianza di saloni espositivi e fiere commerciali al controllo dei processi produttivi fino alla misurazione di perdite o alla verifica di malfunzionamenti e avarie in impianti produttivi Leggi tutto Picker Prototipo di manipolatore robotico didattico Leggi tutto Robot per Ispezione di Server Farm Evoluzione tecnologica basata su piattaforma Roomba Leggi tutto SwingGo Piattaforma auto bilanciante per pubblicità e comunicazione Leggi tutto

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  • Nuzoo Robotics - Progettazione
    Remoto GPS GPRS Prototipo dispositivo per attivazione meccanica da remoto progettazione internet of things SMARTCities 2013 Planetario Starstruck Planetario in kit di montaggio Entertainment divertimento intrattenimento 2013 Industrial Automation Machine Macchina automatica pneumatica progettazione meccatronica ingegneria 2010 Thor Hammer Rilevatore di forza d urto divertimento prototipi creatività 2013 Co2 Open Spime Centraline wireless dotate di sensori con data log internet of things SMARTCities innovazione 2008 Sport Telemetry Dispositivi Wireless per

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