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  • Home - Vincenzo Pucarelli
    Web Architect Developer Designer from Madrid Spain Hi everyone I will introduce myself I m Vincenzo I m 32 years old born and raised in Milan Italy currently living in Madrid Spain I m a skilled developer with a strong focused experience in web development using Microsoft technologies I started to work in the 2004 and since then I continued to improve my skills and my tech knowledges I spent

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  • What I do - Vincenzo Pucarelli
    to produce a clean code using the best patterns practices and architectures available today in that way I try to produce brilliant web applications simple to maintain and ready for future developments I strongly believe in the cleanliness of the code in the simplicity and precision of the work on the projects in which I m working on I think that make a project functionality piece of code in the most precise and clean way you can do means probably making it just once with less bugs and less problems When It s possible I try to use technologies at the state of the arts out of there The architectures that I m using more currently are the latest technologies that are available in the Microsoft ecosystem including ASP net 4 5 1 ASP net MVC 5 Entity Framework 6 developing everything with Microsoft Visual Studio In my many years experience I have also grown my skills in developing front ends and interfaces so currently I can work as back end developer and front end developer as well I have an high knowledge of the web 2 0 standards especially HTML 5 and CSS 3 I also use some of

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  • Skills - Vincenzo Pucarelli
    Menu Home What I Do Skills Experience Education Photos Travels Contacts Technical Skills I can say i m quite good at Asp NET C MVC 3 4 5 SQL Server

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  • Experience - Vincenzo Pucarelli
    Consultant Wolters Kluwer Client After 9 years experience in the development and in all the technologies connected with the web and mobile ecosystems I switched to the consulting world I worked as senior web developer in a company that develops tax softwares using the technologies that I love more ASP net 4 5 MVC 3 4 HTML 5 CSS 3 jQuery SQL Server 2012 with Entity Framework Web Services Web API and much more I learned Microsoft TypeScript and the AGILE development methodologies in details the Scrum method Knowledge developed ASP net 4 5 Web API ASP net MVC 4 TypeScript AGILE Scrum Methodology Knockout js Kendo UI Nov 2009 Jun 2013 Web Developer Gap Multimedia S r l In my experience here I contributed to the design and development of our core product that was a 360 web CMS CRM for modelling agencies I have also converted some older parts of our web application from Classic Asp to ASP net My work day was composed of different tasks as maintenance of the application the development of new functionalities based on our customer s needs and developing web services to integrate our data to other applications such as invoicing tools or video publishing platforms I used the last technologies available MVC 3 4 and Entity Framework We used also Web Forms and Web Services in WCF or with the MVC Web API Knowledge developed Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 2012 Net Framework 4 5 Entity Framework 4 ASP net MVC 3 4 jQuery HTML 5 CSS 3 Sep 2005 Nov 2009 Web Developer MTV Italia S r l Italy brand TV channel of MTV networks After my first working experience I designed and developed the frontend and backend of the Italian branch of MTV websites www mtv it www la7 it

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  • Education - Vincenzo Pucarelli
    company Businet S r l and I preferred to learn something practical so I decided to work and study in the same time but after few weeks I found that was more useful for me to work instead keep going to the university so I decided to stop the university for a while At the university when I was attending the courses I strengthened my background passing some important exams

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  • Photos - Vincenzo Pucarelli
    Vincenzo Pucarelli Web Architect Developer Designer and more Menu Home What I Do Skills Experience Education Photos Travels Contacts Photos Last photos on my flickr account

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  • Travels - Vincenzo Pucarelli
    Experience Education Photos Travels Contacts Travels One of the things that i love more is to travel few time ago I exported from my Lightroom photo collection more than 18000 photos that I shoot in the past 10 years the

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  • Contacts - Vincenzo Pucarelli
    Vincenzo Pucarelli Web Architect Developer Designer and more Menu Home What I Do Skills Experience Education Photos Travels Contacts Shoot a message

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