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  • gennaio | 2004 | Qix.it
    The Sennheisers on the other hand are a bit too big to carry around comfortably they fold in an eyeglasses size case but they re beautiful very very comfortable and a wonderful piece of design So I m glad I bought both and I guess I will use the Koss earbuds with the P800 while the Sennheisers will go in my laptop bag or come handy at home when E is working in the same room where I am she needs total silence except when she feels like chatting which is very often update it turns out that the Koss earplugs are not as comfortable as I thought inserting them well is pretty hard and they are almost painful on the other hand the Sennheisers are wonderful very very comfortable and with very good external noise reduction so I m using them as my day to day headphones What a waste 17 gennaio 2004 I skimmed over the Return of the King movie today and though I did not think it was possible it s even worse than the previous two episodes The characters are all wrong Denetor for instance is too young and looks like a butcher not like a high noble and the lore master of Gondor Aragorn looks like a biker etc the architecture and the costumes are all wrong the palace of Gondor is a romanesque church Gandalf s staff looks like an art deco object Pipin should have worn Gondor s uniform with a silver winged helmet and a black vest with the silver tree the cloak of the Nazguls Captain who used to be a king and is Sauron s most powerful servant is in tatters etc the music is awful the directing is pompous and empty no more birds eye shots please What a waste thinking that these will be remembered as the Lord of the Rings movies I may be culturally biased here but having seen the first two Harry Potter movies I think the LoTR should have been produced in the UK with a british director and british staff Or they should have hired a real director like Ermanno Olmi maybe a bit too gloomy to be successful but have a look at The Profession of Arms to see what I mean The Jackson movies look too much like a long boring and badly made rock videoclip Luckily there s the beautiful unabridged Audiobook narrated by Rob Inglis which I am listening to these days P800 Christmas A Change of Language 9 gennaio 2004 Not much traffic here lately I ve been a bit tired due to my usual lazyness then I went away for the Christmas holidays I m also beginning to feel nauseated by computers and after all these years it feels quite strange although this may be partly due to my job focus switching from Linux Unix to Windows I also find the time to scan all my grandfather s letters from the First World War more than

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  • dicembre | 2003 | Qix.it
    I don t usually post entries on news items I read on other sites as I don t like repeaters blogs too much I will make an exception tonight since the article I m writing about summarizes well a few important things I like about Python The article is titled Rapid Development Using Python and appeared today on Linux Journal I learned about it from a Google News Alert agent which is usually not very interesting so this entry is a double exception A few key points from the article which is a good read if you like Python and of course an even better one if you have never used it The interactive interpreter We anticipated making changes frequently on a remote device with a customer representative viewing the interface and providing instant feedback Python allowed us to achieve this environment primarily because it is easy to use interactively Prototyping through an interactive interpreter is an effective mechanism for exploring different approaches to solving a problem Introspection We wanted to dispatch Web requests to code in a very direct fashion An architecture based on a central controller that used introspection to determine where to route requests seemed a clean and simple choice an inspectable run time is nearly equivalent to running an application under a debugger while making changes String Manipulation and File I O Iterating over the content of a file takes two lines of Python In comparison Java requires five or five instantiations followed by two or three lines to read Once read into memory content must be tokenized before iteration While iterating casting is required Development experience Because it supports import on demand and module reloading through introspection Python allowed us to change logic within external modules and have the changes be accessible immediately by the

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  • novembre | 2003 | Qix.it
    2006 aprile 2006 marzo 2006 febbraio 2006 dicembre 2005 novembre 2005 ottobre 2005 settembre 2005 agosto 2005 luglio 2005 giugno 2005 maggio 2005 aprile 2005 marzo 2005 febbraio 2005 gennaio 2005 dicembre 2004 novembre 2004 ottobre 2004 settembre 2004 agosto 2004 luglio 2004 giugno 2004 maggio 2004 gennaio 2004 dicembre 2003 novembre 2003 ottobre 2003 settembre 2003 agosto 2003 giugno 2003 powered by WPFrontman WP friends altroformato it arredarecasa blog it copyright 2004 2011 Ludovico Magnocavallo tutti i diritti riservati Error deleting file or folder 29 novembre 2003 One of the things that annoys me most of Windows is its supposed user friendliness One of its prime examples is its stubborn refusal to delete or move a file when it thinks a process has locked it Sometimes it does it right not allowing you to disrupt a running process by removing one its open resources more often it just gets in the way Sometimes giving the same command from the console enables you to delete move the file sometimes not A few days ago I was so frustrated by this behaviour that I set out to find a solution to it One of the first links that pops up in Google if you search for windows cannot delete points to a Microsoft KB article appropriately titled You Cannot Delete a File or a Folder Among the usual suggestions like verifying ACLs or file system integrity the document points you to yet another KB article titled How to Display a List of Processes That Have Files Open which seems more relevant to the problem at hand This document suggests you to download Process Explorer a little known free utility that allows you to browse open processes display and close their open file handles and lots of other useful things If you

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  • ottobre | 2003 | Qix.it
    What s worse modprobe spits out errors about missing modules which in fact are there and can be loaded fine with insmod The problem is definitely kernel related since when I tried booting MadHatter with the 2 4 22 kernel I compiled under Slackware dhcpcd could assign a valid address to the interface and everything worked ok While this may just seem a technical glitch due to the underlying SuSE 8 1 distro I think it instead reveals a certain lack of planning in MadHatter how can a distro come with the very latest stable Gnome release 2 4 released on September 10 2003 and at the same time with an old stable kernel 2 4 19 released on August 3 2002 I think the MadHatter team has a bit overstated the desktop part of the equation forgetting the importance that a latest stable kernel has for overall system stability and support for new chipsets The same goes for productivity languages like Python which on MadHatter is stuck at the old 2 2 1 version I suspect most of the other non desktop programs and libraries to be slightly outdated too Another thing I did not like at all is MadHatter wiping out my Lilo MBR without even acknowledging the presence of a second OS installed on my system Editing Grub s menu is not a difficult task but neither is recognizing other bootable partitions on installation The last minor annoyances I found in my first day of use of MadHatter are the Gnome clock set to GMT in spite of the system s timezone which you can see in the picture above and the default widgets theme messing up TTF fonts when using freetype compiled with the TTF bytecode interpreter turned on here MadHatter s default theme here the default Gnome theme on the same desktop What did I like in Madhatter then Well as I already said I like its role in UBA s architecture As a day to day distro I like its polished look which is not limited to Gnome s desktop but encompasses every part of the system with which the user can interact including the console I like it having StarOffice preinstalled not that I use it much I like its simple setup with a limited set of options I m sure there will be more good stuff after having used it for a while and after a few more betas update I noticed from my logs that somebody requested a Google translation of this entry to Spanish so being the ever curious type I went to check it out The best part is this one Nuestros representantes del sol me advirtieron que haya los insectos Which is a perfectly valid literal translation of Our Sun representatives warned me that there are bugs but takes a whole different meaning RFC1149 14 ottobre 2003 Many of you may already know about RFC1149 A Standard for the Transmission of IP Datagrams on Avian Carriers which details

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  • settembre | 2003 | Qix.it
    on DWIMI expecting to find a reference to some arcane editor of days past but what I found was something completely different rooted in the world of LISP gurus dwim acronym Do What I Mean not what I say Able to guess sometimes even correctly the result intended when bogus input was provided The BBNLISP INTERLISP function that attempted to accomplish this feat by correcting many of the more common errors See hairy Occasionally an interjection hurled at a balky computer especially when one senses one might be tripping over legalisms see legalese Foldoc goes on to relate a notorious incident involving DWIM which is worth reading Warren Teitelman originally wrote DWIM to fix his typos and spelling errors so it was somewhat idiosyncratic to his style and would often make hash of anyone else s typos if they were stylistically different Some victims of DWIM thus claimed that the acronym stood for Damn Warren s Infernal Machine In one notorious incident Warren added a DWIM feature to the command interpreter used at Xerox PARC One day another hacker there typed delete to free up some disk space The editor there named backup files by appending to the original file name so he was trying to delete any backup files left over from old editing sessions It happened that there weren t any editor backup files so DWIM helpfully reported not found assuming you meant delete It then started to delete all the files on the disk The hacker managed to stop it with a Vulcan nerve pinch after only a half dozen or so files were lost The disgruntled victim later said he had been sorely tempted to go to Warren s office tie Warren down in his chair in front of his workstation and then type delete twice Sometimes it pays to be ignorant Spambayes and Qmail 25 settembre 2003 A few days ago I finally got fed up with spam so I decided to install a spam filter on my server After reading around a bit I settled on Spambayes which apart from being written in Python looks a very solid and well maintained project I don t use Outlook I run Linux both on my server and on my desktops so using Spambayes Outlook plugin was not an option Since I m using Maildir as the storage format for both SMTP and IMAP I initially tried the Spambayes IMAP filter Unfortunately the filter is still in its early stage of development and the IMAP protocol varies significantly among different server implementations The main problems I had with the IMAP filter were its marking all new messages as read after processing this is apparently due to my IMAP server lack of support for an obscure IMAP command and its frequent crashes So after a few hours of monitoring the IMAP filter s activity I decided to change my approach Reading around a bit I discovered that the venerable procmail which I used a lot until five or six years ago now natively supports Maildirs A qmail forward file a procmailrc recipe and a cron job later I had a flawless Spambayes setup In the past 3 days Spambayes has worked admirably with minimal training intercepting 99 of all spam and generating zero false positives Definitely recommended My qmail file simply passes everything along to procmail for delivery preline usr bin procmail My procmailrc recipe looks like this PATH HOME bin usr bin bin usr local bin MAILDIR HOME Maildir DEFAULT MAILDIR LOGFILE HOME procmail log LOCKFILE HOME lockmail 0 fw usr bin sb filter py 0 X SpamBayes Classification spam INBOX spambayes spam 0 X SpamBayes Classification unsure INBOX spambayes unsure Notice how the trailing slash in the DEFAULT delivery identifies a Maildir storage The rest is pretty self explanatory apart maybe from the folder namespace which is the one used by default by my IMAP server the first directive instructs procmail to feed the message to sb filter py sb filter processes the message and adds the X SpamBayes Classification header with two values the first one marking the message as either spam ham unsure the second one displaying the exact numeric spam rating from 0 to 1 the second and third directives match the header on its first value for spam and unsure and deliver the message to the appropriate Maildir if a message is not matched by the second or third directive it falls off the chain and gets delivered to DEFAULT which in this case is my inbox To train the filter I run a cron job every half hour that looks into two Maildir folders for spam and ham messages the following lines are ofc a single crontab line 0 30 usr bin sb mboxtrain py d home ludo spambayes hammie db g home ludo Maildir INBOX spambayes train ham s home ludo Maildir INBOX spambayes train spam n dev null 2 1 Meaning every half hour cron runs sb mboxtrain instructing it to use the spambayes hammie db previously created with sb filter py n and to fetch ham messages from the INBOX spambayes train ham Maildir and spam messages from the INBOX spambayes train spam Maildir The Maildir directories where spam unsure messages get delivered and where you deposit messages to train SpamBayes can be created either from your mail client or with the command line utility maildirmake provided with qmail and courier The last piece of information you need before running this setup is a spambayesrc file in your home directory Mine contains the following lines Storage persistent use database True persistent storage file spambayes hammie db That s all efficient and reliable spam protection in 5 minutes or so Radios Quality the Internet 25 settembre 2003 I have always been an avid listener of Internet radios since my favourite music is very specialized early or soul reggae dub and some jazz r b and very unlikely to be broadcasted over the air especially in Italy where I live

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  • agosto | 2003 | Qix.it
    our Avanade consultants come see me with my last report in hand and ask me with longing eyes if I used LaTeX to write it They standardise on Word My bookmarks 7 years ago 30 agosto 2003 Tonight I logged in to an old shell account I used in 1995 1996 and which is still used to host a web site belonging to somebody I know looking for a piece of missing information which might have been there I did not find what I was looking for but I found an old lynx bookmarks html file I last accessed in March 1996 rw 1 xxxxx other 5915 Mar 10 1996 lynx bookmarks html Hmmm nothing really special as my real bookmarks were on my super powerful 486 laptop and have obviously been lost or deleted as I regularly manage to do I started surfing the net in 1992 or 1993 and I remember using gopher at the time It was only later that I managed to install Mosaic on Linux ofc on a University computer then the first release of Netscape downloaded from Mosaic Communications at http www mcom com Python metaclasses misc presentations 29 agosto 2003 A recent thread on clp offers a few interesting links to presentations not all the thread has already been stored on google groups at the time of this writing Mike Fletcher s presentation on metaclasses David Mertz s Michele Simionato s Metaclass Programming in Python part1 part 2 Alex Martelli s presentations Very interesting stuff but I suspect you know about most it already if you re a Python developer Sun Mad Hatter Sun Ray 28 agosto 2003 Yesterday I went to Sun Microsystem s Milan offices to see a presentation on Sun Ray their thin client architecture and a running example of their new Linux desktop Mad Hatter I have to say I was a bit skeptical about the whole thing the presentation had been arranged almost a couple of months ago and I had totally forgotten about it From what I had heard about Mad Hatter in previous meetings I was not convinced it could add any benefits compared to other corporate oriented Linux distributions apart maybe for a single source of support Moreover I had already been bitten a few years ago by Sun s thin clients when I convinced the company I worked for to buy a few JavaStations for testing and after fiddling with them a while we found them completely useless or at least not up to the hype that was surrounding them Plus after the summer vacations schedules are still a bit fuzzy around here so I was lucky one of the sales engineers called be the day before yesterday to remind me of the meeting or else I would have totally forgotten it Despite all this the presentation turned out to be very interesting I came out of Sun s building totally impressed by what I had seen Sun Ray is a wonderful architecture The

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  • giugno | 2003 | Qix.it
    principles and modernism update It turns out that PyMeld is actually not less but more a lot more I briefly used it a while ago and realized something I have always known instinctively templates should just digest code entities variables instances etc and render them PyMeld takes an attractive but very impractical approach forcing you to drive the rendering engine from the code Contrast this with the beauty of TAL where you at least that s what I do toss the same entities you use for the logic of the program to the templating engine and the templates knows what to do with them In TAL you re not forced to massage your data to have it rendered well maybe you need to add an attribute or two from time to time to your classes but it s a very different effort than say driving a table to create rows and cells from your code urgh J Editor 6 giugno 2003 One of the things that prevented me from switching to Linux full time as my desktop os was the lack of a good all around editor I know VI vim and even like it but I just am not productive enough with it and Emacs has always scared me and I never got around to learn it properly I tried Jedit for a while but it feels too slow and Javish tried Komodo from ActiveState I even bought a license but it s even slower and crash prone Tried a number of Python IDEs like BlackAdder or WingIde but they feel clunky or use qt which I don t like I do not have KDE installed so it s a waste to load qt just for my editor and moreover qt has bad fonts defaults I am VERY picky about fonts my eyes are pretty sensitive to blurred antialiased badly designed fonts Then I read somewhere a comparison of Open Source Java editors where J came out pretty well and decided to give it a try I installed it and was instantly surprised by its user interface and speed in contrast to Jedit which feels sluggish and bloated even on fast machines So I fiddled a bit with the props file played with J a while then forgot about it About one month ago I started a new Python project here at work and started using J as my main editor Day by day I discovered some amazing features of this powerful lean editor like CVS integration ssh editing and directory navigation HTML browsing of files XML tree navigation and many others Now I can t live without it It s my default editor and I suspect that as soon as its email and news features are completed it will be my email client as well Not only is J a great editor but it s lead developer Peter Graves is a very kind person and dedicates lots of his time to improving J he is now working on

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  • Come si incentiva il trasporto pubblico in Lombardia / 1 | Qix.it
    aprile 2008 marzo 2008 febbraio 2008 gennaio 2008 dicembre 2007 novembre 2007 ottobre 2007 settembre 2007 agosto 2007 luglio 2007 giugno 2007 maggio 2007 aprile 2007 marzo 2007 febbraio 2007 gennaio 2007 dicembre 2006 novembre 2006 ottobre 2006 settembre 2006 agosto 2006 luglio 2006 giugno 2006 maggio 2006 aprile 2006 marzo 2006 febbraio 2006 dicembre 2005 novembre 2005 ottobre 2005 settembre 2005 agosto 2005 luglio 2005 giugno 2005 maggio 2005 aprile 2005 marzo 2005 febbraio 2005 gennaio 2005 dicembre 2004 novembre 2004 ottobre 2004 settembre 2004 agosto 2004 luglio 2004 giugno 2004 maggio 2004 gennaio 2004 dicembre 2003 novembre 2003 ottobre 2003 settembre 2003 agosto 2003 giugno 2003 powered by WPFrontman WP friends altroformato it arredarecasa blog it copyright 2004 2011 Ludovico Magnocavallo tutti i diritti riservati Come si incentiva il trasporto pubblico in Lombardia 1 30 luglio 2013 0 commenti categorie milano Dal sito di Trenord Abbonamento cartaceo chilometrico Abbonamento cartaceo che permette di viaggiare in treno da un origine a una destinazione illimitatamente nel periodo di validità acquistato Tipologia settimanale Acquisto Biglietterie TRENORD e rivenditori autorizzati Armato di queste poche ma precise informazioni e dato che l acquisto di un settimanale non chilometrico è possibile solo a chi ha una tessera Itinero Trenord nb la Itinero ATM non vale che ha un tempo di produzione di un mese decido di andare in biglietteria e acquistare tre settimanali chilometrici per le prossime settimane Mi dirigo quindi alla stazione di Domodossola dove per fortuna non trovo coda e anzi c è un bigliettaio gentilissimo appassionato di ferrovie e che conosce menadito la linea che da Gallarate va verso la Svizzera Peccato però che i settimanali chilometrici in biglietteria non ci siano secondo lui non si sono mai visti Proviamo a ragionare su una alternativa e l unica possibile è caricare

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