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  • Solgeo
    ADAMELLO ITALIA RICOSTRUZIONE 3D DELLE VELOCITA OTTENUTE LUNGO LE SEZIONI TRASVERSALI DELLA DIGA NEWS 30 03 2016 S E S Sistema Ecometrico Solai 20 03 2016 ARABLAB 2016 Dubai 07 03 2016 Master di progettazione geotecnica 13 01 2016 Cercasi Agenti rivenditori 09 11 2015 Monitoraggio del Viadotto Morandi completato con successo 08 10 2015 Monitoraggio dinamico viadotto Morandi Genova Italia 09 09 2015 NEAR SURFACE GEOSCIENCE 2015 TORINO 06

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  • Chi siamo « Solgeo
    nell offrire servizi geofisici per scopi ingegneristici geotecnici e progettuali Inoltre si occupa dello sviluppo e della produzione di apparecchiature per il monitoraggio nonché di strumenti per controlli non distruttivi su strutture All interno di SOLGEO confluiscono le esperienze pluriannuali e multidisciplinari di persone altamente qualificate Il suo organico annovera numerosi tecnici giovani ed entusiasti che mettono a disposizione del Cliente le proprie competenze al fine di progettare al meglio

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  • Who we are « Solgeo
    Contacts INSTRUMENTS SERVICES RESEARCH Who we are How we work Team SOLGEO specializes in geophysical services applied to engineering and geotechnical projects SOLGEO also develops produces and sells devices used for seismic or accelerometric dynamic monitoring or for nondestructive testing on structures SOLGEO s multidisciplinary expertise allowed the company to develop extremely advanced monitoring systems especially in the Dynamic Signal Acquisition field Thanks to this know how SOLGEO is now

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  • Projects « Solgeo
    P waves and cross hole S waves on jet grouting piles Down Hole on pre treatment ground The measurements were carried out in correspondence of some piles and of a shoulder of the Viaduct Polane part of the Agordo ring road BL The tests were performed in order to characterize in terms of the elastic properties of the effective successful treatments of jet grouting performed at the base of the viaduct piles For each pile investigated were performed sonic tomography for characterization of P waves velocity plus cross hole for the evaluation of S waves velocities The measures have affected the area treated with injections and the ground below with depth ranging from 8 to 26 meters below ground level The spacing between consecutive measurements was 0 5 m INSTRUMENTS Device SOL CH Inclinometer Probe INCLIS DH Sonic Log Probe S60 Well Geophone DDH GEO SERVICES Sonic and ultrasonic tomography in rock and soil Cross Hole P Sv and Sh Feb 2013 Rome Fiumicino Airport Italy Diagnostic campaign at the Alitalia s Hangar 2 and 3 using sonic tomographies and GPR to evaluate the state of mainstays and pillars above the roofing Client Alitalia Spa The testing aimed at the characterization of some of the structural elements mainstays and pillars by using sonic tomographies and georadar scanning On site concrete carbonation applied on a few core samples This current survey was part of a preliminary trial phase using non invasive geognostic technics The trial aimed to develop a speditive analysis in order to extend the characterization to every single element of hangars roofing The trials aimed to Give a general description of the element s current condition Characterize the concrete Reconstruct the rebar and the tie beams geometry inside the mainstays Compare the results in terms of P waves velocity variation and propagation of electromagnetic waves INSTRUMENTS Device CMS SERVICES Sonic and ultrasonic tomography on structures Georadar Micro core sampling Sep 2013 Guarini Chapel Torino Italy Diagnostic campaign at the Guarini Chapel Client Arcas Sonic tomographies to evaluate the state of walls pillars and pilaster slips in pre tensioned and post tensioned phases The survey proved the elastic state of the Chapel s pillars in post tensioned phase Testings on the same measuring cross sections had been previously carried out in a pre tensioned phase between December 2005 and September 2006 The data resulted by this two surveys will be compared in terms of VP compressional waves velocity variation INSTRUMENTS Device CMS SERVICES Sonic and ultrasonic tomography on structures Oct 2013 Fedaia Dam Trento Italy Geophysical characterization with cross hole and seismic refraction testing by the Fedaia Dam Client CESI Spa The testings were carried out on the dam s spur in order to characterize concrete paying the highest attention to a few fractures located on the spur itself 0 Tests consisted of a series of sonic evaluations We carried out sonic tomographies on two complete sections of the spur in order to define the distribution of the concrete s elastic properties and evaluate the potential damage of the fractures The sonic surveys were implemented with a series of undirected sonic diagnoses alignment of sonic tool transmitters on the concrete s surface in order to evaluate the opening and penetration of the fractures The survey was completed with numerous core drilling in order to directly reveal the trend of the fractures Inside the core drilling holes we carried out OPTV testing with an optical televiewer probe INSTRUMENTS Device TDAS 16 SERVICES Sonic and ultrasonic tomography on structures Dec 2013 Chimoni Dam Kerala India Geophysical characterization using sonic tomography along longitudinal and transverse sections at the Chimoni dam Client Department of Kerala Government This campaign is aimed to define the dam s structure by analysing the materials speed and to detect potential anomalies along the different sections In particular we carried out ten tomographies along transverse sections of the dike in order to homogeneously cover the surface of the whole dam We also surveyed two longitudinal sections between the crest and the gallery INSTRUMENTS Device SOL CH SERVICES Sonic and ultrasonic tomography on structures Jun 2014 Electric Plant of Porto Empedocle Agrigento Italy Non destructive campaign to assure concrete characterization sample taking dynamic monitoring Client CESI Spa The campaign evaluated the condition of some concrete elements at the electric plant of Porto Empedocle specifically inside the engine room and the warehouse We carried out sonic tomography surveys on the pillars of the buildings In details we worked on 33 tomography sections 21 horizontal sections whose length varied according to the geometry of the investigated elements 12 vertical sections about 2 meters long We also performed the following tests Pacometric testing to characterize the rebar and scarification of four elements to bare the rebar Sample taking of 15 core samples in some of the investigated elements On site concrete carbonation applied on the core samples Taking of two steel samples Lab testing on the samples Dimensional check and geometrical survey on the structural elements Long lasting dynamic monitoring on one of the two chimney stacks and on the boiler room INSTRUMENTS Device CMS Seismic Recorder Seismic recorder DYMAS 24 USB Seismometer Seismometer VELOGET Software Software sNAKA H V Nakamura SERVICES Sonic and ultrasonic tomography on structures SEISMIC REFRACTION Nov 2013 Selva Dam Frosinone Italy Geophysical characterization with cross hole and seismic refraction testing by Selva dam Client CESI Spa The aim of the campaign was the characterization of the dam s main body by estimating compressional P waves and shear waves S waves velocities through executing three seismic refraction s profiles with classic technic We also carried out two cross hole tests The data obtained with the cross hole geophysical test on the compressional waves was tomographically elaborated in order to create 2D sections of the seismic speed in the tested area between the two surveys Besides these geophysical tests during the campaign we carried out three HVSR registrations INSTRUMENTS Device SOL CH Inclinometer Probe INCLIS DH Seismic Recorder Seismic recorder DYMAS

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  • Clients « Solgeo
    Follow us Italiano English Username Password SOLGEOWEB ACCESS Who we are Projects Clients Distributors Download News Contacts INSTRUMENTS SERVICES RESEARCH Copyright 2014 SOLGEO Srl P IVA 02848460164 Tel 39 035

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    D 12459 Berlin Contacts Office 49 30 53010795 Mobile 49 3053010605 email web8 mit gmbh biz web www mit gmbh biz Address F Serpero 4 F1 20060 Masate MI Italy Contacts Office 39 02 95 76 41 30 Fax 39 02 95 76 20 11 email info sisgeo com web www sisgeo com Reference Miguel Rivas Address Fresno 1 28110 Algete Madrid Spagna Contacts Office 91 6292106 Fax 91 6280453 email info alpaomega electronics com web http www alphaomega electronics com ASIA 1st Supplier Address Hong Kong Headquarter 12 F Asia Trade Centre 79 Lei Muk Road Kwai Chung Hong Kong Contacts Office 852 2392 8698 email info epc com hk web www epc com hk Reference Rajat Nagrath Address Asian Center B 28 Okhla Ph1 Okhla Industrial Area Okhla I Okhla Industrial Area New Delhi Delhi India Contacts Office 91 11 2637 1475 Fax 91 11 41860066 Sales helpline 91 1141406926 email sales stanlay com web www stanlay in Reference Hwa San Song President Address Hyundae Venture Ville 1212 Suite 10 Bamgogae ro 1 gil Gangnam Gu Seoul South Korea 135 539 Contacts Tel 82 220407724 Mobile 82 10509677284 Fax 82 220407726 email sales wieng kr email wienginee gmail

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    dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing elit Fusce vitae ante vel urna pulvinar condimentum ac ut lacus Praesent pellentesque vitae orci eget interdum Morbi placerat aliquet dui sit amet sollicitudin Praesent sit amet enim turpis Nam a turpis hendrerit lorem semper convallis commodo sed ipsum Brochure eWarning System Seismic cross hole in borehole couples Down hole Borehole inclinometric survey INSTRUMENTS DYNAMIC MONITORING Accelerometer A3C 660 Accelerometer AFB 3C Accelerometer AMS Seismic

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  • News « Solgeo
    08 10 2015 Starting Dynamic monitoring on Morandi bridge Genova Italy In few days Solgeo will begin the installation phases of a complex sensors network about 50 units in simultaneous acquisition for the execution of a dynamic monitoring on the famous Morandi bridge Genova major work on the A10 motorway with a length of 1 182 meters an height of 45 meters to the road surface and 3 concrete pillars that reach 90 meters high The works which will be performed during night time will last approximately one month and will involve two of the three pillars of the bridge 09 09 2015 NEAR SURFACE GEOSCIENCE 2015 TORINO Also this year we are at the end of the international meeting of near surface geophysics held in Turin in honor of the 20th anniversary of the first edition held here This year Solgeo s stand has focused on tcross hole equipment ever more optimized and performing as well as on the supply of a wide range of sensors and data loggers for the dynamic monitoring networks at different scales We thank all the potential customers and not colleagues professors and researchers who have come to greet us in these three days of conferences and exhibition Finally special thanks to EAGE staff for the organization and to Polytechnic of Turin for sponsoring this event Greetings to all of you and a Goodbye to the next year in Spain Hasta Barcelona entonces 06 09 2015 Waiting for NEAR SURFACE GEOPHYSICS 2015 TORINO Solgeo also this year take part to the international meeting of near surface geophysics to be held in Turin on 7 9 September You will find us at stand 29 with our cross hole equipment and the last born in the house as acquisition Units and sensors Our technicians will be

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