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  • Anti-bi-metal profile - Technoform Bautec Italy
    Zealand Russia Spain Turkey United States Technoform Bautec Thermal break Standard solutions Product solutions Services Support Bio based polyamides Package solution Anti bi metal profile Surface protection Water draining Anti bi metal profile Problem A large temperature difference between the inner and outer frame of a door e g through intense sunlight leads to expansion of the outer frame This can cause distortion of the door and locking difficulties what

    Original URL path: http://www.technoform-bautec.it/en/solutions/product-solutions/anti-bi-metal-profile/ (2016-04-29)
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  • Surface protection - Technoform Bautec Italy
    protection during coating Protective tape Protective tape avoids the problems sometimes encountered during the powder coating of thermally broken aluminium profiles thus im proves the productivity of the process The tape completely hides the visible part of the PA strip during the coating process ensuring a clean surface after removal As a result the visible surface remains in its original state Technoform Bautec employs tapes resisting both the powder coating

    Original URL path: http://www.technoform-bautec.it/en/solutions/product-solutions/surface-protection/ (2016-04-29)
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  • Water draining - Technoform Bautec Italy
    protection Water draining Water draining system Standard requirements According to the standard NF P24 301 windows must have a draining system on the horizontal frames The minimum hole area required is 50 mm² and the smallest dimension must be at least 5 mm The distance between the first hole and the extremity must not exceed 25 cm The maximum space between the following holes is 50 cm Technoform Bautec s

    Original URL path: http://www.technoform-bautec.it/en/solutions/product-solutions/water-draining/ (2016-04-29)
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  • Services & Support - Technoform Bautec Italy
    you are an architect designer aluminum extruder or fenestration fabricator you can count on Technoform Bautec to provide the support you need to improve your product or service and grow your business As the leading global supplier of polyamide thermal insulating strips Technoform Bautec offers a comprehensive global network of industry specialists who can help you create new systems that meet the design and performance objectives of your customers We

    Original URL path: http://www.technoform-bautec.it/en/solutions/services-support/ (2016-04-29)
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  • Imprint - Technoform Bautec Italy
    Bio based polyamides Package solution Anti bi metal profile Surface protection Water draining Services Support References References Contact Contact information Italy Australia Brazil China France Germany Great Britain Greece International Italy Japan Korea Middle East India New Zealand Russia Spain Turkey United States Technoform Bautec Imprint Disclaimer PrivacyPolicy Contact Company Details Technoform Bautec Italia SpA via Settembrini 80 20020 Lainate MI Phone 39 02 937 572 1 Fax 39 02

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  • Disclaimer - Technoform Bautec Italy
    content of these websites and it is technically possible and reasonable for them to prevent the use of these websites should they contain illegal information Therefore the Author hereby explicitly declare that at the time the link was established no illegal contents were identified in the linked pages The Author have no control over the current or future layout contents or authorship of the linked pages The Author therefore hereby explicitly distance themselves from any content of any linked pages that has been altered since the link was established This declaration applies to all links and cross references found in this website as well as to any third party s contributions to forums link lists mailing lists and all other databases where external contributions can be written Only the provider of the linked cross referenced website can be held liable for any illegal faulty or incomplete content and particularly for damage arising from the use of or inability to use any information provided and not the provider of the website who simply refers to the web pages in question Copyright Trademark protection The Author endeavour to observe the copyrights of graphics sound documents video sequences and texts used in all publications to use graphics sound documents video sequences and texts they have produced themselves and to make use of license free graphics sound documents video sequences and texts Any references contained in this website to brands or trademarks protected by third parties are subject to the unrestricted provisions of the respective valid mark and label legislation and the rights of ownership of the respective registered owner It is not to be concluded that brands or trademarks are not protected by third party rights merely because they are named The Copyright for published documents produced by the Author themselves remains exclusively

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  • Privacy Policy - Technoform Bautec Italy
    number code indicating the server s reply status completed error etc and some parameters concerning the Users operating system and computing environment These data will be processed for the time strictly necessary for the sole purpose of obtaining anonymous statistical information about the use of the website and of verifying its proper functioning 1 2 Data deliberately provided by the users Deliberately and explicitly sending emails to the addresses indicated in the different access channels of this website and filling in the specially provided forms implies that the website acquires the sender user s email address and other information needed to reply to the requests made and or to supply the services required 1 3 Cookies No IT methods are used to directly obtain the users personal identification information The so called session cookies will not be stored at the end of the connection to the website of Technoform Bautec Italia SpA 2 PURPOSES OF DATA PROCESSING Technoform Bautec Italia SpA will process personal data within the scope of the activities that are strictly necessary for the performance of the company s functions Data processing will be avoided when the company s purposes can be reached by using anonymous data and methods will be used to identify the users only if needed Special purposes for individual processing procedures may be detailed in the various access channels where Users will find additional information about personal data processing 3 USE OF PROCESSED DATA Personal data will be processed by means of automated tools for the time strictly required to reach the purposes for which they are collected 4 USER S OPPOSITION TO SUPPLY INFORMATION Users are free to choose whether to supply the personal data included in the forms used to request the various services offered in the website Failing to supply

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  • Lavora con noi - Technoform Bautec Italy
    Soluzioni standard Soluzioni Technoform Poliammidi bio based Package Solution Profili per porte Film Protettivo Scarico acqua Test e Servizi Referenze Referenze Contatti Contatti Italy Australia Brazil China France Germany Great Britain Greece International Italy Japan Korea Middle East India New Zealand Russia Spain Turkey United States Technoform Bautec Chi siamo Lavora con noi Posizioni aperte Posizioni aperte Al momento non ci sono posizioni aperte Se desiderate candidarvi spontaneamente inviate il

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